How To Interest A Choleric On Your First Date.

Getting A Choleric To Say “Yes”.

Have you ever wondered why some persons finds it very easy to get a lady on a date and immediately after their first outing together, they start getting along and commit themselves to a dating relationship? While others finds it very difficult getting the same lady to go out on a date with them, much more getting her to accept their proposals no matter how hard they tried to impress her. For the purpose of clarity, the choleric temperament qualities, strengths and weaknesses pertains to both genders. As the same weaknesses and strengths found in a male Choleric is also the same for the female choleric. But for the purpose of this post, we’re more interested in the female gender.

Have you ever approached a lady and tried to get her attention severally but you often get snubbed, sometimes, she gives you a very disdainful look or look into your eyes and politely tells you that she’s not interested, or she cannot go on date with you? Choleric women are the most difficult of all the temperaments to get them go on a date with you or even say “YES” to your proposal. One thing is to get a choleric lady go on a date, another is to get her approval of you. But if you’re able to woo them to go on a date with you, then you’ve probably done fifty percent of the job. For a choleric is a serious minded, decisive, determined and fearless personality who do not care about what you feel or think about their attitude. They’re the Queen mothers of the earth, who only adores and respects their Kings. They’re very independent and self- sufficient individuals. The most confident and productive of all the temperaments, thus they do not have time for horseplay and frivolities.

To get a choleric on a successful date and subsequently get her to accept your proposal, you must “interest” rather than “impress” her. Trying to get their attention by telling them how beautiful, sexy and attractive they look is a low, and they’ll never take you seriously. Their sophisticated nature and experiences makes them consider those admirations and compliments as flattery, and these persons do not like to be flattered. But when you appreciate and admire them for their hardworking and courageous nature, or for their outfit, shoes or handbags, and other qualities they’ve got and make them feel there’s something more important to you than just their beauty. Then you’re sure to get their attention, and you’d have opened the door to getting them go on a date with you. Now, the next task is what you discuss with them on your first date.

Some guys will take a lady out on a date and they’ll spend the first ten minutes telling them how beautiful, sexy and attractive she looks. They’ll spend the next thirty minutes talking about their present and past achievements, who they are, who they know in the society and what they’ve got before. They’ll use the remaining part of their conversation for confessing how much they love and admire her, and also making their intentions of wanting to have a serious relationship with them known to her.

Consequently, they baffle in the euphoria that they’ve been able to impress her by spending so much, thus they’re confident of getting a positive reply or response. This could work for other temperaments, but definitely not a choleric who needs a serious person for a serious relationship. The moment she leaves your presence, be sure you’re never going to get her the second time. She’ll never want to set her eyes on you again, some will even go to the extent of deleting your number or avoid your calls. It’s for this reason that some temperaments finds it very easy to attract and get along well with each other, while others often finds it very difficult initiating a communication, much more committing themselves to a dating relationship.

If you want to get a choleric lady’s approval of you and get her to date you, you must interest her on your first outing. Rather than being too exuberant and blustery about your achievements, who you are, what you are, what you’ve got or flatter her about how beautiful and attractive she looks and how much you love and admire her. Tell her about your life experiences, your goals and visions in life, where you want to be in the next five or ten years and how you’re working towards achieving them. You can talk about other areas of life, politics, academics, religion, your family background or the kind of family you’d love to have, and try to get her thoughts and concepts on these areas.

Cholerics are expressive individuals who loves to share ideas with those they believes has something meaningful to contribute to their lives. She loves those who talks less but talks very Intelligently. When you’re able to interest her like this on your first date with them, then be sure she’ll have no choice other than to willingly say “YES” to your proposal.

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