Best Temperament Compatibility For Business Partnership.

Which Temperaments Are More Compatible To Partner In Business?

To achieve maximum success in area of endeavor in life, where you’ll need to work with others to realize your goals, one must be circumspect in choosing the best person possible that will seamlessly work in sync with you, so both of you will be able to achieve more. This is important because a lot of business partners who at the outset, found each other worthy of working together to achieve a common goal often fails because of temperament incompatibility. You can’t achieve much if you’re a serious- minded, hardworking and visionary person, partnering with an unserious, lazy and visionless individual. You can’t also blame them for not being you, because it’s a trait that’s peculiar to their temperament. It makes them who they are and you can do little or nothing about it. However, every temperament has its own areas of strength, therefore, not everybody can succeed or do very well in the same area, some people will be obviously better at it than the other. It is for this reason that you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the temperaments and its overwhelming influence and control over everyone’s behavior. So you’ll be able to make the right choice about the best temperament to partner with, when it comes starting and building a business.

To sound like a broken record, there are four categories of temperaments, which are: sanguine, melancholy, Choleric and phlegmatic. And there also twelve blends or sub-categories, they are: sanguine/choleric or what you call “sanchol”, choleric/sanguine or “cholsan”, sanguine/melancholy or “sanmel”, melancholy/sanguine or “melsan”, sanguine/phlegmatic or “sanphleg”, phlegmatic/sanguine or “phlegsan”, choleric/melancholy or “cholmel”, melancholy/choleric or “melchol”, choleric/phlegmatic or “cholphleg”, phlegmatic/choleric or “phlegchol”, melancholy/phlegmatic or “melphleg” and phlegmatic/melancholy or “phlegmel”. From the twelve blends or sub-categories, the first temperament is usually regarded as a person’s primary or predominant temperament, which has a major influence on his character, while the second is his secondary temperament. However, some persons may have up to three of theses temperaments combined in different proportions to make them who they are. This is clearly the reason why someone could sometimes behave or act like an extrovert and at other times like an introvert. And they could be classified as ambiverts.

Some persons often succeeds on their own in business, they do not have to go into partnership with anyone, except for financial reasons. For those who are sanchol or cholsan, sanmel or melsan, cholmel or melchol and cholphleg or phlegchol, who has these temperaments combined in them in the ratio of 60:40 or 55:45, they’ll be easily successful as the sole owner of a business. Because they’ve got all it takes to not only conceptualize and initiate a business, but to also attract people to it and get their buy in. Sanchol or cholsan will often succeed in any business, even if the products or services is not top-notch. For the choleric aspect of him is an initiator and a productive personality, while the sanguine part of him has the charisma to woo people to the business and get their consent. The sanmel or melsan are usually the most successful sole proprietorship, because the melancholy part of him is very creative, analytical and prone to perfection. He knows what people wants, and he will do everything possible to meet their wants, and this makes sales and marketing easier for the sanguine aspect of him, even though his sanguine aspect is an efficient sales, marketing and public relations personality. While cholphleg or phlegchol and cholmel or melchol could also succeed as the sole owner of a business, but he’ll need a lively charismatic, and expressive sanguine to do the marketing and make the business go viral. Afterall, what’s the purpose of starting a business if no one knows it exists? If you’re a sanchol or cholsan, melsan or sanmel, cholmel or melchol and cholphleg or phlegchol, you’ve got all it takes to be a successful sole proprietor. You can start and grow your business without anyone’s assistance.

However, a lot of persons goes into business partnership for various reasons. Financing or funding, shared visions and ideas, and also for playing different roles and responsibilities to make the business grow faster. It’s not enough for two or more persons to have the funds to finance or start a business, it’s also equally important for them to synchronize their visions and ideas and play their individual roles and responsibilities to make the business grow. Else, it will amount to a fruitless effort investing capital in a business where the partners do not have a common goal, or synergize and play their respective roles for the success of the business. Having agreed that temperament plays a major role in a person’s character and attitude to things, it’s however necessary to find out which temperaments are likely to succeed together when they go into business partnership.

If you’re predominantly a choleric, you’re an initiator, a visionary and a productive personality. You love to take financial risks in executing a new business idea. The best temperament to probably share your vision and business idea with, who will work tirelessly with you until both of you realizes your business goals and objectives is a perfectionist, analytical and self-sacrificing melancholy. He’ll stick with the business plan and vision to the end, as long as he’s motivated by little successes before hitting a major milestone. The same goes if your primary temperament is melancholy, your best business partner should be a fearless and hard-working choleric. Both of you working together will make an unbeatable business partners. When these two encounters any challenge along the way, they’ll be able to navigate through it. Because a melancholy’s analytical, innovative and creative ability will combine with a choleric’s doggedness, fearless and unrelenting character to enable them surmount the challenge. A choleric could also partner a phlegmatic, and vice versa. But the phlegmatic needs to be continuously pushed and motivated by the choleric, else he’ll succumb when confronted by challenges that seems difficult to overcome. But if a Phlegmatic is given the necessary motivation and encouragement, he’ll stick to his routines, roles and responsibilities until the business goal is realized.

Outside meeting governments regulations and standards in starting a new business, if the business requires lobbying to get the approval of an individual or a third party, cholmel or melchol and cholphleg or phlegchol partners should rather bring in a lively and charismatic sanguine to play that role. Sanguines may not be a good business partner at the early stages of conception and execution of a business, but they’ll at some point be needed to reach out to those who cholerics, melacholies and phlegmatics may not be able to reach easily. The least compatible temperaments to go into business partnership with, especially at conception and execution stages are: phlegsan or sanphleg, sanchol or cholsan, melsan or sanmel, melphleg or phlegmel. This is because for a sanguine, he does not easily share in the ideas or visions of others, and even when he does, he lacks the discipline and steadfastness to stick with the plan and work with you until it is actualized. They’re better of being the middleman between your business and the final consumer. Melancholy and Phlegmatic could conceive a business together, but they may lack the courage and motivation to persist should they begin to encounter some hurdles and challenges. And their fearful and doubtful nature will often make them doubt if they’ll be successful in the business, and this may consequently make them shelve the idea or hesitate taking action.

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