How Your Temperament Influences Your Sexuality.

Temperament & Sexuality:

The same way temperament naturally influences the character and behavior of different persons, which always makes them act, react and behaves differently, in similar way it affects and influences the sexual responses and behaviours of every individual. Temperament is the genotypical genes you inherited from your forbears. It’s in the blood, thus, it will definitely have a major impact on your sexual lifestyle and performance. From your physical behavior to what goes on in your mind, and also to your sexual urge and desires which are often stimulated and energized by your red blood cells.

Ever wondered why different persons reacts and responds differently to sex, while some are easily prone to it, others are a bit more reluctant about it? Wonder no further. Just know the temperament they’re born with, then it will give you a clue to why their sex life is the way it is. Every human being yields to the influence of their primary temperament unknowingly to them, and they more often than not responds and behave according to its dictates.

In this post, we want to examine the sexual responses and behaviours of different temperaments. Just so you’ll be aware of the reason why your partner responds the way they do during their sentimental and emotional moments. You’ll also get tips on how to improve your sex life and become a better person on 🛏️ bed. Read: Best Affordable Self-help Book On Sexuality That’ll Boost Your Sex Life.

Sexual Responses And Behaviors of various Temperaments:

Sexual Responses & Behaviors of Sanguine:

Sanguines are described as air, they’re free ubiquitous at least, not at the same time. But could be in every nook and cranny of his environment at different times. He’s a very lively, expressive and fun loving individual, who detests moodiness and dull moments. The sex life of a sanguine is no different from who they are as described in this post. Let’s consider some of his characteristic.

Spontaneity: A sanguine is a very spontaneous individual. He’s never deliberate about anything he does, invariably, he does things on impulse. Since his feelings often dominates his thoughts, he’ll often be seen doing things unexpectedly. This attributes also reflects in his sexual responses and behaviours. He could suddenly develop some emotional impulses that’ll lead him into sexual urges and desires, which will often make his partner wonder if he ever planned for it. When his feelings suddenly tilts towards a particular person, he must do everything, using his exuberance and blustery to take them to 🛏️ bed.

Another attributes of the sanguine is lack of thoroughness in anything he does. A typical sanguine is a very unserious persons, he often treats everything with levity, unless he’s got a secondary temperament of choleric or melancholy. For a sanguine, nothing is so important that warrants so much commitment and seriousness this attitude also affects his sex life. Sex for him is fun. He can have it with whoever he pleases and desires at anytime and anywhere, without attaching any seriousness to it, but just to satisfy his sexual feelings and urge at that particular time. He sees sex as a conquest, and a time of showcasing his sexual prowess. Female sanguines are more deliberate about having sex than their male counterpart. You may not know what she wants and when she wants it, since she’s so lively and fun to be with, that you’ll think she might be sexually attracted to you, but more often than not, they do not have such intentions. But when she’s sexually or emotionally attracted to you, she’ll express it either verbally, or give you a very seductive look or smile.

Sanguines also exaggerates a lot of things and often blows them out of proportion. During sex, he could moan very loudly, and screams as if he just won a grammy, but it never really goes beyond that moment of his sexual ecstasy. Immediately after sex, he moves on to continue his funtime with friends and other admirers as if nothing had happened between you both.

The last attributes of the sanguines that also reflects in his sexuality is being adventurous. A sanguine loves adventures, and exploring something new is his passion. He wants to explore the latest styles and position or anything presently trending. He often entices and captivates his partner with different sex patterns and positions, that leaves them wonder where he’s got those. No other temperament loves adventures more than a sanguine, and you can always count on him to come up with different sex ideas that makes his partner sexually attracted to him. But if sanguines can learn to stick to one partner or at least cutdown on the number of persons they often have sexual intercourse with, they’ll enjoy sex more with their partner and become better persons in the bedroom.

