Sanguine and Choleric Temperaments Marital Relationship.

Marital Relationship of a Sanguine and Choleric Temperaments.

Sanguine and Choleric Temperaments in Marriage.

Sanguine husband and a choleric wife.

Having looked at the marriage possibilities of predominantly similar temperaments and have understood the attributes and idiosyncrasies of each temperaments in their marriage, it is time we delve into the marriage possibilities of opposites or different temperaments coming together to live as husband and wife, to find out what it portends. In this post, we shall be considering a marital relationship between a sanguine and choleric temperaments.

This is a relationship between two extroverted individuals, although a sanguine is more extroverted than his choleric counterpart. In this union, there may not be so much conflicts between the couples, because a quick tempered and boisterous choleric could easily be pacified by the happy, jovial and hilarious sanguine. Conflicts usually sets in when the choleric partner feels dissatisfied with his or her sanguine partner’s irresponsibility in their domestic roles, and vice versa. It could also be as result of the choleric partner’s failure to achieve his or goals for the day, he or she comes back home very angry and depressed. During this sad moment, very negligible matters could aggravate his or her anger which could lead to conflict and sometimes, physical abuse. The only thing that could pacify them and calm their mood is, the suggestion of a new project or ideas on how to achieve his goals. However, one thing you must know about cholerics is that they’re very hard to please.

What a sanchol or cholsan marital relationship portends is that, at the end of the day the home and the kids are left to suffer. Because the choleric husband or wife will be so busy with work or his or her personal projects outside the home and the sanguine husband or wife will spend more time giggling and amusing with friends, acquaintances or colleagues, thereby totally abandoning their domestic responsibilities. And before they could realize it, the home is in shambles.

This is the kind of home where before the couple’s are back from their days activities, the kids are already asleep therefore, there’s no time to know what they’ve been through during the day. In the area of instilling discipline in the kids, the sanguine has very little or no discipline to impart in their kids. The little discipline that could be found in the kids of a cholsan or sanchol couples will naturally come from the choleric father or mother who has more time to spare for his or her kids.

The sanchol or cholsan couples sexual relationship is not a very fantastic one. This is because cholerics have the least developed emotion of all the temperaments while a sanguine’s emotion is spontaneous. A sanguine’s impulsive disposition about sex will always be a problem for them if married to a choleric or melancholy. For he or she could suddenly develop feelings of emotions that leads to sexual urges at a time when his or her choleric or melancholy partner may not be in the mood for it, and this will often engender conflicts in the home and may subsequently lead them to having extra-marital affairs. However barring any disagreements, they could make great couple and also improve their sex life if they both have other secondary temperament.

This marital relationship could also be fraught with suspicions and accusations of infidelity. Work and activities could make a choleric husband or wife not to be caught in the web of cheating on their partner and sometimes, their disciplined nature could also help them to overcome some sexual advances, unless they allow their emotions to come in and have a greater influence on them. A choleric is totally in control of his or her emotions and cannot be pressured or cowed into succumbing to sexual pressures.

A sanguine’s urge and desire to always be in the company of friends, whether male or female actually exposes them to the temptation of cheating on their spouse which they more often than not succumb to, since they lack the discipline to resist such pressures. A sanguine’s flamboyant and expressive nature do not make them see infidelity to their partner as an unwholesome act, they rather excuse and justify it with fun and blustery. They easily engage in sexual escapedes because they’ve got a lot of fans mainly, the opposite sex who loves to see them around since they lift up their spirits.

Therefore, the sexual relationship of a sanchol or cholsan couple cannot be a very interesting and long lasting one. It could happen once in a while and that is when the choleric partner is ready and prepared for it. Although there’s no justification for anyone to have sex outside their marriage, but this could be one of the reasons why many sanguine partners could fall into the temptation of keeping extra-marital affairs. However, if these two could understand themselves and build their love life together, their sex life could be great and explosive when they decide to engage in it, and each party will go feeling very satisfied.

The area I find these couples very compatible will be, in business and making money. For the choleric is an independent initiator and a workaholic, while the sanguine is a good promoter and marketer. The choleric could initiate a business while the sanguine will be very responsible in marketing and wooing clients and customers to the business. Financial success is not far-fetched for a cholsan or sanchol couples that is willing to use their temperament strengths and potential to maximize their gains.

For sanchol or cholsan kids, since they combine the attributes of two extroverted temperaments of both sanguine and choleric. They’ll exude so much confidence and boldness, they’ll be domineering, egocentric and excessively smart but not so much intelligent.

For a marriage between a sanguine and choleric temperament to work and better managed, I’ll advice that the husband be the choleric while the wife be the sanguine, since the man will have the responsibility of giving directions in the home, instilling discipline in the kids and providing for the well-being of the family. And because a sanguine wife is less likely to yield to the pressure of sexual advances from the opposite sex than her male counter- part, and she’ll also play a vital role in pacifying her choleric husband and keeping the home lively during sad and unhappy moments. But I will suggest the sanguine wife have a secondary temperament of the phlegmatic or melancholy in other to keep the home organized and the kids cared for. A marriage between a cholsan or sanchol couples could be great if they both balance things and play their individual domestic and marital roles in the home.

Choleric husband and a sanguine wife. A sanguine’s natural charisma and a choleric’s forthrightness and determination will make them successful in leadership roles with the outside world but fail most times in their homes.
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