How To Find The Right Person For Marriage Or Dating Relationship.

In human interpersonal relationships, it’s often adviced to choose those who, one can seamlessly work with without any hitch, in order to avoid complains of incompatibility in character and attitude, and probably breakdown of relationship. If this is the case for all personal or individual relationships, then it’s obviously much more import -ant for you to know the right person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with prior to going into serious dating relationship that may likely climax to marriage. But it’s rather unfortunate that so many persons who complains of ❤️ heartbreaks, and complicated relationship are yet unaware of this fact.

Since marital divorce and broken relationships do not just suddenly happen, it takes series of occurrences of some negative events among both lovers to finally lead to it, the same way it ought to take you some ample time to do your due diligence before embarking on the journey of building a healthy and lasting relationship. It’s akin to someone trying to build an edifice, if you carelessly or hurriedly do the foundation without taking into consideration some details that will be necessary to make it thick, it will clearly not be able to stand the test of time. But when you take your time to prepare and plan the foundation, then the structure will be able to withstand any pressure.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the secrets of finding the right person for dating relationship and marriage, with a view to forestalling many broken relationships and marital divorce.

Majority of the problems so many persons often encounters in life, especially when going into dating relationship or partnership with others, is that they do not take time to define what they want or what the expect from the other person, and if they’re capable of meeting those wants and expectations. First things first, the first step to even knowing what you want or expect from anyone you’re about giving your commitment to a dating relationship, is to first know who you are. Do you know who you are? When you do not know who you are, you’re bound to take and accept anything and anyone into your life as long as they appear nice and may had probably made a good first impression.

The first secret to finding the right person for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage is, identifying who you are, which is key to knowing what you want or expect from the other person. Knowing who you are isn’t just about knowing your name, everyone does know their name, it’s not about knowing your origin or phenotypical appearance, as everyone can describe their color or height. It’s rather about knowing who you are or what you represent temperamentally. It’s also about being fully aware of your personality traits which are often controlled and influenced by the temperament you’re born with. Every human being has got what controls and influences their character and behaviours, and they’ll often be seen yielding to that influence unwittingly.

No one can function or do anything outside the temperament they’re born with. Eventhough education, parental upbringing, environmental factors and some life’s experiences may try to modify or repackage it, it rarely does not change, as you’ll often be seen yielding to the influence of your basic or primary temperament. No amount of educational and environmental influence, or parental upbringing can transform a natural phlegmatic who’s very calm, slow, quiet, organized and highly introverted to a very lively, expressive, outgoing and highly extro- verted sanguine. But you could have an exposed and educated phlegmatic who still retains his calm, quiet, slow and introverted nature, and still battles with fear.

In same way you could also have an educated sanguine, who still retains his very expressive, lively and extrovert qualities, but has some level of indiscipline and lack of self-control. This is to substantiate the fact that temperament does not change, and it follows you all through life. It’s the inherited genes that were transferred to you from your parents and grandparents during conception and remained inside you until you took your first breathe. It influences and controls everything you do in life, from your outward dispositions to your inward emotional feelings.

Thus, having a knowledge of who you are, by identifying the temperament category you belong and its inherent strengths and weaknesses is the first step and foundation to finding the right person whose temperament and personality traits may be compatible with yours. In order to know more about the temperaments and their peculiar strengths and weaknesses, peruse through different related posts on this blog to discover more things about the Sanguines, Melancholies, Cholerics and Phlegmatics.

After you’ve done your due diligence in discovering who you are by knowing the temperament category you belong and its innate weaknesses and strengths. The second step is to know what interests you in others. I want to highlight the word “interest” and not impress. Because when you impress people or you’re impressed by them, you’re getting them for a short while, but when you interests or become very interested in them, then you’ll be commiting to a very long relationship with them. You do not always have to struggle to impress them, but you’ve got the qualities and characters to keep them interested and stuck with you.

So what interests you about others?

Different persons has got different, and probably numerous things that often interests them about others. In order to find the right person for a dating relationship or marriage, you need to figure out one or more things that often interests you most about that person. Those are the things that will keep you going in the relationship and may be overlook or probably manage and tolerate the other weaknesses or faults they might have.

There’s no perfect relationship or marriage anywhere, but one thing that keeps most persons stuck with someone, particularly their ❤️ heartthrob, is a particular quality or strength that often interests them more and above all their weaknesses, and which could also be rare in others For some persons, it could be their loyalty, fidelity, commitment, care self-discipline etc, for others, it could also be their industriousness, bravery, courage, forthrightness, intelligence, quietness, calmness etc. It’s for this reason that a knowledge of the basic and primary temperament of anyone you relate with, is necessary to help you sift potential candidates and discover the particular temperament that will be compatible with yours with a view to augmenting one another’s strength and weaknesses.

Different persons has got different things that makes and keeps them interested in other persons. These interest is basically a product of their primary temperament. This needs to be discovered before committing to a serious dating relationship. Most persons often fall in love because of good first impression, and sooner they discover that they’re not compatible enough. Consequently, they become very disappointed and eventually got ❤️ heartbroken. Anyone could make a good first impression, which could be a one-off thing, but not everyone can keep you always interested with their lifestyle or what they do, unless it’s tied to the temperament they’re born with.

When you’re aware of your basic temperament or perhaps a combination of it, and you’ve got basic and in-depth understanding of the four temperaments and their peculiarities, you’ll stand a better chance towards deciphering which temperament category is somewhat compatible with yours, and has got the strengths and qualities that interests you the most. These are my few thoughts about how to find the right person for a serious dating relationship that could probably lead to tieing the nut eventually. You can add yours in the comment section if you like, so others can benefit.

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