Every human born into this life has a purpose to fulfill. Right from the day of your conception in the womb to when you came out, there’s a God’s divine purpose you were destined to accomplish. The holy book of Jeremaiah 1:5 confirms this. There’s no human that is without a purpose to fulfill in life, in Genesis, in the beginning of creation God gave a mandate to man, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. This mandate isn’t about the reproduction of human beings, it cuts across all facets of human endeavours. Each and everyone of us must be able to use our God given ability to get something done and add value to creation, that is the express command from God, who is the master of creation, and this is why we are different from animals and God made human beings to be higher animals. He gave us the ability to think, to be creative and accomplish great task in life. Unfortunately, a lot of people lived through life and died without realizing the purpose for which they were created, and lot more people are inadvertently presently living through life without any hope of discovering their real purpose of creation and use it to add value life. However, some people had also negatively used their God-given ability to make negative impacts in the world, which has resulted in destruction of lives and property, rather than building and adding value to life. They made impact in the world, but it was in the negative direction, and it has no value on the lives of other human. One thing we must understand as human being is that, this life is like a market place, where we all come to buy, and after buying we retire back to our individual homes, to give way for others to come and buy. Hence, the more we are able to get deals that favours us and also favours the other person and the society at large, the better and happier we become. One significant fact is that we must all leave the market when it is time, and at different times just as certainly we must leave the world one day, hence you must make good use of the little time you have here, so you’ll feel fulfilled and happy. But the very expedient question to ask yourself is, what would i be remembered for when i live this world? It is pertinent you ask yourself this important question in order to know if you’ve actually been wasting your time here on earth. There are 3 basic way of discovering your purpose in life. First and most important is, recognizing God, who is the master of all creation. He is the one that has put that ability in you, to accomplish great things. He alone knows the degree of what he has put inside you and the capacity to which you can function. Manufacturers knows exactly what their products can do, hence when they need that product to accomplish a particular function, they just call it up. God is the greatest manufacturer, he knows exactly what you can do because he put that ability, capacity and potential to accomplish a great task and fulfill his purpose on earth, so turn to him and ask him to reveal that purpose to you. He can speak directly to you through dreams to reveal his mind to you, therefore, if you have a particular good dream that is always re-occuring, take it very seriously, because there’s something or a message that’s being passed across to you through your sub-conscious. Get the message properly, and begin to act on it. God can also use men to convey his message to you to bring out that thing he has deposited in your and use it to fulfill your purpose. Therefore, you must be discerning and responsive enough to discover what is the will of God for your life. The second way is, discovering your passion in life. What is your passion or drive? What is that thing you’re always passionate about or interested in, that you cannot do without. You always feel satisfied, fulfilled and easily interested in when it is being discussed. Do you enjoy talking politics, money, business, leadership, entrepreneurship, music, education, sports, law, winning souls for christ or you like practical things. Anything you are passionate about is a signal that that’s where fulfulling your purpose will emerge. Don’t wish away your passions, put them to work and be consistent with them. The last point is, allowing your friends, colleagues, mates or any group you often spend quality time with, run a temperament test on you. Tell them to analyze you strength and weaknesses and discover which areas lies your strength, then begin to use your strengths to decipher your purpose in life. Our purpose in life is always fulfilled on the basis of our strength. Wherein lies our strength, therein lies our purpose!


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