How Your Temperament Affects The Success of Your Dating Relationship.

Erotic dating and relationships are expected to culminate in marriage, especially for lovers who are so passionate about each other and have also relished their exuberant and youthful lifestyle together. But it is however unfortunate that majority of lovers in a dating relationship, who had always professed love to one another do not let their relationship go pass the dating status, so they can continue to relish their togetherness in marriage. And some who dared to, often faces and encounters so much conflict than peaceful moments in the marriage, regardless of the fact that they’ve dated for several years, and they soon regrets getting married to each other.

In this post, we want to consider how our temperaments affects the success of our dating relationship, and which temperament or personalities are likely to be more successful in both marriage and dating, and also the temperaments that are likely to succeed more in dating and less likely to succeed in marriage. Without much Ado;

What Is A Successful Dating Relationship?

To say the least, a successful dating relationship is simply a relationship between two ❤️ heartthrobs that was able to move from a dating status to marriage. For what is the purpose of committing your spirit, soul and body to a particular individual for several years in an erotic relationship when you do not have the desire to be married to them one day? It doesn’t make any logical sense, except you’ve got some other mundane reasons that are personal to you. But logically speaking, it makes no sense. It’s a natural desire for anyone who has been into an erotic relationship with someone for a long time, especially a relationship where both are mutually attracted to, and passionate about each other, and have enjoyed all the pleasurable moments together, to finally live together as couples for the rest of their lives. Now, there are some basic factors that could make this not to happen. Read on:

Basic Factors That Hinders Successful Relationship:

Apart from tribal, religious 🏫 and racial differences, and also family, societal and all other types of external interferences. Incompatibility in temperament and personality traits differences is one of the basic factors that affects the success of many erotic dating relationships, and perhaps the marriage of two lovers who were so much attracted to one another and had enjoyed their dating years. We’re all attracted to different persons for varying reasons. These reasons often keeps us so engrossed and infatuated with them in an erotic dating, that we often forget to look at the other side of the coin. I’ve had course to encounter couples who had dated for several years, and had a very wonderful and fun-filled dating experience, only to get married and discovered that they’re obviously not compatible enough for marriage.

Dating relationship is only a testing ground. It’s supposed to be a prelude to marriage, and also a means to an end, and not the end itself. Whatever that happens or that did not happen before that end comes, determines the outcome of that relationship or marriage.

Temperament incompatibility and differences in personality traits are amongst the major reason for most unsuccessful dating relationships. Those who are aware of the four basic temperaments and are wise enough, often looks at the bigger picture when considering tieing the nut with who they’re dating. They’re those who may or may not have had a very perfect or wonderful dating experience, but they’ll easily succeed in marriage. Because they know what they want before time, and have taken their time to analyze the temperament strengths and weaknesses of their partner to know if they’re somewhat compatible for marriage or not. While those who do not consider the bigger picture in marriage, and are unaware of the different temperaments and their peculiar weaknesses and strengths, could have a very good and fun-filled dating experience but more often than not, fails in marriage. Let’s consider different temperaments and their peculiarities:

Different Temperaments And Their Peculiarities:

Typical sanguines are like air, free and ubiquitous. They use their exuberant lifestyle, liveliness and charisma to attract attention to themselves and make some other temperaments fall for them in a dating relationship. There’s no other temperament that’s more expressive, lively, hilarious and fun loving than a sanguine. If you’re dating a sanguine, there’s never a dull moment in your relationship. For they’ll captivate you with their fun loving nature, blustery and fascinating storytelling ability. They’re easily the center of attraction in any gathering, and also the life of the party. A male sanguine could succeed in dating any temperament but hardly marries who he had dated. Because of his lack of discipline and unseriousness about marriage, and since he’s also an enjoying person who wants to explore life the more, or he could probably get abandoned by his partner.

Female sanguines, though very lively, expressive and also fun-loving, but she’s smarter and more intentional about what she wants than her male sanguine counterpart. She could be friends with every male in her circle, but she’s probably interested in only one of them, and she must do all she could to get his attention to herself. The only temperament a typical male sanguine could easily get for a dating relationship, and could also probably marry, is a calm, quiet and gentle phlegmatic, who loves fun and attention, and also being pampered and flattered but finds it difficult to express her true desires. Thus, since sanguines has got a dose of these to give her, she easily falls for him. But she’ll soon realize in marriage that she does not own him to herself alone.

Male sanguines could also date a choleric or melancholy female, but rarely do they marry him. For a very sophisticated, and also experienced choleric and melancholy knows who or what they want, and they’re very intentional about going for what they want. And if peradventure, they get married to the sanguine, except the male sanguine has another secondary temperament of almost the same proportion to his sanguine traits to help augment or makeup for his innate weaknesses, there’ll be so much conflict that could threaten the continued existence of the marriage.

Cholerics are like 🔥 fire, very hot and quick personalities. This individuals often behaves like the queens and Kings of the universe. Very deliberate, determined, courageous and also authoritative. Cholerics do not settle for less, but the best. Typical cholerics whether male or female, are usually more attracted to melancholic or phlegmatic temperaments either for marriage or for dating relationship. When cholerics wants something, they go all out to get it, no matter what it takes. When they find someone who interests them, and they’re passionate about, they often sticks to them. Most choleric’s relationships more often than not ends in marriage, especially when they’re dating a melancholy or phlegmatic. They encounter minimal challenges or conflicts, since they would’ve known and understood one another’s temperament with their peculiar strengths and weaknesses during their dating years. But if their secondary temperament is sanguine, they’ll have a more peaceful and fun-filled marriage.

Melancholies are described as the earth, very accommodating and hospitable personalities. If you treat them rightly, you’ll no doubt get their best, and if you treat them badly, you’re surely going to feel their rage and hostility. Melancholies are usually attracted to those who often exudes confidence, competence, courage and charisma. It’s for this reason that they could date a typical sanguine, but if well exposed and experienced, they’ll decline marrying him or her because of a sanguine’s lack of commitment, indiscipline and poor organizational lifestyle. A vastly experienced and enlightened melancholy is more often attracted to a courageous, fearless, determined and self-sufficient choleric more than any other temperament. They could be desirous of a fellow melancholy or phlegmatic temperament, but they’ll always have an affinity towards a loving choleric when they meet one. They’re one of the temperament whose erotic dating relationship also easily culminates to marriage.

Phlegmatics are described as water, appears very friendly, innocent and without enemy. A typical phlegmatic could date any temperament, but finds a sanguine more interesting and enjoyable. They’re easily the most subdued in their relationship or marriage, because of their extremely quiet, gentle and gracious nature. Phlegmatics more often than not, allows their partner to make all the decisions without much resistance. They’re easily overexcited and often gets carried away by those who shows them so much care and attention, takes them out on fun date moments, flatters and eulogizes them for their qualities. They become so attracted to, and interested in them that they could willingly accept their marriage proposal, but only to get into marriage and perhaps begins to feel bored and lonely, especially when they marry a highly extroverted sanguine. Phlegmatics should be more circumspect about who they want to spend the rest of their life with in marriage, than fall for immediate and pecuniary benefits.

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