How To Overcome Fear And Anger.

The subject of temperament is so vast that it will run a whole gamut of the human race to exhaustively discuss it. The totality of who you are as an individual is all encapsulated in the temperament you’re born with. But it’s however unfortunate that the world had neglected this very important subject whose influence controls the behaviors, actions and reactions of everyone. But if you’re conversant with the temperament, you’ll be able to live your life very seamlessly, feeling like you’ve got your tomorrow in your Palm. As different temperaments has different strengths so also they’re ridden with their individual weaknesses. In this post, we shall be looking at two of the main weaknesses that’s common to all temperaments. Which temperaments are more vulnerable to fear, and which are more predisposed to anger, and how they can be better managed.

Sanguines and Cholerics are usually more predisposed to anger, and they have a problem with it more than their phlegmatic or melancholy counterparts. Although melacholies are also irascible, but they do not have a problem with anger compare to the two extroverts of sanguines and cholerics except when their mood is totally on a downward side.

For sanguines, inspite of their cheeriness, hilarious and lively nature, but for the fact that their feelings and emotions predominates their thoughts and decisions, thus they easily lapse into quick and explosive anger. When a sanguine feels uncomfortable or not satisfied emotionally, it negatively affects their thoughts and reasoning, and consequently breeds anger that they must vociferously express. However, so many persons do not take an angry sanguine seriously, because his anger is quick and short and never the type that could induce fear in the mind of anyone.

For a Choleric, his anger is more dreadful and intimidating than that of a sanguine. For he’s naturally a hard and an unemotional personality who’ll not hesitate to ride roughshod over anyone who does not agree to his decisions. His desire to dominate and always assert his authority over others, and making decisions just to massage his ego often results in cruel anger when his ego is not satisfied. Don’t even stand in a choleric’s way when he wants something, otherwise he’ll use every means available to get you out of the way and move on. And he gets even more aggressive and angry if he cannot achieve his goals.

How can sanguines and cholerics manage their Anger? Sanguines and cholerics should not expect that they can totally get rid of anger, even though they’ve become spiritually transformed individuals. This is because it’s a natural weakness in them, that can only be managed or modified rather than completely eradicated. For them to better manage their anger, they must identify the root cause of their anger and always guard against it.

For a sanguine, since his unsatisfied feelings and emotions often exposes him to anger, he should rather have it in his mind and let it sink into him that, life cannot always give you what you want and when you want it. He must learn to accept his fate when things do not go the way he wanted them to go, since he’s the architect of his own failure. The same goes for a choleric, a choleric must understand that he cannot always have his way, as no one can. Even God at some point lost his control and authority over the human being he created in the garden of Eden. Cholerics should also be rational in making decisions rather than just trying to masturbate their ego. This will enable them become more clinical and successful in achieving their goals.

Now, let’s consider “fear”. Obviously melacholies and phlegmatics battles with fear more than sanguines and cholerics. For what could one expect from a shy introvert, who inspite of all his sterling and enviable qualities still suffers from lack of confidence in himself and poor self-image? However, what makes a melancholy fear is different from what makes a phlegmatic fear. Worrying, anxiety and anxiousness are the main predisposing factors of a melancholy’s fear. When he begins to think very negatively about something, he’ll become so pessimistic and as a result, concocts and gets his mind inundated with negative thoughts and ideas, that obviously makes him become fearful. Since he’s also an ideal person, being rather imaginary than real, fear of the unknown is not also impossible for him. Many of the things melacholies fears never becomes real.

Phlegmatics on the other hand, fears events, happenings, and real situations. Fear of facing pressures and challenges, fear of being criticized, fear of someone else’s experience are not uncommon with phlegmatics. A phlegmatic could discourage his kids from playing football because someone else got his bones fractured while playing the sports. He could choose never to travel by air again simply because of the news of a plane crash, or may be rescinds his decision to travel by road on a particular day because of the news of a road accident. But fear in whatever form and shape is a torment and one thing it does, is to stop you from taking positive actions that will engender success.

For them to conquer fear and rid it out of their lives, both melacholies and phlegmatics must learn not to always depend on their reasoning and intelligence, and always accept the things that happens to them naturally, which is not of their own making and neither do they have the power to change or avert them. I’ll recommend two Bible portions of Phillipians 4vs6 and Proverbs 3vs5-6 for them. Phlegmatics and melancholies should make these two Bible verses their memory verse and let the words sink into their mind. This will help them to quickly overcome any form of fear, worry and anxiety.

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