Seven Major Personality Traits of Sanguines In Their Relationship.

Every temperament has personality traits that are peculiar to them. Being aware of these traits will enable you to decipher what kind of person they are, or what temperament category they belong. In your relationship, you might be at a loss why your partner behaves or acts the way they do, or why they’re not like the other person.

Every human being is distinct and unique in their own right, because of our differences in personality traits, courtesy of the temperament we’re born with. In today’s post, and also in subsequent posts on relationships, we will be considering the personality traits of the four basic temperaments you should be on the lookout for in your dating relationship. It’s basically to enable you to decide if, regardless of their weaknesses, you could still go ahead to marry them considering their strengths and qualities.

My reason of writing on these topics is because of the question a particular lady asked on a Facebook group. She was lamenting about her partner’s irresponsible and irritating attitude in public. She has done everything to make him change and get better, but all her effort was without success. Suffice to say, that before she accepted to marry or cohabit with him, she must have seen some of these traits, or perhaps do not have a knowledge of them. It’s for this reason that this topic and other related subsequent topics on relationships is important to draw your consciousness in looking out for some signs and traits of the four basic temperaments, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision about who you want to spend your life with.

First of all, let’s consider some of the qualities and attributes of a sanguine.

Sanguines are like air, very free and ubiquitous personalities. No one loves and enjoys life more than a sanguine. If you’re dating a sanguine, thumbs up to you. Because they’ll make you relish all the good things of life. Partying, clubbing, frequent going out on a date, shopping and hanging out with friends, and anyone they feel attracted to, is their greatest source of happiness in a relationship.

Sanguines are very lively, expressive, ebullient, hilarious and happy-go- lucky individuals, who’ll always make you relish every moment you’re with them. For a sanguine, there’s never a dull moment in your relationship. In their relationship, they’re very jealous over the one they love, but does not see anything wrong in wooing other person’s ❤️ heartthrobs and make them fall for him with his exuberant lifestyle. Sanguines are also highly expressive people. They’re very loud and expressive about everything they do, even in love making. They appear to overly enjoy sex, without attaching much seriousness and importance to it, but often sees it as pleasure and fun.

Some persons often admires a typical sanguine’s lifestyle, particularly the phlegmatics. Those who seem to be averse to their lifestyle at first, later tends to become permissive of them. In reality, who’ll not like a free, lively, happy, romantic and adventurous person like the sanguine? I guess you will. But before you make that lifelong decision of tieing the nuptial nut with him or her, let’s consider some of his personality traits and idiosyncrasies, so you can finally make up your mind if they’re the kind of person you’ll want for marriage, considering some of their desirable qualities. 5 Major Weaknesses Of The Sanguine Temperament That Negatively Affects Their Marriage.

7 Major Personality Traits of The Sanguine To Look-out For In Your Relationship:

1. Lack of Commitment:

Sanguines are rarely committed to their partner in a dating relationship. For fun and pleasures often takes them out, and makes them spend  more time with friends and admirers outside their homes. No temperament is as exuberant and flamboyant like a sanguine. He’s a people-oriented individual, who often enjoys spending more time with people outside his home, so he could bluster about himself and express his effervescent lifestyle. He’ll often leave the house in the morning and comes back late in the night, not because he’s doing something that’s worthwhile or meaningful. But simply because he’s busy having fun and enjoying himself. Thus, if you’re contemplating getting married to a typical sanguine, just know that you won’t be having him or her all to yourself all of the time, since they’re enjoying and outgoing people.

2. Overindulgence:

No other temperament loves fun and pleasure more than a sanguine. They are simply addicted to pleasure and whatever that satisfies their feelings and emotions. A typical sanguine does not have expiry date for pleasurable and fun moments. They’ll no doubt carry on with their youthful and exuberant lifestyle even in older age. So never imagine that he could stop by the time he’s married and starts taking some marital responsibilities. Responsibilities and other pressing needs in the home cannot deprive sanguines their fun time. They must always find a way to ease themselves of all pressures. He’s that old grandpa living next door to you, who still goes clubbing, partying and visiting the beach at 70.

