Sanguine and Phlegmatic Temperaments Marriage Relationship.

Sanguine and phlegmatic temperaments marital relationship.

This is a union between a highly extroverted and a highly introverted individuals. Considering the hilarious, warmth and free-spirited nature of the sanguine together with the calm, cool, gentle and gracious nature of the phlegmatics, the sanphleg’s marital relationship is expected to be the best and not bedeviled with much crisis. But like every other marriages, sanphleg couples also have their own fair share of marital challenges. Ranging from commitment and trust issues to sometimes, physical abuse.

Phlegmatic wife and a sanguine husband.

The two major problems that sanphleg couples contend with, which could also threaten their marriage is, lack of commitment particularly from the sanguine partner and also trust, which leads to suspicions of infidelity. The phlegmatic spouse will also complain about his or her sanguine partner not giving him or her enough attention and commitment and may sometimes, suspect and accuse him or keeping extra marital relationship.

Cases of infidelity in marriage or having extra marital relationship has caused more divorce in the marriage of these two temperaments than in any other. Because of the sanguine’s lifestyle of lack of commitment and attention to their phlegmatic spouse. Apart from a marital relationship between a typical sanguine and pure melancholy, i strongly believe that more divorce rate as a result of infidelity has happened between a marriage relationship between a sanguine and a phlegmatic couple. Except in situations where the phlegmatic spouse is scared of divorce, then he or she could either live with it or become vengeful.

A union between these two couples could be the most peaceful, loving and fun filled, but could also turn out to end in disaster if not properly managed. A sanguine could trust his or her phlegmatic partner’s loyalty and commitment, but it is always difficult for a phlegmatic to trust his or her sanguine partner unless he or she has overtime proven beyond doubt that their sincerity and loyalty is intact.

Male sanguines more often faces the pressures of cheating on their spouse than their female counterparts because of the attention they easily get from their female friends, fans or colleagues. Since the major weakness of the sanguine is indiscipline, you often find them yielding to the temptation of sexual advances made at them. They are also more easily attracted to the opposite sex more than the other temperaments. Their expressive nature do not allow them hide their feelings when they begin to get emotional about their female friends, hence they’ll not hesitate to use their warmth, blustery and sugar-coated tongue to make her fall for him. Should in case this is your reality in marriage, that you’ve got to deal with a cheating spouse, I want to recommend you order and read sexual betrayal sucks but you got this by Becky. Order the bestseller now, in to learn how to overcome the trauma of sexual betrayal from a supposed heartthrob.

Phlegmatics generally, loves attention, with tender love and care. But a female phlegmatic wants a dose of these. Though, not easily attracted to the opposite sex, female phlegmatics are more likely to be attracted to the male sanguine temperament, because he’s got a dose of attention and flattery to give them. But she’ll sooner realize that he’s a man for all the ladies and not for her alone.

It is for this reason that most female phlegmatic couple willingly or as a result of their gullibility engage in extra marital relationship and cheat on their spouse. Moreover, they lack the courage to resist the sexual advances coming from those who gives them so much attention, and more importantly when they feel bored and depressed because of a sanguine partner who does not give them much commitment and attention.

Sanguine and phlegmatic are sexually compatible. Sextime for them is funtime. For a sanguine is a very adventurous person on bed, he employs new ideas and skills that boosts his sex life, to captivates his female phlegmatic partner, thereby making her always fall for him. His quest to always be the master on bed and dictate the pace, gives their partner so much fun and satisfaction. They can scream to high heaven during their ecstatic moments on bed and even become very loud and expressive about how they feel, but it never really goes beyond that moment, because sex for them is all about fun and pleasure.

A sanguine husband must as a matter of responsibility always show enough attention and commitment to his phlegmatic wife, and be mindful of fellow male sanguine counterpart or any other person taking that responsibility, else he might be loosing her to another man.

Another major area sanphleg couples will have problem is in raising their kids. The major weakness of the sanphleg couples, which are lack of discipline and self-motivation will be automatically visible in their kids. And depending on the genes of the particular temperament that was transferred in excess or the temperament that has more influence on the kids, the kids will exhibit the personality traits of both the strengths and weaknesses of that temperament.

Sanphleg kids will have problems with being disciplined if they inherited more of the sanguine traits, they’ll also have problems with motivating themselves and facing pressures and challenges. They could be nice, calm, gentle and loving kids who do not find it difficult making out with friends because of their charisma and cheeriness.

In conclusion, like I said earlier, a marital relationship between a sanguine and phlegmatic couple has the potential to be the best if both of them can play their individual marital and domestic roles. If the sanguine husband or wife can realize that his or her phlegmatic partner needs their attention and commitment more than anyone else, and the phlegmatic partner can have some trust on his or her sanguine spouse, both of them can build a happy and lasting marriage and home together.

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