Choleric And Melancholy Temperaments Marriage.

Marital Relationship Between A Choleric And A Melancholy:

A marital relationship between a choleric and a melancholy is one between two very efficient and capable individuals. There’s absolutely nothing these couples set out to achieve that they cannot achieve. These two individuals working together always makes an unbeatable team. For a choleric is a fearless driver, while his or her melancholy counterpart is a thinker and a strategist. Both of them will navigate through the rough pathways of life together, and tread on paths where even angels fears to tread on.

A marriage between these two, is always a mystery to a lot of persons. While some persons will have no choice than to admire them, others will simply decide to keep their distance from them. So many persons often wonders how a seemingly quiet and simple melancholy is able to cope and get along with the attitude of a very aggressive, canterkerous and boisterous choleric. But these couples understands themselves more than anyone else could understand them. For a perfect understanding of your spouse’s temperament, I recommend you order and read the temperament God gave your spouse by Art Bennett. You need to order the bestseller now for an in-depth understanding of spouse’s temperament and how both of you will maximize your strengths while managing your weaknesses.

However, melchol or cholmel also faces their own marital challenges like every other temperament, but theirs is usually at the early stages of their marriage. It’s in this union that you’d find their strengths being a source of problem to them within the first few years of their marriage, until they’re able to bond very well and find a common ground. Their weaknesses could also be a major source of conflicts in their marital relationship, but with time they’ll begin to understand and appreciate their individual strengths and play down on their weaknesses.

The clash of ego is one of the first major problem you’d find in melchol or cholmel early relationship. Being a very intelligent, detailed and perfectionist individual, melancholies still battles with the problem of inferiority and poor self-image, since they often compare their best with the worst of others. It is for this reason that they inadvertently develop some negative thinking patterns about others, which more often than not leads them into unnecessary altercations with them. The domineering, inconsiderate and bossy nature of the cholerics tends to induce fear or rather a feeling of humiliation in the minds of their melancholy counterparts, which they often vehemently resist.

A Choleric likes to make decisions for himself and for others, but when it has to do with a melancholy, he often finds it very difficult having his way because a melancholy needs all the details to be considered first, and this often creates a rancorous situation between them. When a melancholy feels cheated and neglected by their Choleric partner, they will begin to concoct thoughts of him or her trying to impose their superiority, while the Choleric may feel being denied their right to make decisions, which also consequently triggers conflicts.

A typical choleric and melancholy spouses:

A melancholies nagging and sometimes moody attitude often drives their Choleric partner berserk. No other temperaments nags more than a melancholy when they’re not comfortable with something. This temperament has two extremes, when they’re happy and excited, they’re fun to be with and you’d feel like you’ve got the whole world in Palm. But when they’re sad and moody, nothing interests them anymore and hell will let loose at the slightest provocation.

However, inspite of a melancholy’s personal oddities, he’s got some Sterling qualities that their Choleric partner often admire and appreciates. Thus, a melchol or cholmel marital relationship is often strengthened by a melancholy’s commitment to their family, their loyalty to their partner, their romantic and self-sacrificing nature. Apart from a phlegmatic who comes close, no other temperament can be more loving, loyal, sacrificial and committed to their family than a melancholy.

If a marital relationship between a Choleric and a melancholy can survive the first five years, then trust that it will last a lifetime. For both of them would’ve learnt to tolerate their weaknesses and appreciate their strengths. A melancholy will often commend their Choleric partner for their courage, boldness and productivity. While a choleric will always cherish and admire their melancholy partner’s intelligence, loyalty and commitment. Another thing that also gets a melancholy enthused by their Choleric partner, is the way he or she treats them like their Kings or queens, especially in public places. No one is more important to a Choleric than their spouse or heartthrob. They do not care what anyone feels or thinks about what they do, infact they do not need your approval to do whatever they want to do.

Melancholy and choleric are sexually compatible, since they’re both intentional about having sex. They’ve got very interesting and healthy sexual experiences, especially when they’ve been able to resolve all their differences and have outgrown their early years of conflicts. Although a Choleric is not easily an emotional person, but some of the good and admirable qualities of their typical melancholy partner, coupled with the excitement of having had a very fruitful and productive day at work often triggers their emotions. And when their melancholy partner is excited and happy with them, it creates a very favourable atmosphere for both of them to fulfill their marital and sexual obligations to each other.

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Melchol or cholmel kids are naturally hardworking, intelligent, disciplined, gifted and very capable kids, since all these qualities are embedded in their Choleric and melancholy parents. But they’ll have problem with being selfish, moody, and battle with low self-esteem if they inherited more of the melancholy temperament. They’ll also be aggressive, fearless and domineering and may become bullies to other kids if they inherited more traits from their Choleric parents.

Melchol or cholmel marriage will work perfectly if they understand their individual weaknesses and learn to be tolerant of each other. They should rather use their strengths to offset or complement each other’s weaknesses, and not dwell so much on their weaknesses or allow it be a source of marital conflict. If a melchol or cholmel marriage can survive the first five years, then it’ll definitely last a lifetime.

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