He could be warned of consuming alcohol or abstaining from things that could negatively impact his health, but his overindulgence or addiction to things that gives him immediate and temporary satisfaction will often make him disregard those warnings. So if you’re considering marrying him just be aware that you’re getting hooked up with an overindulgent person.

3. Indiscipline:

Indiscipline is one of the major and visible weakness of sanguines. Their unserious and light-hearted attitude makes them trivialize everything, even things they ought to be serious about and pursue with vigour. This is one of the bane of sanguine’s success in life, and it has landed him in many troubles more than any other thing. For he often takes for granted many things he ought to have taken very seriously. Lack of discipline always makes a sanguine breaks his rules or public rules. It makes him fail in raising disciplined and organized kids, and also makes him fail in keeping to his promises, often talk excessively until he exposes all his weaknesses, and deviates from his decisions.

A lot of sanguine’s marriages had failed because of indiscipline. All Temperaments are often confronted with the temptation of cheating on their partner or engage in extra- marital affairs. Sometimes, discipline could make them not to yield. But for the sanguines, except something very extraordinary happens, they’ll fall into it again and again, especially when they’re the first to become emotionally attracted. Thus, if you’re contemplating marrying a typical sanguine, a high level of indiscipline is what you should expect from them.

4. Dishonesty:

Because of the fear of being criticized or creating conflict that could cut short their happy mood, a sanguine will rather be dishonest and never own up to their misdeeds. They see absolutely nothing wrong with being dishonest. Infact, for them, it’s called smartness. Unless sanguines are caught in the act, they often get away with whatever they’ve done through using their flattery and sugar-coated tongues to divert your attention. You can only suspect a sanguine. If you did not catch him commiting the crime, he must do everything to make you believe that your suspicions are not valid.

A sanguine could exaggerate and make some bogus promises with no intention of fulfilling any, and when you remind him of it, he’ll always look  for different reasons and excuses to escape that moment. He could lie until his wife and kids starts noticing how dishonest he is, and they’ll decide never to trust him anymore or take his promises seriously.

If you can condone other sanguine’s weaknesses can you also condone his dishonest attitude? This question is left for you to answer before you decide to marry him.

5. Procrastination:

Apart from phlegmatics, the second temperament that often battles with procrastination are the sanguines. Because of their unserious and carefree lifestyle, sanguines often finds it very easy to procrastinate or postpone things they should’ve done now. A sanguine may decide to do something now, but will for no just reason, or for perhaps to quickly have some fun moments with friends, not do it. For a sanguine, tomorrow or the next day never ends. They’ll keep procrastinating and postponing what they should do immediately untill they gets caught up with the time unknowingly. Procrastination is also another weakness of the sanguines. You’ll need to keep on pushing them and ensure they immediately do what ought to be done.

6. Impulsiveness:

Apart from cholerics who comes close no other temperament does things on impulse more than a sanguine. For their feelings and emotions rather than reasoning often predetermines their thoughts and actions. Sanguine’s decisions and actions are spontaneous and are oftentimes not backed by Intelligence and reasoning. Their aversion for details and planning also contributes to their impulsiveness. Sanguines hardly comes back home to first discuss and plan with their spouses before taking some major decisions. Not because they’re very opinionated like the cholerics, but because lack they the patience to carefully plan what they want to do. They could be returning from work after being paid their wages, and will branch the next mall to get things they feel their family needs without any prior discussion with their spouse to get their input. Therefore, if you’re thinking of marrying a sanguine, you should always expect some impulsive decisions from them.

7. Loquaciousness:

If you like someone who often talks so much and never gets tired of talking, then a sanguine is no doubt the best person. For they’ll talk until you get tired of listening, and perhaps, dose off. They are one temperament that hardly keeps secrets. Whatever that happens in their homes, friends and other persons who are very close to them must hear it. Friends do play a role in a sanguine’s relationship or marriage. For they easily listen to what they say, and often behaves and acts accordingly. A sanguine will talk until he exposes all his weaknesses for everyone to see. A lifestyle which has more often than not, gotten them into troubles. Except they’re blended with a secondary temperament of almost the same ratio they rarely know when to talk and when not to.

These are my seven major personality traits of the sanguine temperament to be on the lookout for, in your dating relationship. You can add yours in the comment section if you like.


Thanks for reading through my post. Hope you enjoyed it? Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post.





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