Sanguine And Melancholy Temperaments Marital Relationship.

Sanguine and Melancholy Temperaments in Marriage. Melancholy wife and Sanguine husband. Now, it is time we consider a marital relationship between an extroverted temperament like the sanguine and an introverted temperament like the melancholy. This is a union between two opposite temperament. It is often adviced to consider tying the knot with persons of opposite... Continue Reading →

Sanguine and Choleric Temperaments Marital Relationship.

Marital Relationship of a Sanguine and Choleric Temperaments. Sanguine and Choleric Temperaments in Marriage. Sanguine husband and a choleric wife. Having looked at the marriage possibilities of predominantly similar temperaments and have understood the attributes and idiosyncrasies of each temperaments in their marriage, it is time we delve into the marriage possibilities of opposites or... Continue Reading →

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