Predominantly Choleric Temperaments In Marriage.

Predominantly Choleric Temperaments in marriage.

A marriage between a Predominantly Choleric temperaments is a marriage between two extroverted individuals. This marriage will likely not work unless either of the choleric couples have got a blend of either melancholy or phlegmatic of almost equal ratios as their secondary temperament. For a Choleric is a bossy, high-handed domineering and an activity-prone individual, who has got the least built emotions and emotional responses of all the temperaments.

Cholerics by nature likes to call the shot, takes decisions for themselves and for others, and often likes to be seen and treated as the king and queen in any relationship. Similarly in their marriage, they love to be the boss, especially a male choleric. And they’ll not hesitate to ride roughshod over you or anyone for that matter, whose interest conflicts with theirs. Thus, I can’t imagine what a marriage where both couples wants to be bosses to each other will look like. For a typical or predominantly choleric individual likes to be in charge.

Marital Relationship:

In their home, a choleric husband, and perhaps wife, depending on who she married, likes to make unilateral decision. And if their decisions or opinions does not go through, or kicked against, it’ll not augur well in the home. Whatever that will deprive a choleric the right of first refusal, or be the first to make his opinion and decision known and accepted, is a threat that must be taken out at once.

A choleric husband or wife is an activity-prone personality. He or she thrives on activity. They love work, and have more time for it than any other thing. They’re self-sufficient, and likes to live independent lifestyle. Thus working very hard and doing whatever it’ll take to make the money to live such life is not uncommon for them. Consequently, reasonable level of commitment to one another and the family will be almost lacking or non-existent.

They feel very fulfilled and satisfied going out there and achieving their goals for the day, and also provide for their family. The domineering and bossy nature of the cholerics, plus their aggressiveness will never make the marriage of two predominantly Choleric spouses an enjoyable one. It will definitely be fraught with so much controversies, contentions, rancours and sometimes physical abuse which may eventually lead to divorce.

Domestic or House Chores:

Like the sanguines, the home of the choleric is rarely neat and organized. For work activities outside his or her home would have taken more than enough of their time, and they’ll come back home feeling drained and tired. Sanitation and housekeeping for both the choleric and sanguine is erratic and spontaneous. Thus, thoroughness in doing it, is basically lacking.

It is a typical choleric or sanguine that will expend so much energy in cleaning a room and when you enter the room, you’ll still notice some dirts on the floor or cobwebs on the wall, because they’re rarely thorough or meticulous about what they do. Although typical cholerics and sanguines may have some basic similarities in their traits and lifestyle, since they are both extroverts. But cholerics are much more disciplined, determined and deliberate persons, who has got little to no time for fun, pleasure or horseplay than their sanguine counterparts.

Sexual Attitudes:

Cholerics are more intentional about sex than sanguines. But their work rate and appetite for activities often deprives them of the benefits of a fulfilled and healthy sex life. For they would come back home very tired to even realize that their partner needs their touch. Although very good and enjoyable personality on bed, who loves to act as the king or queen, but topmost in a choleric’s mind, is to do it quickly and go out there to continue his project, unless they’ve initially achieved their goal for the day.

The sex life of two predominantly Choleric couples will be absolutely boring and frustrating, for both will come back after the days activity feeling very tired and drained of their energy, to even think about sex. Sometimes, ego could make them deny each other of sex, for neither of them will be willing to be the first to create the atmosphere for that to happen. I strongly hold the opinion that choleric couples or a marriage dominated by a choleric temperament usually have the least number of kids than any other temperament. They’re not so much sexually or emotionally attached except when they’re off from activity, or the excitement of having achieved their goals could trigger that emotional ecstacy.

Raising Kids:

Although very loving and protective of their kids, and kids who were raised by choleric parents will no doubt exude so much confidence and bravery, but they’ll definitely become very unemotional, and may be bullies to other kids, unless raised with love. For what could one expect from a child that grew up in a home of bossy and domineering parents, where tender love, care and attention is far-fetched? Their milk of human kindness is almost dried up, hence they find it very difficult empathizing with others, and the cries of others often drives them berserk. As a rule, cholerics are crafty but not intelligent, therefore kids raised by typical Choleric couples will be very smart and crafty rather than intelligent.

One major problem cholerics battle with, is anger. Their very quick and explosive anger often puts everyone in fear and makes their home very uncomfortable for their kids and partner. Children of choleric parents lives in fear in the home but this fear later translates to callousness and sturbboness as the kids grow.

Conclusion, a marriage between two Predominant choleric couples is absolutely not adviceable, unless either of them has got another secondary temperament of perhaps melancholy or phlegmatic. This won’t still be enough to build a peaceful home where commitment to one another and their kids thrives, since both of them have got choleric as their primary temperament. Infact, I’ll rather suggest one spouse be first a choleric, and the other a melancholy or phlegmatic, then they can both have another secondary blend. This will definitely forestall the weakness of a particular temperament from being so much embedded in their kids or jeopardize the success of their marriage, since they’ll both be very much attracted to the strengths of each other, and learn to manage their weaknesses.

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