Seven Kind of Friends You Should Never Allow Into Your Life.

Avoid These Categories of Friends: Don’t Take Them Too Close .Humans are created for connections, communication, companionship, and to complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses for efficient interpersonal relationships. This was the initial thought of the creator. But over the years, there has been a breakdown of human relationship and a lot of these relationship has become soured, leaving so many persons bastardized and emotionally traumatized. Although, interpersonal relationships cannot be devoid of some hiccups and momentary challenges because of our individual weaknesses. However, there are seven categories of persons or friends you should never allow into your life or take them too close. Taking them too close will in the long run leave you traumatized, and you’ll regret ever bringing them into your life.

1. Backstabbing friends:

The story of Brutus and Julius Ceasar ought to teach you that these kind of friends should be kept at arms length. Because bringing them very close may be very deadly in the end. These class of friends may start very well with you at first without any evil intentions or they could also have an ulterior motive but decides to conceal it, and you ignorantly trust them. But one common characteristics of these categories of friends, is that they change with the times. Conditions could make them change, hence they cannot stand with you till the end. Brutus must have been a faithful and loyal friend of Julius Ceasar for a very longtime. But if Julius Ceasar was observant and watchful enough, he would have been able to detect moments when Brutus tends to compromise or acts in a suspicious manner because of circumstances. Backstabbing friends may hide their real intentions, but you can demystify them by being observant and watchful of all their attitudes and dispositions.

2. Competitive friends

These are the second categories of friends you should keep far away from your life. People who finds every reason to believe they’re in competition with you. Competitive friends are very common amongst us but you may never know they’re actually competiting with you, because of your simplicity and sincerity. They always look for something to assure themselves that they’re better than you. They often display this competitive attitude by always trying to know the price of anything you buy, not because they have a genuine quest to know, but because of their lack of contentment, and they must have it at all cost. If they cannot afford it, they begin to feel inferior to you, and could subsequently keep their distance from you or talk I’ll of you. Competitive friends will never allow you to be better than them or be on equal status with them. They’ll always want you to notice and look up to them. Do not take them close because they cannot wish the best for you.

3. Fairweather friends:

Fairweather friends are very unreliable. They are the good time friends, who are only there for the good and sweet moments. Don’t dare to confide in them during the bad and unpleasant times, because you’ll certainly be disappointed. They’re very good at giving excuses during your challenging times, but soon returns to announce their arrival when you’re up again. You can’t rely on these categories of friends or people when it’s most critical. Always keep them at arms length and avoid trusting them for assistance when you’re down.

4. Everybody’s friend:

Everybody’s friend is a no friend to anybody. The saying, “show me your friend and i’ll tell you who you are” and “Evil communication corrupts good manners”. These two phrases is basically telling you to be Choosey when it comes to making friends. No human being can be a friend to all. To say you’re friend to everybody, it’s either you’re lying to yourself or you lack understanding of what friendship is about. Anybody who is a friend to everybody is an unfaithful friend, just like a cheating housewife. You do not need to be friend to everybody, you only need to be nice to everybody. Avoid everybody’s friend in other to prevent emotional heartbreak. Choose your friends, but be nice to all.

5. Sugarcoated tongue friends or people:

These are not real friends. They’re sycophants, sweet talkers and praise singers who cannot boldly tell you the truth or facts about a matter, because of their intentions of currying some favour from you. They subsequently abandon you when they feel they’ve got nothing more to benefit from you. You need to be circumspect in relating with these categories friends or persons, because they’re very deceptive and misleading.

6. Friends or persons who talks I’ll of others:

If there’s any category of friend or person you need to urgently avoid and do all it takes to sever your relationship with them are people who talks I’ll of others. Taking them too close can damage your reputation unknowingly to you. Anyone that can talk I’ll of others to you in their absence can also talk I’ll of you to others in your absence. When these categories of friends have known your weaknesses, theyll tell it to others that may not know much about you, just so they see them to be better. Totally avoid these categories of persons or friends, so you don’t regret bringing them too close to you later.

7. People Who Always Want To Talk About Their Achievement:

If you meet someone for the first time and they start by telling you about their achievements, and they always want the conversation to go in that whenever they see you, you need to be wary of such a person because, such a person will never make a good friend. Keep your distance from them or keep them at arms length. They have an inner pomposity and a competitive spirit. If they discover that you cannot match their status or the level they’ve placed themselves, they’ll begin to despise you, but if they know you can match them, they become competitive or begin to build a fake relationship that will not last. They’re most times dishonest in their relationship and they exaggerate with lots of things just to make you feel inadequate. Always take their words with a pinch of salt and never allow their acclaimed achievements bother you.


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