5 Major Weaknesses Of Sanguines That Negatively Affects Them In Life.

What Are Typical Sanguine’s Major Weaknesses That Affects Their Marriage?

The different temperaments has various weaknesses and strengths that are peculiar to them. And as the strengths of each of them tends to help us succeed in different fields of endeavor, so also the weaknesses are there to negatively impact us if not properly managed. In this post, we shall be looking at some five major weaknesses of the sanguines which often impacts negatively on their marriage.

They could only be able to manage them, if they’ve got another secondary temperament that’s almost in equal proportions to their primary sanguine traits, or when they often relate with other temperaments who has got some basic strengths that they’re very attracted to.

Apart from a sanguine’s major strengths of always being lively, hilarious and happy in their homes, and are easily apologetic to their spouses when caught in any bad or unwholesome act, sanguines has more weaknesses that oftentimes has a negative effect on his marriage.

Although sanguines are very happy, fun loving, charismatic, very free and good natured personalities. These strengths and qualities makes them easily succeed in their interpersonal relationships, makes their homes very fun and lively, plus enable them to succeed in highly people-oriented careers.

However, typical sanguines has got more weaknesses that often tends to inhibit their success in other areas of life. Such as their marriage, family life, leadership and personal success.

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Let’s examine five major weaknesses of the sanguine temperament that tends to hamper the success of their marriage and family life if allowed to fester.

1. Lack Of Discipline:

No other temperament can be more undisciplined than a sanguine. For it’s not in his nature to be temperate in subjecting himself to general or self- made rules. He will often be seen deliberately or inadvertently breaking his own rules without caution or breaking general rules and always coming back to apologize.

He views subjecting himself to rules as being caged, since he’s a fun-loving and happy-go-lucky individual, who often wants to be as free as air, and does not like anything to come in between his happiness and him.

A sanguine could make a rule in their home, that nobody presses out the toothpaste in the tube from the middle, but he will eventually be the first to default in that regards. He could also make a rule that nobody should comeback home after 8pm, but he’ll within a very short time be found culpable.

Consequently, his kids grows to see it as a way of life, and may eventually take after him, unless they inherited or are more influenced by another temperament that’s more disciplined than his typical sanguine temperament.

His lack of discipline affects almost all areas of his life, in academics, family, business or his career. Unless he’s got another secondary temperament of almost equal ratios to his sanguine temperament, he’ll hardly succeed or reach his acme of success in life.

2. Lack Of Sincerity:

Insincerity is also another major weakness of the sanguine. Almost all temperaments are sometimes prone to being insincere because of the human nature, but for a sanguine, it’s almost like an everyday occurrence if he’s not caught.

His desire to quickly expel potential crisis situation in his home that could curtail or cut short his happy mode, makes him cover up with lies whatever nefarious act he had committed, unless he’s caught.

If a sanguine is not caught in the act, don’t bother suspecting him because he’s got very nice and enticing words to getting your mind off from any suspicions you may have about him.

You’ll find it difficult to know when a sanguine is lieing or truthful to you, since he often uses his ebullience and charisma to change the subject or make you overlook what he’s done. He could make some very unrealistic and bogus promises to his wife and kids or to anyone, but he will never fulfill them, consequently, they will begin to loose trust and confidence in him.

When he always gets away with his lies, he views it as being smart. If this temperament is not combined with other more conscientious and sincere temperament, it will often negatively impact his marriage.

3. Impulsiveness:

This is another major weakness of the sanguine that also negatively affects not just his marriage, but also his success in life. Apart from a choleric who comes close, no temperament can be more impulsive than Mr. or Mrs. sanguine. He is an extremely spontaneous individual, who always suddenly does anything without any plans or preparation.

A sanguine may get paid at the end of the month or after work and he could decide to start shopping right from the road, before he comes back home to discuss the family needs with his spouse. His feelings rather than reasoning often predominates his thoughts and also determines his decisions.

This consequently makes him a very impulsive person in his actions, and in anything he does, and he more often than not fails in his decisions. Sanguines needs to allow reasoning rather feelings determine their decisions and they should be more deliberate in their actions.

4. Exuberant Lifestyles:

A sanguine is a happy and fun-loving individual, who has a natural desire to always be around people or be seen by them. He loves to enjoy life to the fullest, but it must always be in the company of friends and admirers.

He’s never in want of friends, he’s got them in good numbers, particularly those who shares his ideology and philosophy about life. This character makes him live very ostentatious and extravagant lifestyle just so he could be acceptable to his friends or be their rallying point.

A sanguine could spend his last penny to please his friends and make himself happy, without considering the fact that his family has needs. He’s a very extravagant personality, therefore, purchasing very expensive materials like: clothings, wristwatches, and shoes just to attract the attention of everyone to himself, even at a time he’s got other more pressing needs at home is not uncommon for him.

This lifestyle consequently makes sanguines become 🏦 bankrupt, since they rarely do save or plan their expenses expenditures. Sanguines ought to calm down on their exuberant and extravagant lifestyle, and also realize that their family is their first and foremost priority and responsibility.

5. Lack Of Commitment:

This is another major weakness of the sanguines, which negatively affects their marriage. For what would one expect from someone who loves to spend more time with friends outside their homes? A typical sanguine’s lack of commitment to their family is often a major source of worry to their spouses.

His spouse will always feel bored, lonely and will often complain of his persistent lack of commitment. Not because he’s out there working like a choleric to cater to the needs and well-being of his family, but because he simply enjoys being in company of friends and admirers.

Many sanguines has lost the love and affection of their spouses and ❤️ heartthrobs, and some had had a broken home or marriage because of lack of showing enough attention and commitment to their partners. This often gives room for suspicions of infidelity or having extramarital affairs.

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If the sanguine temperament is not combined or blended with other more conscientious and also disciplined secondary temperaments, he’ll find it very difficult keeping his marriage or sustaining the love and bond in their marriage. Sanguines, once again must realize that their spouse and family is their primary priority before any other person.

How Can Sanguines Overcome Their Temperament Weaknesses?

In one of my previous post about how we can manage our temperament weaknesses. I made it clear that one way we could be able to manage our individual temperament weaknesses is through influence. As we interact and relate amongst ourselves, we often unknowingly to us influence one another, one way or another.

As a typical sanguine, the best person you need to consistently relate closely with, is someone who possesses or has got melancholy as their predominant temperament. Having a melancholy as your closest friend, you’ll gradually be influenced by their disciplined, organized, conscientious, detailed, serious and meticulous nature.

And you’ll in turn also influence the melancholy with your very cheerful, charismatic, lively, selfless and also free-spirited nature. This is absolutely possible because both of you are often attracted to the strength and qualities of each other.

However, in addition to managing our temperament weaknesses through influence, it’s equally important that we also consider getting rid of it, or permanently overcome it. It’s for this reason that I want to refer you to the Spirit-controlled temperament, by Tim Lahaye, a very renowned author.

This book made a huge difference in my life, during my early stages when I was battling with self-persecution and low self-esteem as a predominantly melancholic person. From a spiritual angle this book will aid you to quickly conquer these weaknesses, and you’ll become a better and more refined sanguine.

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  1. You really killed this my dear friend. Very apt and relatable. I honestly think i should buy the “Spirit-controlled temperament” for a sanguine friend of mine. She really need the book. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts. I am certain your blog will help others.
    However, I feel I must draw your attention to an important topic, especially for communicators.

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    I hope to read more of your informative and helpful articles in the near future.

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