How To Develop Your Emotional Capacity And Improve Your Intelligence.

Temperament Influences everything we do, and every action we take even how emotionally developed we are.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to detach your selfish desires , feelings and emotions from rational thinking and reasonings. It also means being emotionally sensitive to certain issues without letting your feelings have a better part of you. Every human being by nature is designed to let their emotions and how they feel direct the actions they take, because of our in- born selfish traits and characteristics. And we’re all in different ways guilty of undeveloped emotions. It’s for this reason we could take certain actions or do certain things to just satisfy our feelings or the feelings of those we’re emotionally drawn to. But anyone who could develop their emotional capacity and be free from all selfish and nepotistic entanglements is a near-perfect human being who’ll no doubt earn the respect and accolades of others.

In today’s post, we want to consider 6 steps to developing your emotional capacity and improve your emotional Intelligence, and become a person of character and repute. First of all, let’s consider the four basic temperaments and their level of emotional development.

How Your Temperament Affects Your Emotional Capacity Development:

Sanguines and cholerics are easily the temperaments with the least develop emotions. Although a choleric’s level of emotional underdevelopment is higher than that of a sanguine. Apart from being a very insensitive and unsympathetic personality, cholerics are also not easily drawn to feelings of love and erotic desires unless they’re raised with love or has got another secondary temperament that whittles down their typical unemotional choleric traits. And in the context of our topic today, cholerics always wants things to go according to their desires and decisions, which is not peculiar to them alone.

However, eventhough cholerics are highly inconsiderate and high- handed individuals, who always wants their opinions to supersede the opinions of others. But they seem to be more forthright when it comes to mediating between two warring parties. They seem not to be biased or nepotistic about giving their verdict and opinions.

Sanguines are more emotional than cholerics when it comes to expressing erotic love and feelings, and also showing sympathy for others. But since they’re not detailed or profound in whatever they do, their emotional responses and feelings is rather more vague, superficial than profound.

Melancholies and phlegmatics have a more developed emotions than their extroverted sanguine and choleric counterparts, and they’re also more real in empathizing with others. Although, melancholies expresses deeper feelings and are more emotionally responsive than their phlegmatic counterparts.

However, all temperaments, because of our human nature of natural self love, selfishness and affinity towards those who are very close to our ❤️ hearts, we’re often guilty of having undeveloped emotions. Thus, we become sometimes biased in our judgements or decisions. Read on to discover six steps to developing your emotional capacity and improve your Intelligence.

Six Steps To Developing Your Emotional Capacity:

1. Don’t Act Before Thinking:

Impulsiveness is a major personality trait of so many persons, particularly those of the extrovert category which sanguines and cholerics belong. And this could be the reason why they’ve got far more less developed emotional capacity than their melancholic and phlegmatic counterparts. Since they’re not drawn to details, analysis and long range planning, they often makes decisions and acts on impulses. And if their feelings or emotions pre- occupies their thoughts, they will act accordingly, which more often than not makes their actions to be fraught with mistakes.

Those who often acts before thinking, most times later realizes that they were actually wrong or there’s a better way they could’ve acted. But if you could adopt the practice of thinking-it-through before acting or saying anything, you’ll be far more accurate and infallible in your actions or speeches.

2. Always Look At Issues Dispassionately:

Our human nature tends to interfere sometimes with how we observe and view issues before us, which also tries to clog our sense of judgement and reasoning. This is common to all temperaments especially when asked to be an arbiter in a matter we’ve got interest in. Except for a choleric who’s not easily drawn or emotionally attached to anyone but themselves alone, so they can afford to be strict and forthright in giving justice when asked to intervene in a matter involving two or more individuals. A lot of persons often looks at one side of a coin, without considering the other. They conclude and run with a one-sided story as long as it satisfies their feelings. When it involves them, instead of considering every aspects and put them on the table, they’ll decide to focus on only the sides that favours them.

