Our temperaments plays a very major role in our lives. It controls virtually everything you do in life. How you eat, work, shop, drive, act or react to a particular situation, how you clean your room or surrounding, how you relate with people, with your wife and children, how you pray, write, read, teach and also how you raise your children can all be traced to your temperament. But most importantly, your temperaments affects your career either positively or negatively. It determines how successful you’ll be in your chosen career. Whatever behaviour you portray in life can be linked to your temperaments. Your temperament plays a vital role in determining which career is best for. Therefore, if you’ve not discovered the temperament you’re born with, i will appeal to you to read this post carefully and read more about temperament before going ahead to choose your career. Your lifetime career is very important, it makes you, moulds you and packages you into the kind of person you ought to be in life. Your career is the totality of who you are in life, therefore you definitely need to meticulously and conscientiously choose it, to avoid being in the wrong career. A lot of people dabble into different careers for different reasons, probably, because of the financial benefits involved, opinion of their friends or colleagues, pressures from family members and relatives or because of societal challenges, without really taken time to know if it conforms with their temperaments. The right career for you, is one you derive joy in doing. You’ve got an inner passion and motivation for doing it irrespective of how little the financial gains involved. However, the best career for you, is one that agrees with your temperaments, the one that describes you, that makes you feel fulfilled and accomplished.If you want a career that will help you stand-out among your competitors and carve out a niche for yourself,it must be one that goes pari-pasu with your temperament.If you for the wrong reasons choose the wrong career,it will definitely affect your productivity in life and that of your organization.This post is meant to give you an overview of the four different temperaments,and their characteristics so that you can discover which class you fall into and make the right choice in choosing the best career that conforms to your temperament. Now what is temperament?The word temperament is very broad when describing it in terms of human demeanor.Infact,it will run a whole gamut of the human race to analyse temperament with reference to human behaviours. But for the purpose of this post, i will only limit myself to the core basics and general knowledge of the human temperaments from which you can determine the one that best describes you,and use it as a basis for choosing your career.Temperament is the character traits you’re born with, that was passed unto you by your parents.It is embedded in your genes and chromosomes,and controls everything you do in life. It is a combination of the biological(from your parents)and environmental factors. You’ll naturally possess the same character your parents possessed, and behave exactly the same way they do, except for some societal influences that might likely have a little effect as to altering those traits. There are four classes of temperaments, which are: Sanguine,Choleric,Melancholy and Phlegmatic. The sanguines and cholerics are predominantly extroverts, but the sanguines are superextroverts.The sanguine is a very lively,buoyant,warm, hilarious and pleasure loving person.External impressions easily finds way to his heart.Emotional feelings rather than reflective thoughts predominates his mind,which consequently forms his decisions.He’s major weakness is indiscipline and unserious, and this affects him negatively in life. It can be curtailed if blended with a choleric or melancholy temperament.He detest routines or being confined.He’s an outgoing person,any job that allows him freedom and going to be with people, is perhaps the best for him. The choleric is a strong-willed ,self-sufficient, practical,quick,active,independent and hot-tempered person.He’s very decisive and opinionated in nature,makes decision for himself and for others.He’s very sarcastic and does not care how you feel,he has the least developed emotional nature.He’s a natural leader,motivator,hard to please,full of activities,goals and ambition,but hardly completes any task.He hates details and analytical thinking.Any leadership role is good for him,but succeeds more when he works with a melancholy.The melancholy is the richest of all the temperaments. He’s very intelligent,analytical, self-sacrificing,gifted and a perfectionist with a very sensitive emotional nature But one major weakness he has,is low self-esteem,because of their perfectionist nature and hard to satisfy attitude.Any job that requires problem solving is good for him.The phlegmatic is calm, easygoing and never gets upset. But he lacks motivation. READ! temperamentcharacters

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