How To Choose The Right Soft Skills That Suits Your Temperament.

In the medieval times before civilization, humans found it difficult distinguishing between hard and soft skills, both were lumped together, thus, consequently affected excellence and productivity. But when humans began to evolve and were becoming more civilized, more persons are now finding it very easy separating both. In modern times, organizations do not only lay emphasis on hard skills alone they also consider the importance of soft skills when hiring potential employees. Infact, more job roles and descriptions are becoming more specialized these days unlike in the days before civilization, where one individual could do different jobs that needs to be done by different persons with specialized strengths. Nowadays, reputable organizations are more than ever before passionate about excellence and improved productivity hence, the need to hire people with more distinct soft skills to enable them achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

In this post, we’re going to consider the best soft skills that are compatible with your temperament and how you can improve upon them. You may have other skills, hard or soft, that are in sync with your temperament, but for the purpose of this post, we want to focus on the best soft skills which conforms with your personality, that you need to develop in order to carve out a niche for yourself.

What’s The Best Soft Skill That Suits Your Temperament?

One mistake majority of persons often makes, is to venture into learning and acquiring a skill that’s not in line with their temperament, which more often than not hampers their productivity or sooner makes them become disinterested in utilizing those skills. But if you want to excel and be happy with what you do, you need to choose a skill that you’re passionate about and which must be in agreement with the temperament you’re born with. If you’re passionate about a skill that’s incongruous to your temperament or personality, you’ll always struggle making using of it, and it will sooner or later bore you. But when you choose a skill that owes its origin to your temperament, you’ll seamlessly utilize it, and it will always delight you. Now let’s look at the skills that suits various temperaments.

If you’re a sanguine, it means you’re a very extroverted personality who does not find it difficult relating with people, even if they’re strangers. You know how to easily get into people and getting them talking with you, eventhough they may be very shy and conservative persons. You’re a very lively, expressive and charismatic individual, who uses his ebullience to get the attention of anyone. Apart from sales and marketing that you’re very good at, “communication” is another soft skill you should probably consider choosing as your second strong selling point. As a sanguine, you need to consider improving your communication skills because you’ll make an excellent communicator. Industries and organizations are on the look out for good public relations officers, customer service agents and skills that requires proficiency in communicating and relating with their clients or customers. Thus, improving your communication skill through enrolling for various courses in communication, where you’ll be trained in effective communication, will enable you land this jobs ahead of others.

If you’re a choleric, you’re also an extrovert like your sanguine counterpart. However, unlike the sanguine, you’re a very disciplined, determined, productive and hard- working personality, who does not have time for jokes and unserious persons. You love work and activity and you’re always passionate about achieving your goals and visions. Apart from being a productive person another area of life that interests you a lot, is leadership. Cholerics loves leadership more than anything else. They’re natural leaders that are never afraid of taking on any leadership position before any other person. As a Choleric, the best soft skills you need to probably consider improving yourself on, is leadership. You need to be more deliberate about improving your leadership skills, by imbibing other qualities that makes a good leader. You’ll excel as a leader in any organization, where it’s required to lead others in accomplishing a project task or to be productive.

Phlegmatics are the superintroverts of the temperament. They’re very conservative people who often keeps to themselves and minds their business. They’re a very quiet, calm, gentle and efficient organized individual, who does not like facing pressures or being at loggerheads with people. A phlegmatic is a very meticulous and efficiently organized personality, who’s very adept at jobs that requires routines, meticulous patience and keeping everyone and everywhere organized. With these qualities, a phlegmatic is a good manager of humans and resources. Effective and efficient management is a key characteristic of the phlegmatic temperament, he’s very good at human and resource management. He knows how to manage little resources to deliver what the organization wants, and also ensures there’s no rancorous situations or tension among his staffs. So if you’re a phlegmatic, you need to consider improving your management skills, because you’ve got all it takes to become an excellent manager. Most phlegmatics often rises to the management cadre in their career.

Melancholies are the second introverts of the temperament after phlegmatic. They’re also conservative and introspective personalities, who are more critical of themselves than any other temperament. He is a very disciplined, detailed, intelligent, gifted and perfectionist individual. He’s so detailed and analytical that he begins to decipher major bottlenecks that could be encountered immediately a new project is conceived. He is a multi talented individual. Creeative, critical and strategic thinking are his core areas of strength. But he’s more of a problem solver, who’ll rather think of how to solve a particular problem than complain. But if he can improve his analytical and problem solving ability, he’ll be a solution-oriented individual. Organizations needs more solution-oriented or problem solving people these days, because of the myriad of problems and challenges they often encounter in course of carrying out their operations, and which they spend millions of dollars on. If we have more melancholies who can develop their analytical and problem solving skills, majority of our problems will be solved at minimal cost. Thus, melancholies should make deliberate efforts in developing their problem solving skills, because there are, and will be more prospects for them.

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