How To Get Your Man Propose To You Fast.

You have been into that relationship for a longtime, and you’ve given the relationship all you’ve got as a lady with the expectation that one day he’s going to propose to you. You’ve waited but he is not forthcoming, inspite of the love and fun you both shared, and you’re also very sure he’s capable of taking care of you as well as undertake other responsibilities. Then you’ve got to start doing what am about to reveal to you now. À lot of ladies experiences this kind of perplexed situation and do not know what to do about it. But there’s something you can do that you’ve not done because you’re ignorant of what motivates a lot of single guys to start considering marriage and take action in proposing to you.

Most men likes to be challenged before they can be motivated into taking action. Sitting in their comfort zone makes them have a sense of relaxation and assume that they’re doing very fine. For some guys, they’ve become so addicted to single hood and exuberant lifestyles that they’re now scared of getting hooked to one woman and start undertaking responsibilities. The fear of taking responsibilities has made a lot of men take the back seat when it comes to teing the nut, thus they often prefer and enjoy dating different women. But there’s only one remedy to this, and make him knee before you with that ring in his hand. For any man to do extraordinary things or take a bold step, he needs to overcome the fear that’s stopping him from taking that bold step. Similarly, for him to take that bold initiative of putting a ring on your finger, he needs to be challenged out of his comfort zone.

If you are dating a guy and your relationship has been fun and healthy, but all his close friends and colleagues are single guys who are still relishing their single and exuberant lifestyle, then getting him to propose to you anytime soon will be very difficult. From childhood, most men often identifies with whatever they see their friends and colleagues do, and they often give approval to their way of life. They grow up with this mindset until they’re adults, and eventually allow the society and their environment influence what they do or the decisions they make because of the fear of being the odd one out. If you ask some single guys who are financially successful, the reason why they’re not yet married. They actually have no tangible reason to give you, other than the fact that their close friends and contemporaries are still single. Thus, they feel they still have enough time to relish their single hood. Most of them often marry simply because they’ve seen their friends and colleagues get married, and they’ll begin to shop for the next available lady to hastily propose to. And if you’re lucky to still be with them at that time, then you’d be surprised at the haste with which they’ll knee to propose to you. I have seen some financially successful guys who had dated a particular lady for so many years, and decided to finally get coupled with them because they were embarrassed seeing their younger ones or contemporaries get married, have kids and living happily with their families. A lot of these guys do not even know when the time is ripe for them to move away from erotic relationships and dating, and become responsible men. But the sight of someone they like to emulate or probably seeing a younger person to them who’s happily married with kids and living very comfortably with their family, often gets them thinking. It challenges and motivates them into putting a ring on it.

Therefore, if you’re a lady and you find yourself in this kind of situation where you’ve given your all for the relationship and you believe he loves you and he is very happy with you, and wishes to finally settle down with you, but you often wonder why he finds it difficult coming up with that proposal. You don’t need to wonder further. The reason is because he hasn’t been challenged to take action. He can’t find that inner motivation that will trigger him into being willing to take responsibilities. You don’t need to talk him into it, or try to push him into making commitments, as doing that could portray you as being desperate. Rather, just ensure that majority of those he surrounds himself with, friends, acquaintances and those he confides in, who are much younger than himself or are at about his age are married and living happily with their families. In no distant time, he’ll become challenged and could get that inner motivation from them to quickly propose to you, so he can start building his own family. A lot of guys has actually married because of this singular reason and they’re living happily with their families. Start doing this, and see what happens next.

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