How Your Temperament Affects Your Public Speaking Ability.

Your Temperament And How You Speak To The Public.

At some point in our lives, everyone would get the opportunity or be confronted with a situation where they’ll have no choice but to be the person to speak to others. Thus, if you’ve not started preparing yourself in building and improving your self confidence, you should start doing that already, especially if your dream is to impact positively on the lives of people. Everyone must one day get the chance to speak to either a small group of persons or to a large crowd. The question then is, “how prepared are you”? You can only answer this question dispassionately, if you know your temperament and have a clear understanding of its influence on you. Different speakers, speaks and also gesticulates differently to crave their listeners indulgence.

While some are more convincing and motivating in their speech, others makes you relish their speech or totally bores you. It’s a consequence of the different temperaments we’re born with, which has an overriding influence on the traits and behaviors of everyone. No one can do anything outside the temperament he’s born with. Thus, you can’t speak publicly to a crowd of people without the control and influence of your predominant temperament.

It will be impossible for a quite and calm phlegmatic, who’s slow of speech to speak to a crowd like a charismatic, expressive and hilarious sanguine will do. It will also be difficult for a forceful, quick, hot and motivational choleric to speak like a creative, detailed and analytical melancholy. It’s for this reasons that different persons often speaks in different ways to an audience, while some captivates the attention of their audience and indulge them, others unknowingly bores and makes them disinterested. In this post, we’ll be considering how different persons controlled by their temperament often presents their speech to the public or to a large crowd of people. There are also some books you could buy to improve your public speaking skills and ability. Check them out on this link.


A sanguine is an extrovert, who’s very lively and expressive, and he often enjoys being a rallying point in the midst of people. He does not have much problem with speaking to a crowd because he has been doing that all his life, and since he’s a born orator that does not lack what to say at any particular time. He is a good and fascinating storyteller. He always starts and ends his speech with a story. He often uses his ebullience, charismatic and storytelling ability to get the attention of his audience and crave their indulgence to what he’s got to say. He’ll always be seen moving from one end of the stage to the other, with so much gesticulations to make his listeners relish listening to him. A sanguine is so hilarious that you could sit for hours listening to him without being bored or tired. However, one thing you must realize is that, after those long hours you spent listening to him, the only thing you’ll more often remember or take from his speech is, his numerous storylines. But if he has a secondary temperament of either melancholy or choleric, you’re sure of leaving armed with knowledge or motivated to take action.


A choleric is also an extrovert like his sanguine counterpart. But unlike the sanguine, a choleric is a very forceful, forthright and determined person, who does not have time for jokes or horseplay. He is a very confident motivational speaker. No other temperament is capable of motivating and provoking you into taking action more than a choleric. He’ll often be seen telling his followers “yes, you can”, “you can do it”, “go ahead”. Those are his favorite phrases. He’ll speak to his audience until he ignites 🔥 fire in their bones. Although he’s not as detailed and analytical as his melancholy counterpart, but he’s rather a smart person, and his dogged and courageous nature makes him believe he can achieve whatever he desires. He does not dramatize much on stage like the sanguine, but his gesticulations and movements on stage are very assertive, forceful and inspiring. He instills confidence in the minds of his listeners, and at the end of his speech, you’ll feel like jumping from a ten storey building without thinking of what could happen to you. His audience does not get bored listening to him, since they would have been caught up with the 🔥 fire in his speech. Cholerics are excellent motivational speakers, but if they can be a bit more detailed and analytical like the melacholies, they and their listeners will effortlessly achieve more.


Here we come to a very intelligent, detailed, analytical and perfectionist personalities. A melancholy is an introvert by nature, therefore shyness and sometimes stage fright, especially during his first experience as a public speaker is not uncommon for him. But he somewhat outgrows it because of his exposure and experiences in life. He does not do anything without a detailed plan. He’ll often write down his speech, plan and go through it over and over again before appearing on stage. He may look jittery and unease at his initial appearance, but gradually gains confidence as he progresses in delivering his speech. He’s a repository of knowledge, having so much to give and to impart on his listeners, but he often belittles himself because of inner feelings of inadequacy. His perfectionist traits makes him feel unsatisfied with himself or whatever he has done or achieved. Even though people often admires his intelligence, wealth of knowledge and good qualities. No other temperament is as talented and gifted as him, he’s got what every other person is looking for, but he still feels very inadequate and lacks confidence in himself, and this traits often affects his public speaking ability.

A melancholy could spend the whole night crafting and preparing a very nice speech but will fumble during delivery. He’s not the type of public speaker that jumps from one end of the stage to the other, he could stand at a particular spot for hours giving his speech with details and analysis. He’ll analyze and breakdown every word or sentence of his, to the extent that his audience may get bored listening to him. Melancholies are more comfortable speaking to or with intellectuals like himself or those who wants to draw from his knowledge bank, that is the level they love to operate. But if he has a secondary temperament of either choleric or sanguine, he will exude so much confidence in his speech presentation, delivering it very Intelligently with analysis and motivation. And his listeners will leave feeling very motivated and adding to their knowledge bank.


A phlegmatic is also an introvert like his melancholy counterpart, and they also share similar characteristics. But a phlegmatic is more shy and stage- frightened than a melancholy. He’s a slow and sluggish speaker, whose speech is lacking in motivation and power. Although he’s not prone to perfectionism like a melancholy, but he’s a very patient and meticulous personality, who takes his time to do anything. He’s a calm, quiet, gentle, gracious and organized personality, and this qualities often reflects in his public speaking ability. Mr.Phlegmatic will mount the stage looking very calm, composed and organized when there’s serenity and calmness among his listeners, but if the environment is noisy that he has to call them to order or crave their indulgence, he could get very uncomfortable and unease, and may even loose consciousness of what he wanted to say. A lot of his listeners often gets bored listening to him, because they may find his speech uninteresting and lacking in force and motivation. He may have a very decent speech to present, but his mode of presentation may sometimes bore his listeners. But if his secondary temperament is either sanguine or choleric, he’ll be a very good and efficient public speaker.

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