Marriage Of Two Predominantly Melancholic Couples.

Predominantly Melancholic Couples Marital Relationship:

We’ve looked at a marriage relationship between the two extroverted temperaments of a sanguine wife and sanguine husband, and also between a choleric husband and his choleric wife. It is time to consider what a marital relationship of the two introverted temperaments of a melancholy husband with his melancholy wife, and subsequently a phlegmatic wife marrying a phlegmatic husband will look like.

A marital relationship between two predominantly melancholy couples has its own challenges. Though a very emotional, loving, caring, faithful and disciplined individuals who loves their family (husband, wife and kids) and they’re always committed to their happiness, comfort and well-being. However, melancholies still faces so much problems in their marriage. These problems are sometimes self induced because of their personal oddities or because of some high expectations that are not met.

A melancholy in a marital or erotic relationship, is a faithful, loyal and trustworthy partner who puts their family or relationship first, and not only has so much love to burn but also desires to be loved sincerely. By nature, they are self sacrificing individuals, but their level of self sacrifice and commitment to the one they love is second to none. Apart from phlegmatic who comes close, no other temperament is more committed to their family than a melancholy.

For their conscientious nature do not allow them disappoint you or shirk when you’re counting on them. Melancholies are also very emotional people, even though they may at times act or appear callous or unemotional. Notwithstanding, melancholies are very stubborn and highly opinionated individuals. It seems to me that this temperament have got two extremes. When they’re cold, they’re excessively cold, and when they’re hot, you can’t believe they’ve ever been cold.

However, in spite of melancholy’s good nature and personable qualities, there are few things that triggers problems in the matrimonial home of a predominantly melancholy couples. First, is a melancholy’s mood swings. A melancholy is a very moody person, every little discomfort gets him or her upset or irritated. This consequently gets his or her mood depressed and could remain depressed for a very longtime until their partner shows concern or something very exciting that could lift their spirit and get them out of that mood happens.

When they’re on a high and ecstatic mood, they’re the most loving and enjoyable companion who aren’t just happy and excited for themselves alone, but also electrifies their home and everyone around them with such feelings of ecstasy. Their spouse and kids will definitely not hold back their admiration for them during such moments. But once they’re on a low and depressed mood, they’re very rash, rude and certainly not an enjoyable person. One oddity they’ve got, is that every other person ought to be sad when they’re sad and genuinely feel their pain.

When a melancholy is moody and depressed, very little and negligible matters that ought not to cause too much uproar in the home, are easily their bone of contention, because they must read meaning into everything. They frequently lapse into different moods, this minute they’re up and the next minute, their mood is totally down and they’ll feel some sorts of depression. Their mood swings often drives their partner berserk and could make the home become unbearable, which in most cases lead to conflicts.

Though very gifted, talented and intelligent individuals with perfectionist mentality. Who are not satisfied with anything less than one hundred percent. Their self imposed high standards and expectations often leads to their depressed mood when their expectations and desires are not met. The melancholy’s love for perfection and their perfectionist tendencies in every areas of their life often generates conflicts with their spouse because no human being is perfect.

Melancholies nags and complains in their homes more than any other temperament. Every temperament category is jealous over the one they love, but no other temperament can be more profoundly and genuinely jealous and protective of their heartthrob more than a melancholy. Though very loving, compassionate and caring individuals, melancholies need to marry other temperaments who loves and understands them more. And who’ll not always dwell so much on their weaknesses but will rather help them to maximize their strength for the marriage to work.

A melancholy’s sex life is moderate. Sex time for them with their spouse is a sacred and enjoying moment. Perfumed and cool room, red roses on the bed, fancy and coloured lights on, turns them on and increases a melancholy’s urge for sex.

If you’re married to a melancholy, you can actually tell or know when he or she is in the mood for sex by the kind of vibe or signal they give you. They may not be vocal about it, they rarely do, but from their mood and countenance, you’ll already decipher what they want. Everything a typical melancholy does, is real, even their sex life. They’re very deliberate and passionate about whatever they do, therefore during love making with their partner, their spirit, soul and body is fully involved in it, and this makes them have a very great sex life.

However, melancholies must be in the right mood for their sexual urge and libido to be effectively sustained. For a melancholy’s depressed mood often kills his urge for sex. A melancholy may be in a very happy and excited mood coming back home, and perhaps may have prepared their mind to make love to their partner, but on getting home, something as negligible as seeing the sitting room not properly organized, or his or her partner not giving them a very warm reception, could kill and extinguish that excited mood and subsequently that sexual urge which a sanguine or choleric may not even notice or possibly overlook.

I strongly believe that most complains of low sexual libido or poor erection is common among the melancholy temperament. For when one often lapses into a depressed mood and allows it to persist for a longtime, it will definitely have a negative effect on one’s sexual life.

Melancholy parents usually produces and raises the most disciplined, and intelligent kids. However, because of their perfectionist mentality, which makes them always focus so much on the best of others temperaments, comparing them with their worst rather than comparing it with his own best so he can appreciate himself, this comparisons often makes them have a feeling of inadequacy which most times transcend to low self esteem or poor self-image. It often amazes me that people who are so much gifted and personable, and everyone admires their qualities and likes to emulate them, still feel very inadequate and have a poor view of themselves.

Melancholy kids have low self-esteem and feel very unsecured because they’re raised by parents who could not build their self confidence. A melancholy father or mother is hard to satisfy, they’ll rather condemn their kids for not bringing home 100 percent score, than first appreciating and complimenting them for scoring 80 percent. Though very loving to their kids and protective of them, but melancholy kids often grows with fear and poor self image, but they could later on overcome it because of some life’s experiences and exposure combined with formal education.

A marital relationship of two predominantly melancholy temperament can work, if they’ll not allow their personal oddities have a better part of them. But it could be more beneficial and interesting if either of them has a secondary temperament of either a sanguine who is committed to them, or a choleric who understands their mood swings or a gentle and gracious phlegmatic who’ll help to weather the storm in time of conflicts.

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