If this describes you, then you’ve got a poorly developed or undeveloped emotional capacity. In order to be a reputable and quintessential human being, you need to be at all times dispassionate in looking at all issues before you, and be forthright in your judgement and decisions.

3. Keep Your Emotions In Check:

Our emotions are stronger and more powerful than our knowledge or reasoning. When there’s a conflict between our emotions and reasoning and if such battle is allowed to fester for a while, our emotions definitely prevails in the end. That’s how strong and powerful feelings or emotions are. Different temperaments of course have different challenge with this.

Sanguines and phlegmatics are more guilty of this than melancholies and cholerics. Sanguines are susceptible to it because of their indiscipline and unserious disposition. While the phlegmatics are, because of fear of being hurt or facing criticisms. Cholerics and melancholies also battles with allowing their emotions to take over their sense of reasoning, but not as sanguines and phlegmatics. But melancholies ought to be more courageous and fearless in standing up for what is right, despite the pressure on them.

However, all temperaments are guilty of letting their emotions or feelings have a better part of them than letting reasoning prevail especially when they’ve got an interest. But for you to build your emotional capacity, you need to always keep your emotions and feelings in-check anytime you’re confronted with a situation that’s got to do with your reasonability and your feelings or emotions.

4. Allow Reasoning To Predominate Your Thoughts:

Since our emotions are stronger and more powerful than our reasoning, it’s only logical to allow our sense of reasoning take preeminence over our thoughts, in order to avoid making unnecessary mistakes in our actions. Sanguines are more than any other temperament guilty of allowing their feelings and emotions preoccupy their thoughts. Whatever action a sanguine takes, it’s usually based on how they feel at that particular time. When their feelings are undermined, they’ll not hesitate to lash out in very quick and explosive ire.

Other temperaments could also be guilty of this, but not as the sanguines. However,melancholic and phlegmatic temperament do not have much problem with it, this is why they could sometimes feel guilty and remorseful about their actions. But if we can always allow our reasoning to predominate our thoughts, we’ll become better human beings.

5. Avoid Making Hasty Decisions:

This is a follow-up to numbers 1 and 4. Thinking before acting, and also allowing reasoning to preside over your thoughts, will no doubt enable you to avoid making hasty and most times irrational decisions. Sanguines and cholerics are more susceptible to making decisions in haste, which are sometimes not well thought-out. They’re often the last to plan, but the first to take decisions and perhaps actions. While melancholies and phlegmatics are the first to think and plan but the last to decide or act.

Melancholies and phlegmatics must learn to strike a balance between thinking and planning before making a decision and being prompt in their actions. And sanguines and cholerics needs to also balance being quick in their actions and making reasonable decisions, in order to have a well built emotional capacity.

6. Always Listen To Your Subconscious:

Every human being has two voices that often speaks to them, particularly when at a crossroads about making a decision or taking an action. These two voices, one is usually from your conscious mind, where all of your consciousness, awareness, feelings, thoughts and emotions originates. While the other is your subconscious, this is where your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and consciousness does not holdsway. But as humans, we’re more often drawn to our conscious mind than to our subconscious, because the former often satisfies our feelings, thoughts and emotions. Thus, any voice in the physical state coming from your conscious mind will naturally have some undertones of emotions and feelings which consequently breeds selfishness and selfish desires.

It therefore means that you’ll need to make extra effort to be forthright in doing the right thing, and standing on the truth when your conscious voice is speaking. Your subconscious is that part of your mind that’s not bedeviled with your emotions and feelings. It tells you the real thing and what’s right. Sometimes, you may not like it, because it disagrees with how you feel, your thoughts and awareness, and may appear difficult to listen to. But it’s actually what could save you from making costly mistakes. I’m actually guilty of this, or should I say victim. Yes, I’m a victim of not always listening to my subconscious and it has oftentimes cost me so much pain and loss. Don’t be like me. In order to develop your emotional capacity and improve your intelligence. You need to always pay attention to your subconscious, especially in times when you’re confused or just at a crossroads.

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