Sanguine and Choleric Temperament In Marriage.

Marital Relationship Between A Sanguine And Choleric:

Sanguine and choleric are both extroverts,

although a sanguine is more extroverted than a choleric. Cholerics loves work, they are activity-prone, and always want to initiate an idea or a project and ensure they achieve their goal. These temperament category are very industrious and hardly will you see a choleric being idle, they always look for something to do. They’re bossy, domineering and always like to make decisions for themselves and for others. It should be clearly stated that temperament compatibility in marriage also includes being sexually compatible with one another. A sanguine and choleric may not be the best sexually compatible couple, because the typical sanguine sex life is impulsive while that of their choleric partner is more deliberate. But they could improve on their sex life if they understand and tolerate one another.

Cholerics have the least developed emotions, consequently finding it very difficult empathizing with others. Infact, the tears of others irritates and drives him berserk. The only thing that excites and satisfies them is that they have been able to achieve their goals. And when he’s able to accomplish his goals for the day, he comes back home feeling very happy and excited that he becomes an admiration to his wife and kids.

Never try to argue with a choleric because they’ll make a mincemeat of you with their egocentric and knife- cutting words. Allow them make the decisions and learn lessons from their own mistake. When he’s not happy, don’t try to force them to be, because you may get yourself hurt doing that. Give them time and space and they’ll sort themselves out. The least you can do, is to suggest ideas on how they can achieve their goals or suggest a new project to them. Now let’s look at the characteristics of the sanguine. The major weakness of the sanguine, is indiscipline. Sanguines often takes a lot of things for granted because nothing seems to be much important to them.

Their free spirited nature and lack of seriousness in almost everything makes them treat so many things with levity, which hampers their success in life. However, they’re very admirable personalities who are fun to be with. Sanguine never allows anything get in between their happiness. They are very lively, enjoying and fun loving individuals and they also desires to electrify anyone around them with these positive moods. You can go through life and never see him or her angry or moody, except when his feelings is undermined. But one major weakness they’ve got, and which also causes problems in their marriage and relationships, is their unserious and indisciplined attitude and lack of commitment to their home. And the problem would be worsened when they marry a highly disciplined temperament like the choleric or melancholy.

Their unserious and undisciplined attitude, coupled with lack of commitment to their homes often gets their melancholy and choleric partner irritated. And also, their love to always spend more time with others outside their homes creates room for tension and suspicion of keeping extramarital affairs. Sanguines also raises the least disciplined and highly extroverted kids. Because no one can give what he’s destitute of. For a marriage between a sanguine and a cholericto last and be successful.

I will advice for a choleric husband who’ll always be out their working to meet the needs of the home, and a sanguine wife with probably little melancholy or phlegmatic traits, and who’ll not be so much pissed when she’s not getting enough of the husbands attention.

They can both learn to accommodate and make-up for each other’s differences and weaknesses with time. The disciplined, hardworking and pragmatic nature of the choleric husband will surely reflect in their kids, while the happy and lively nature of the sanguine wife will also rob-off on their kids. But both of them must learn to distinguish between work, funtime and fulfilling their marital obligations to each other for them to have a lasting and harmonious marital relationship.

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