Cholerics Sexual Responses And Behaviours:

A choleric is also an outgoing person like his sanguine counterpart, but unlike sanguines, a choleric is a more serious, disciplined, deliberate and determined individual than a sanguine. A choleric is work and activity prone, and has less time for fun and pleasure. He’s got the least developed emotional responses thus, his response to sex is quite slow unless he allows his emotions come into play. A Choleric is very deliberate about having sex with who they desire or are emotionally attracted to. Therefore, getting him to succumb to sexual pressures and advances is almost unlikely, except they’re first emotionally attracted to you. Work and activities often deprives many cholerics the privilege of having a robust sex life and sexual experiences with their partners. This makes their partner often lament and complain about his insensitivity towards their sexual and emotional needs. One thing that could trigger a choleric’s sexual feelings is the accomplishment or fulfilment of his goals for the day. When he’s able to achieve his work or business goals for the day, he comes back home feeling very excited, thus little acts of love and care could energize his sexual feelings. During intercourse, he’s very expressive about what he wants from his partner and how he wants it. He’s a commander and a dictator in the bedroom, he could go on and on until he’s satisfied. These character is peculiar to both male and female cholerics, since they both share almost similar characteristics. If Cholerics could be able to strike a balance between work and funtime in the marriage or relationship, they’ll become killers on 🛏️ bed.

Phlegmatics Sexual Responses & Behaviours:

Phlegmatics are very reserved and conservative people, who often keeps to themself but also enjoys the company of people. He’s a very calm, quiet and gentle individual who does not like to get himself involved in the business of others. Being in conflict with anyone totally scares him. He’ll rather let you take his right or have your way than being at loggerheads with you. This is often common among female phlegmatics, although male phlegmatics also shares similar characteristics. A female phlegmatic will easily succumbs to sexual pressures by those who are insistent on having their way with her without much resistance, because of the fear of getting into problems with them. Phlegmatics do not have the courage to resist sexual advances from those who shows them consistent and enormous care and attention. They’re easily sexually drawn and attracted to persons who often flatters and aulogizes them, and also showers and shows them enough care and attention. Never keep a phlegmatic lonely for a very long time without communication, else, if they meet someone who consistently shows them care and attention, I can guarantee you that their love and passion for you is already divided. And it will only take a matter of time and little effort from the person to have their sexual conquest. Phlegmatics often enjoys sex, and they’ve got no problem with their partner dictating the pace. If you want a phlegmatic to be committed and attracted to you, always show them care and attention, shower them with praises and make them believe they’re the epitome of humanity. Phlegmatics are not very expressive persons, they bear a lot of things in their minds. They find it difficult speaking up when they’re not sexually satisfied, thus you need to be more open in asking them how they feel about your performance.

Melancholies Sexual Responses & Behaviors:

Melancholies are next to phlegmatics, and they share some similar traits. But unlike phlegmatics, melancholies have a more complicated nature that is very difficult to comprehend. Many of those who relates with him often complain about the complexity of his character, since they don’t seem to understand him. This is because he alternates between different moods, his mood could be on a high this minute and he’ll feel extremely elated that he could act as if he were an extrovert, and the next minute his mood will be completely down and he’ll act very strange, different from whom you’ve always known him to be. This mood swings also reflects in his sexual responses and behaviours. However, melancholies are more detailed, disciplined and determined individuals who do not fall for just anyone. They do not easily succumb to sexual pressures like their phlegmatic counterpart. They’re very selective about who the want to relate or be friends with, and when once they consider you to be a very loyal and sincere partner their undying love will be fully accentuated. To get a melancholy respond positively to your sexual advances, you must show them sincere love and commitment. Don’t try to fake it or deceive them, as they’ve got the intelligence and intuition to know when you’re unreal. Melancholies are very loving and enjoyable personalities. During intercourse, their spirit, soul and body is often involved to make you relish the fun moment. Since he’s a very loyal and dependable person, he often has a quality sexual lifestyle and experiences with his partner. This attribute is generally for both male and female melancholy. You can click on this book to purchase it. It will help you to know how to increase your sexual libido, plus last longer.

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