How To Discover Your Vocational Capability.

Which Vocation Is Suitable For Your Temperament?

As technology is advancing more persons will be out of job because most skilled and unskilled jobs would be automated out of existence. And increasing number of persons will realize that they’re ill-fitted for the vocation they’ve found themselves. Different persons choose a vocation for different reasons. For some, it’s because a particular person is doing very well in it, some considers the financial benefits involved, while others are pressured into learning a particular vocation by their parents or guardians. But one of the ways you can overcome vocational frustrations or feeling like a round peg in a square hole, is to know your temperament and its vocational possibilities. Not everyone could be an engineer, a doctor, lawyer, accountant or even succeed in formal education. However, no human being is created empty or a dullard, we’re all designed with great potentials and possibilities embedded in us. But we cannot all succeed at the same pace in the same vocation or become professionals of repute in the same field. We all have our core areas of capabilities and strengths. It’s for this reason that some persons will probably do better than others, even if they were in the same vocation or formal career. I’ve seen lawyers and doctors who left their professions for vocations and careers in other fields and they’re doing very well in those fields. This is why you need to discover and know your vocational capability that’s in conformity with your temperament. Let us now consider the vocational possibilities of the four basic temperaments.

Temperament match!

1. Vocational Capability of The Sanguine: The world is enriched by people of the sanguine temperament, with their cheeriness and natural charisma. Infact, the world needs more sanguine personalities presently to help ease the stress, pressures and depressions faced by lots of persons in this uncertain times. Mr. Sanguine is a highly-spirited personality with so much charisma to burn. He lifts up the spirit of everyone with his fascinating story-telling ability and blustery whenever he’s around. One career or profession he is easily attracted to, is sales and marketing. Mr. Sanguine is and efficient salesman he’s so convincing that he can even sell a wheelchair to someone who’s not crippled. Although he’s not very enthusiastic about learning a vocation and becoming adept at it, since he lacks concentration, self-discipline and steadfastness to keep doing one thing consistently, that actually bores him. However, apart from being an excellent salesman, sanguines makes very good actors, entertainers, MC’s, receptionist, auctioneers, preachers, public relation officers and any career that will always bring him in contact with people. They can be found in politics or hired by renowned political actors for campaigns and image laundering, where their oratory and charismatic nature will be accentuated.

2. Vocational Capability of The Cholerics: Cholerics are visionaries, workaholics and activity-prone personalities. He can envision his own project and build it from scratch and when he’s able to get it up to seventy percent completed, he’ll abandon it or probably hand it over to someone else to carry on, and he’ll immediately move on to something else. Many Cholerics has the most abandoned or uncompleted projects because of their love for work and activity that gives them something new to think about. This is why they like to work with other temperament like melancholies and phlegmatics who they can handover to. Many of the world’s skycrappers and gigantic buildings had been built by Cholerics because of their love for construction and Productivity, but they were probably designed by melacholies or phlegmatics. Even some of the world’s famous businesses must have been conceived and developed by Cholerics but managed by either melacholies or phlegmatics. Hardly will you find Mr. Choleric idle, he must always find something to do. He is a very capable, competent and self-sufficient individual who knows how to navigate his way through life. He does not allow his environment to influence him, he’ll rather influence his environment with his ideas, goals and visions. His impatience, love for work and activity coupled with his egocentric nature do not allow him submit himself to be trained vocationally, even though they’ve got the ability to learn and know it faster. He’s not usually a Craftsman since craftsmanship requires a high degree of perfection and efficiency. He has all it takes to do well in craft, but l often enjoys being a supervisor to craftsmen. He loves construction, thus he often ends up becoming a foreman or project supervisor. Any profession or occupation that requires leadership, productivity, and motivation often interests him as long as it does not have to do with too much attention to details, analysis and long range planning.

3. Vocational Capability of The Melancholy: A melancholy is a detailed, intelligent, analytical and perfectionist personality. No other temperament competes with him when it comes perfectionism. He’s so analytical and intuitive that he can forsee a problem that could be encountered in the course of carrying out a project, which leaves everyone in awe of how he’s able to figure it before it actually happens. His disciplined, detailed and analytical nature enables him succeed in almost anything, and often do very well in any field that requires intelligence and analysis. No wonder they do very well in the field of engineering, medicine and sciences. Melancholies also do well in the field of arts as: musicians, music composers, orchestras, playwriters, authors, actors, philosophers, theorists, they’re also inventors and ardent educators. Some melancholies also becomes craftsmen of high quality, some of the vocations they do very well in includes, plumbing, carpentry, bricklaying, blacksmithing, plastering, painting, they’re also designers and nurserymen. Any vocation that offers meaningful and humanitarian services to humanity is very good for him. He’s best suited for jobs or careers that requires accuracy, creativity, perfection and self-sacrifice as long as it will give them something new to think about.

4. Vocational Capability of The Phlegmatics: The world has benefited immensely from the gentle, gracious and organized qualities of the phlegmatic’s. He’s a calm, gentle and quiet personality that is dedicated to his job and does it quietly without noise. He’s a master at any job or profession that requires patience, meticulousness and daily routines. He’s mostly drawn to the fields of education, no wonder they make good school administrators and excellent teachers. Their analytical and organized nature makes them get attracted to fields of engineering and medicine that requires analysis, carefulness and calculations. Most of them have very good mechanical aptitude and retentive minds. And for this reason, they’re good in various vocations, such as: automobile mechanics, electricians, carpenters, craftsmen, tool-and-die specialist, painters, plasterers, glassblowers, watch, phones and camera repairers and any vocation that has many intricate parts, and requires patience, carefulness and sticking to laid down procedures.

Knowing your temperament with its natural strengths and weaknesses will help you to know your vocational capabilities or the vocation and career you’re best suited for, and avoid being mechanical with your job, which could also lead to vocational frustrations.

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