How To Become A Global Leader In A Digital World.

Using Your Leadership Position To Impact The World:

Leadership no dout has since evolved, and a number of factors can be attributable to this evolution. Prominent among them is the digital era we find ourselves, where information’s are being transmitted and shared across the internet. Consequently, making more people becoming informed by the day. Gone are the days when we used to say, “in the kingdom of the blind one eyed man is the leader”. In the present day leadership, having only one eye isn’t enough to make you succeed as a leader because a lot of persons, including your followers also has one eye already. You need two eye to succeed as a leader in present day leadership, and four eye to become a global leader.

A lot of things about leadership has changed, even the process of ascending to leadership positions. This days, we no longer have leaders who stay in position for hundreds of years or probably die there. Leadership in this dispensation has a definite timeline, which makes it easy for people to change their leaders if they’re found wanting or presumed not to have performed. This is called the digital era leaderhip. As technology keeps evolving and fine tuned to meet present day realities and challenges, so also leadership is evolving, and leaders must deliberately make conscious efforts to tackle contemporary leadership challenges.

Technology isn’t static, that’s why the world moved from 1G to 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Some countries are even proposing a 5th generation of mobile networks. In the same way, leadership ought to be progressively dynamic and technologically-driven in other to solve our numerous global challenges. Climate change, global warning, terrorism, religious wars, racism, poverty are some of the challenges that has been endemic in the world today. These challenges had persisted because the world lacks global leaders who thinks globally and are passionate about adding value to the world, and positively contribute to the advancement of humanity.

Leadership in whatever shape, form or size the underlying objective should be to effect change and positively impact the lives of your followers. You do not need to be the president of the most powerful nations in the world or governor of a very popular state to influenced people and add value to the world. Your aspiration to become a leader must be driven by the passion and determination to really effect change and contribute to the development of human beings.

A lot of responsibility is placed on you as a leader and those you’re leading are looking up to you to meet these responsibilities. Leadership in modern time, has become more sophisticated and tasking because the world is becoming informed due to the digital era we find ourselves. Your followers are now more informed, and for you to succeed as a leader and show leadership in every facet of life, you must be well-informed and in tune with present realities. To become a global leader, you need to make the world your constituency and passionate about impacting the entire globe with your knowledge and ideas. Identify global challenges with a view to proffering solutions to them.

I see a lot of leaders abandon their passion and inadvertently throw away their areas of academic discipline the moment they get into leadership positions, thereby allowing their experiences and knowledge die with them. Inspite of the position you occupy as a leader, you can positively impact on the world with your knowledge and ideas on different areas of life. Human beings are inquisitive, they seek for knowledge everyday across the internet on various areas of life, how do you bridge this knowledge gap as a leader? You need to ask yourself, “what is my passion”? ” how do I use my position to reach a large number of people in the world and add value to their lives?. These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself as a leader, so that you don’t leave that position someday and be forgotten so soon. Now, how do you become a global leader? You can become a global leader by reaching different people across the world with your expertise. There are world business leaders, that is those who have used business to impact the world. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook are some of the leaders who the world had benefited from their knowledge.

How many persons in the world had benefited from your knowledge? What do you have to offer the world? In this digital age, it is easier to reach the world but you must have something to offer. The least but most efficient way to reach a the world in this internet age is writing, writing and writing. This is the fastest way to share and get your ideas and knowledge across the world. How many of our leaders have a personal blog or website? And how many of them are actually consistent in using their personal blog and website to inform, educate and pass knowledge to their followers and by extension to the world at large. Some leaders despise writing, and see it as a job for less privileged, they’re totally wrong.

There is dignity in writing. And I want to encourage all leaders to be writers so we can pass the habit of writing to the younger generation. Writing improves your thinking and reasoning ability as a leader because your brain is being put to work, and when you stop writing, your brain starts depreciating in its capacity to be creative. Writing gives you a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment as a leader, because you feel fulfilled when you realize that people are benefiting from your knowledge. As a leader, one way you can leave a good legacy to your online followers and those you’re leading, is when they can have access to your intellect on the internet. Online writing and publishing is a major way you can add value to lives and become a global leader when you proffer solution to challenges confronting mankind.


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