Which Career Best Describes Your Personality?

The unemployed could be physically and psychological traumatized not only because he’s out of money, but he also lacks the opportunity to be productive and contribute meaning- fully to the society. But apart from being without a job, another thing that could be so annoyingly demoralizing to anyone is to be in the wrong career or have a job that’s non-conformity with your temperament.

Countless number of persons has resigned from their well-paid jobs to pursue their passions few months after they had accepted the appointment letter. Others had also declined mouth- watering offers from big organization to rather focus on other things that makes them happy and fulfilled in life, inspite of the meagre amount they’re making from it.

For some who do not have the courage to quit, are presently being mechanical with their jobs. Being in the wrong career or having a job that’s incongruous to your personality can be so frustrating and demoralizing. You become unexcited and dissatisfied, and consequently loose interest in it. A lot of persons had limited their capacity to think, to be creative and impactful, and they had also inadvertently lowered the acme of success they were originally designed and created to reach in life because they had confined themselves to the job that’s not in agreement with their temperament.

Very soon, you’ll discover that the job or career you’ve chosen is not really the best you should be in. We’re all of different personalities with diverse strengths and abilities, courtesy of the temperament we’re born with. Different persons could be able to do different things but if you want to be exceptional in what you do, then you must choose a career that best describes your personality.

I can’t imagine a sanguine being a medical doctor or probably a surgeon. Because he lacks the discipline and patience required to go through the rigours of medical school, nor does he possess the carefulness to even practice as a surgeon, he could talk and get carried away until he’ll forgets where he kept his surgical knife. He may do better working as a nurse or caregiver because of his cherry, lively and highly spirited nature.

The choleric’s love for work and activities without a detailed plan of how to get the job perfectly done before moving unto the next on their agenda, and their characteristic high-handedness and lack of compassion will inhibit their success in the medical field. Similarly, getting a melancholy or phlegmatic to excel in the marketing/sales department of an organization or any job that will expose them to appealing to people will be an uphill task. However, melancholies could do better working as advertisers or advertising practitioners, coining and crafting ads and sales copies.

Sanguines could make good teachers because their lively disposition will make the kids relish every moment they spend teaching them, since kids learn more when they’re relaxed and excited.

While a choleric’s impatience with those who do not seem to work at his own pace, and his hard looks will get the kids scared of him. He’ll often scold them to the extent that they’ll become scared of attending his classes.

A melancholy’s perfectionist and self-centered attitude will get him easily upset with kids should they not quickly understand his lessons. And hell not hesitate to verbally express his ill-feelings towards them until they become very uncomfortable being in his class. But if melacholies could be a little bit patient with those who are not as intelligent as he is, and learn to be considerate of them, they’ll make very good teachers.

Phlegmatics are easily the best when it comes to the teaching profession. Their gentle, calm, patient and organized qualities will often make the kids feel very relaxed and comfortable in their class, and they’ll have natural affection for them. Phlegmatics always finds the teaching profession very attractive, because of their love for routines without much pressures.

Let’s take a look at the entertainment sector. Almost all the temperaments can flourish in this sector, since it’s vast and has so many aspects. Sanguines could be good entertainers, particularly when it comes to finishing and delivering. But he’ll often struggle with writing his own song, being a music orchestra or composer where it requires being creative and thinking outside the box. He’ll do better in entertainment if he works closely with a melancholy whose creative ability in creating and coining different lines and verses of the song will make you relish it’s delivery.

Sanguines could deliver their own song, but will never feel it the way a melancholy will naturally feel every line of it. Melancholies have a knack for music. They can write and compose their own song and also sing it perfectly with great passion in their voice.

Another area of entertainment that also seems to attract a melancholy, and which they often do very well is acting. As introverted as they are, melancholies makes excellent actors. They’ve got the intelligence to interpret any role given to them and become very real acting it on stage, that you could almost forget that its just a movie. And when they come down from stage, they’ll immediately revert to their introverted nature.

Cholerics are practical and pragmatic individuals. Thus the only aspect of entertainment that appeals to them is artistry. They could imagine things from the non-existent and bring it into reality. They make good sculptures, artists, painters, designers and any skill that requires practicality without much attention to details and analysis. It’s for this reason that they love to work as a project supervisor or foreman rather than being project managers. They’ll interpret the drawings and designs done by a melancholy or phlegmatic and bring it into reality.

Phlegmatics on the other hand, are not so much passionate about going into entertainment, but they feel more entertained than all the other temperaments. They enjoy being entertained rather than being an entertainment.

Having a knowledge of your temperament and personality traits will enable you make the right career choice and avoid becoming too clumsy and mechanical about your job. A sanguine is a lively, happy, fun-filled and highly spirited personality. Thus, any career that will expose them to people, either he’s the one to go to them or they’re to come to him attracts them so much. As long as it’s devoid of details, analysis, keeping records, carefulness and organization.

Cholerics on the other hand are pragmatic personalities. When the job or career requires practicality, skillfulness, adeptness, leadership, bravery, productivity and breaking new grounds, he’s best suited for it. As long as it does not have to do with too much attention to details, analysis, critical thinking and long range planning.

Melacholies are very intelligent, creative, detailed and analytical personalities. They’re best suited for any job that requires critical thinking, analysis, details, thoroughness, sacrifice and being meticulous, as long as it does not put them in positions where they’ll need to be the one appealing to people.

Phlegmatics on the other hand, are also analytical, organized, gentle and equanimous personalities who does their jobs with calm and composure. Jobs that requires analysis, record keeping, organization, and if it has to be done repeatedly, and as long as it does not require them delving into the unknown or breaking a new record is very appealing to them.

Melacholies and phlegmatics are often attracted to careers in the pure sciences and few in social sciences, such as: Accounting, Management, Economics and other related fields. Another job that also attracts a melancholy and which they also gives their all is, humanitarian services, because of their self sacrificing nature.

While Cholerics and sanguines on the other hand are often attracted to various careers in arts and social sciences. Sanguines are among others, makes excellent sales/marketing representatives, orators, PRO’s, public speakers and MC’s. And Cholerics are often attracted to careers in the military, defence and leadership.

And when it comes to vocational capabilities, almost all the temperaments can do well in any vocation. But while it will take Cholerics and phlegmatics a very short period to quickly grab the skill and become adept at it, it will take sanguines and melancholies a longer time to know it. This is because, for a sanguine, his indiscipline and lack of concentration will probably delay his ability to learn fast. While the theoretical nature of the melancholy and his love for brain work often deprives him the opportunity to be skillful with his hands.

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