How To Succeed As A Leader In The Twenty-first Century.

Twenty-first century leadership success:

Leadership has been the bane of the numerous problems the world is facing because a lot of leaders are yet to come to terms with the fact that leadership in the twenty-first century is more tasking and challenging. Challenges of climate change, global warming, humanitarian crisis, religious wars, starvation, terrorism and global pandemic would have been curtailed if leaders all over the world had shown leadership. It’s unfortunate that most of our contemporary leaders still thinks we’re in an era where in the kingdom of the blind, a one-eyed man must be the leader. But this is the twenty-first century where it will not suffice having only one eye, but you need two eyes which must be in your head to succeed as a leader. Many twenty-first century leaders do not have their eyes their head, no wonder they’re limited in their capacity to think and innovate new ways to positively impact in the lives of their followers and effect changes in the world. The ultimate responsibility of a leader is to bring solutions to the challenges of his followers. The mediocrity in present day leadership is alarming, and this is adversely affecting the society and reflecting in the way citizens behaves.
There are four qualities that leaders must possess in other to succeed in present day leadership, they are: knowledge, foresight, proactiveness and compassion. These qualities are lacking in most leaders, hence their utter leadership failures. Most leaders, on getting into leadership positions they completely relegate knowledge to the background. They no longer see the need or the importance of increasing their knowledge capacity. The fact that you’re occupying a leadership position does not mean you’re omniscient. You need to keep building and increasing your intellectual capacity to be able to surmount various challenges and add value to the lives of your followers. Foresight is another leadership quality most twenty-first century leaders lack. The ability to envisage things before they happen is a top quality every leader requires in other to succeed in the twenty-first century. Foresight is a rare quality, but having it will make you an extraordinary leader who cannot be taking unaware. It distinguishes you from other leaders and makes you strategize on how to tackle challenges before they come. Being proactive is also another quality that’s necessary to succeed in the twenty-first century leadership.

Lack of proactiveness has really manifested in the way leaders of most countries have fought the covid-19 pandemic. A lot of leaders were not proactive enough in containing the spread of the virus in their country, no wonder they’ve been overwhelmed by the pandemic. Being proactive as a leader will enable you take steps to ameliorate or totally prevent any adverse situation that may affect your followers. The last quality every leader must possess is compassion. Being compassionate as a leader drives you to making life very exciting for your followers, which should be the ultimate desire of every leader. The responsibility of impacting positively on the lives of your followers has been placed on you as a leader, and you must ensure you meet their needs and responsibilities.


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