How To Rediscover Your Purpose And Overcome Depression.

Do you often get bored, frustrated and feel deeply dissatisfied with yourself for no obvious cause or reason? And it feels like something is missing within you that you cannot figure out what is, or find your rythym in life. Consequently, you’ve given up on life, no thanks to the debilitating situation you often find yourself. Then you obviously need to rediscover your purpose in life. If you do experience this kind of unfavorable situation, you are definitely not alone because lots of persons around the world often suffers depression and frustrations for reasons they cannot substantiate.

Sometimes, you may have everything you had wanted or desired but you still feel very dissatisfied with yourself. It clearly means there’s something you should be doing that you’re not doing, which has created a vacuum in your life. Every human is designed to fulfill a purpose in life, and when once you’re not fulfilling that purpose, it creates a very deep vaccum that leaves you feeling very frustrated, depressed and dissatisfied. People may not understand or even know about it but you know that there’s something missing in you which ought to have made you a better person.

Dissatisfaction with yourself is an easy route to frustration and depression. And it has led some persons getting themselves involved in some social vices, unwholesome acts and nefarious behaviours. It has also led others to addictions which are inimical to their life. Have you ever wondered why some persons cannot do a minute without the social media?  While some have used the social media platforms for improving and developing themselves and they often feel satisfied and fulfilled because they’re adding value to lives, and have people benefit from what they’ve got to offer. Others simply use it as platforms for easing their stress and boring moments, without really building themselves and adding value to anyone’s life. No wonder they can spend almost their whole day on various social media platforms and revert back to the depressed and bored mood the moment they logout.

Introverts, like the melancholy and phlegmatic temperament often battles with depression and frustration more than their sanguines and cholerics counterparts. Extroverts must always find a away to make themselves happy and satisfied, but it is only an introvert who had discovered their passion in life and they’re using it to benefit others that can overcome this situation. No human is in a world of its own. We’re all made for connecting with, and complementing each other.

Thus, most persons feels fulfilled and accomplished when they’re able to do something that benefits themselves and a few other persons. When they’ve got persons who looks up to them, believes in what they’ve got to offer and are getting compliments or rewarded for it, it breeds excitement and satisfactory feeling in them. It is for this reason that a lot of persons likes to belong to different groups, organizations, or social clubs where they’ll become relevant and be seeing by others to be contributing meaning- fully.

Therefore, if you always feel bored, dissatisfied and inadequate with yourself for no justiciable reason it’s simply because you’re yet to discover your purpose in life and use it to benefit humanity. You need to begin the process of reinventing  yourself in doing what you’re good at, that will be of immense benefit to others.

How do you do that? Learn a skill, self-educate, develop your ability to think, be creative, teach others what you know, be impactful, belong to the right group or organization where your potentials can come to the fore, and always find a way to add value to people’s lives in your little corner. Doing this, will enhance your confidence, give you a satisfactory feeling and a sense of direction in life, and more importantly, get depression and frustration permanently out of your life.


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