How To Interest A Melancholy On Your First Date.

Getting A Melancholy On A Date:

Every temperament has got what makes them become interested or disinterested in something or someone. And they’ve got secrets to making them do what you want them do or take the actions you want them to take. In this post, we want to look at what could make a melancholic female or male go on a date with you, and also commit to a dating relationship with you subsequently.

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Let’s meet the melancholy:

Who’s a melancholy? A melancholy is a highly disciplined, intelligent, enterprising, perfectionist and self- sacrificing personality. He’s got a very high IQ, and he’s the most gifted and talented of all the temperaments.

However, inspite of all his personable qualities, he often battles with fear, shyness and low self-esteem. His perfectionist tendencies consequently makes him overwork himself until he gets drained, and which sometimes results to his depressed mood.

In terms of relationship, he loves deeply and feels more deep emotions than he appears, and he is the type that values relationships. But hardly will he come to you first to initiate a relationship, unless you come to him. Remember, melancholy females shares the same characteristics with their male counterparts, so using “he” or “him” in this context refers to both the male and female gender.

Melancholies are very trustworthy, dependable and loyal partners, who their conscientious nature does not allow them to disappoint you when you’re counting on them. They’ll stuck with you regardless of any situation, so long as you’ve shown commitment and sincerity. Now, let’s consider how to get him or her on a date with you.

How to get a melancholy go on a date with you.

Melancholies are extremely jealous people, they’re so jealous over the one they love and admire, and are also very protective of them. Eventhough you’re not yet into a relationship with him, once he begins to admire and fancy you, he automatically, and sometimes probably unknowingly, develops some inner jealousy which he’ll often display in his attitude. Melancholies do not admire or love someone that everybody loves and admires.

They’re not friends with everybody’s friend, they carefully choose their friends or who they want to relate with. It will be very difficult getting a female melancholy to go on a date with you, if you’re a friend to all the females in your circle or space as a man.

Similarly, if you’re a friend to all the males around you as a female, a male melancholy will rather keep his distance from you and not notice you. A lot of persons admires his qualities and comportment, but often finds it difficult relating and getting along with him because of his complicated and hard to understand nature.

Thus, if you want to get the attention of a melancholy, and probably get them to go on a date with you: the first step is to be different from others and avoid being every man’s lady or every woman’s man. Secondly, you must exude so much confidence when approaching or talking to them, because they’re not open to talking with strangers.

Finally, you must speak Intelligently. Rather than overly compliment them for their beauty, compliment them for their intelligence, comportment and also being different from others. Melancholies are hardly open to talking with strangers, but when you make them feel you’ve known them for a while, they become a bit more relaxed and comfortable in taking with you.

How do you interest a melancholy on your first date?

A melancholy is an idealist, he always envisions the world differently, and sees things from a perspective that’s markedly different from others. Though his reasoning and visions could be sometimes impracticable or unreal. If you want to interest rather than impress a melancholy, you must see and do things differently from how others do it.

He’s got big dreams and visions that are sometimes out of this world. Thus, if you want to interest him or her on your first date, tell them about your big dreams and visions, eventhough they may be ethereal, but make it look very real and achievable. They’ll not only become interested, but they’ll also begin to strategize and come up with ideas on how to make your dreams come through.

Melancholies also loves sincere and real compliments from the one they admire, it often boost their self- esteem. Another thing that often interests melancholies is when they’re treated like Kings and Queens to the admiration of others.

It often interests them when their partner treats them like his queen or her king before others, it makes them feel on top of the world. Since he often battles with shyness and low self-esteem, he’s easily attracted to very courageous, confident and a bold personality, who can give him that protection, and boost his courage and confidence.

Though, not so much a materialistic or demanding kind of person, but he wants you to willingly surprise him with gifts or warm affections. When you’re able to interest a melancholy, and make him believe that he’s the best of all, then you’re certain to get his commitment and undying love.

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