How To Develop Your Sexuality As A Man.

10 Things You Must Do To Improve Your Sexuality:

A lot of men often associates sexuality with women alone and some ignorantly thinks being sexual is all about being good in bed. Well, that’s how they understand sexuality and no wonder they can’t get beautiful and sophisticated women to stick to them despite how nice they are, and how good they think they are on bed. But there are 10 things you must do as man to boost your sexuality and make any woman stick with you. Here they are:

1. Be Confident of Yourself: It’s not in a masculine characteristic for a man to appear to be shy, lacking in confidence and fidget easily at every situation or little discomforting moments. Nevertheless, melancholies and phlegmatics often battles with this challenge more than their choleric and sanguine counterparts. But if you want to attract beautiful and elegant ladies, and also be respected by other men, you must be full of confidence in yourself. Women likes men who oozes out confidence in their appearance and the way they talk. How can you build your confidence as a man? Learn a skill, self-educate, be good at what you do, improve your communication skills, know the right response to give and things to say at the right time, be conversational, always look people in their eyes when talking to them and always believe you’re the best person anyone could be with at a particular time.

2. Talk less: I consider talking too much as rather a weakness than strength particularly for a man. Real men do not alter everything in their mind. They speak little and often display the rest in their actions. Sanguines do have a problem with this. He’s so loquacious and flippant with words to the extent that he would have exposed his weaknesses for everyone to see before he could realize it. When you talk excessively you unknowingly become irrational in what you say, and you will inadvertently expose your weakness for anyone to capitalize on. But when you’re reasonably moderate in your speech, you gain people’s respect. Mature and responsible women takes serious and respects men who are few in their words.

3. Say Only what You Can Do: This is a desirable quality that’s required of every man. Men who only alters what they can do, and you’ll often find them matching their words with actions are always respected and feared. This is my philosophy in life: “if you can’t do it, don’t say it”. “If you’ll find it very difficult doing it at that time, refrain from saying it”. Melancholies epitomizes this philosophy. They’ll think it through or have a plan of how they’ll achieve it before saying it. Cholerics will say it with all passion and very vociferously before having a plan of how they’ll accomplish it, but they must find one way or another to achieve it. While phlegmatics will say it but will soon backtrack if doing it will get them into more pressures or conflicts at the moment. And sanguines will say everything in their mind very loudly, but will sooner or later forget that they said anything. But if you want to build your sexuality as a man, you need to start saying only what you can do and be seen to be doing it.

4. Be Decisive: There are only two outcomes when it comes to taking decisions, and you can only have one out of the two if you’re a decisive person. You could either take a decision and succeed or fail. When you succeed, it boosts your morale and you’re happy, but when you fail, you could regret if you want to, but you would’ve learnt something.But for those who are not decisive, they’ve got two things to worry about. They’ll often be full of regrets for not making a decision, especially if the outcome is positive, and they would had also learnt nothing. Cholerics are the most decisive of all temperaments. No wonder they like making decisions for themselves as well as for others. But if they can be a bit more rational when making a decision, rather than just trying to masturbate their ego, they’ll be more successful with their decisions. Phlegmatics and sanguines are the least decisive people, who easily rescinds their decisions. Sanguines makes decisions based on their feelings, and as their feelings or emotions change, they also change their decision. While phlegmatics do not have the courage to hold into their decision if they’re under pressure of any kind. Being decisive and sticking to your decision to the end, earns you respect from everyone particularly from mature and exposed ladies.

5. Be Reasonably Stubborn: Women, and sometimes friends and colleagues will often try to influence, lure or coerce you into accepting what they want rather than what you want and believe in. But when they perceive you’re very recalcitrant in stalking to the obviously right position, they’ll subsequently become respectful of your position and will repose their trust and confidence in you to always stick to the right things. Being reasonably stubborn absolutely means sticking to the clearly right position irrespective of the pressure to succumb to the substandard. Cholerics and melancholies are very stubborn personalities, sometimes they could be stubborn to the point of unreasonableness. Phlegmatics could easily succumb to those who subtly shows them care and attention or when they come under pressure. While the sanguines finds it easy to lure people with their blustery and sugar-coated tongues, and are also easily influenced themselves.

6. Speak Intelligently: This could be akin to number 2. However, some persons could talk less but they’re rather unintelligent in what they say. It’s not enough to just talk less, it’s equally important to talk reasonably and Intelligently. Almost all the temperaments could be sometimes guilty of this, because of the human nature to always desire to be heard before others. But if you want to speak Intelligently and command the respect of others, don’t always be quick to speak rather be quick and eager to listen. For in listening, you’ll get the inspiration to react or respond reasonably and Intelligently. But if you must speak first, think it through and organize whatever you want to say and ensure it’s logically indisput- able and relatable. Speaking very Intelligently as a man is a very effective way of boosting your sexuality and earn the respect of people.

7. Be Self-sufficient: Being self-sufficient as a man means being independent that you do not always need the approval of others before you could do what you’ve got to do for yourself. Always doing something for yourself without necessarily waiting for anyone or seeking for their position. If it becomes necessary that you must get others to do it for you, you pay them off when they’re done and you earn your respect. Do not give anyone the impression that you are incapacitated or make them feel they’re doing you a favour. Cholerics are the most self-sufficient of all the temperaments. They are capable individuals, who do not need you to do for them what they can actually do for themselves. Preparing breakfast or dinner as a man is sexuality, getting the rooms tidied up is sexuality and going for shopping is also sexuality. Doing this will make any woman respect and admire you.

8. Be The Go-To Person: Successful persons do not need to come to you, particularly when you’ve got nothing to offer them. Rather, you’ll be eager to go to them because you feel they’ve got something you need. Real men do not run after people they’ll rather sit back and allow you chase after them, because they’ll always have what you do not have. You don’t need to run after women, real men rarely do. Build yourself, be successful not just financially but also psychologically, physically, emotionally, educationally, vocationally and career-wise. When you’re successful as a man, a woman takes note and she’ll surreptitiously do the chasing, while you decide if you’ll take it up from them or not.

9. Be Attractive in Appearance: Real women always places a very high premium on their physical looks and appearance. And lots of men often lusts after them and gets enticed by this. But it’s quite unfortunate that a lot of these men do not even put a price tag on themselves or place a little value on their appearance. You can’t attract very beautiful and sophisticated women into your life when you always appear shabbily and unkempt. You do not need all the money in the world to look good and presentable. Clean-shave, wearing a cologne, this appeals to so many women’s sense of smell, and putting on neatly ironed and fitted clothes is enough to make you look very good and presentable as a man. You do not obviously need to be extravagant just to look attractive, like a sanguine will do. He could spend his last money buying expensive clothes just so he could get everyone’s attention, particularly women. Some women will gullibly fall for his blustery and flattery, but they’ll soon realize that he’s so artificial and lacking in many areas. They could decide to play along with him because of his lively and highly spirited nature, but will immediately abandon him for someone more detailed and profound in appearance.

10. Be A Killer On Bed: This is the area most men often shy away from. But for most women, it’s as important to them or even more important to them than doing 1 to 9. Infact, keeping up with 1 to 9 without being active in number 10, for some women, is an effort in futility because you might loose her in this area to another man. Being a killer on bed means satisfying a woman sexually on bed. The purpose of this post isn’t to teach you how to do this, but if you need my advice on how to achieve this, drop your comments and questions in the comment box or send me a direct email on: However, being a killer on bed will make any woman respect and stuck with you.

These are my 10 ways to improve your sexuality as a man and earn respect from everyone.


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