Personality Traits And Career Development In The Twenty-first Century.

Basic Needs of Different Temperaments For Career Advancement:

There’s rarely any difference between an individuals’ personality traits which are obviously influenced by the temperament they’re born with, and how they’ll advance in their career. To sound more like a broken record, no one can do anything or succeed in any career outside the temperament they are born with, which also to a great extent determines their personal and individual characters. For instance, a typical sanguine may be an efficient and excellent salesperson, but he may not likely do well as a medical doctor. For his personality traits which is a function of his temperament will definitely not allow him be a very meticulously- efficient medical doctor.

It’s for this reason that so many young people often declines from a noble career, perhaps imposed on them by their parents and decides to choose another career or vocation in life. Some persons has never even practice what they studied in college and university before finding themselves in a different career. I know of a very beautiful young female lawyer who had never practiced law until she’s now a fashion stylist/blogger. Life is about choices. And our choices are more often than not reflected in our personalities.

In today’s post, we want to consider how our personality traits aids our career development or advancement. Remember, the first step in achieving career success, is to choose the best career that aligns with your primary or basic temperament. How To Choose The Right Career That Suits Your Temperament. The second is for you to advance in that career while taking into account your innate personality traits, which could either be a catalyst in helping you progress in your career or become a total inhibitor.

First of, what is career development?

Career development refers to various processes an individual may have to go through in order to evolve their occupational status and achieve their career 🙏 goals. It’s also about being deliberate in making conscious efforts to learn long-term, while figuring out your personal needs, and aligning them with your career development opportunities.

For you to advance in your career in the twenty-first century, you must be aware of your personal long-term needs and desires, and also what you will require to fulfill or meet those desires with regards to your career goals. Let’s consider the personal needs of the four basic temperaments for their career advancement and development.

Personal needs of the sanguines for career development:

Sanguines has numerous needs for them to be able to advance in their career and achieve maximum career success. Some of the basic needs of a sanguine, and all other temperaments are all directly connected to their respective weaknesses. What do sanguines need to fully evolve their career in this twenty-first century?

Apart from being a very charismatic, highly spirited and people-oriented personalities, the first and foremost basic need of a sanguine in order to have a successful career is,

Discipline: Indiscipline is the greatest and main undoing of the Sanguine temperament, and it’s the bane of many sanguines’ success in life. Many sanguines has lost valuable career opportunities to make their lives better, and get to the zenith of their career. Sanguines sometimes unknowingly manifests indiscipline in being easily distracted, focusless and lacking in concentration in what they’ve started and decides to achieve in life. They’re easily distracted by what they see others do, or anything that seems appealing to them.

They could resolve to embark on a project or to personally develop themself in a particular career, but they’ll soon get distracted by what someone else is doing, thus abandoning their initial goal. Sanguines needs enormous amount of discipline more than any other temperament to not only build their career, but to also be successful in life. They must be deliberate about improving themselves personally, through enrolling for more courses that’s related to their career. This will help to instill some level of discipline in them, and create a pathway for their career advancement.

More needs of the sanguines for their career development are: consistency, patience and resoluteness. Sanguines are rarely patient, consistent and persistent individuals. Having to do a particular thing over and over again is totally boring to a sanguine, unless it exposes them daily to meeting and interacting with different people. But sanguines must realize that success and career development is personal, and also takes time. Thus, being a bit withdrawn from people, and having ample amount of patience, and also being very persistent and consistent is necessary to make it realizable.

Being persistently resolute is also another basic need of a sanguine for their career advancement. Sanguines do not like pressure and whatever that’ll deprive them their happy and fun moments. But they must realize that there are numerous roadblocks enroute to a successful career, that must be dismantled or pushed aside to pave the way for them to continue advancing in their career. And it’s only persistentency and resoluteness that’ll get those impediments out of the way.

Let’s look at a cholerics’ basic needs for career development.

What are the basic needs of a choleric for their career advancement? Cholerics have got the lesser needs to develop and advance in their career than their extroverted sanguine counterpart. This is because cholerics are very visionary, self-sufficient and goal-oriented personalities, who’ll always not stop at nothing until they achieve their goals. However, like every other temperament and their weaknesses, cholerics still has some basic needs to make them become exceptional in their career. Among these needs are: building their human interpersonal relationship skills, learning and re- learning, and also being detailed about what they do.

Cholerics are easily the temperament with the least Interpersonal skills. They always love their opinions to fly or to supersede the opinions of others. They’ll not hesitate to ride roughshod over anyone who seem not to give a nod to their opinions. Cholerics must know that, this is the twenty-first century, and this high-handed lifestyle is no longer fashionable. As the world has moved from the medieval age to the digital age, where the opinions and input of others must be taking into consideration.

Cholerics have also got this natural ego that often makes them feel they know it all, thus does not need to learn from others and add to their knowledge. This is absolutely not possible in this age and time. This is digital and information age where there are myriad of informations that are available online. Thus, thinking you’re omniscient is like taking yourself many decades backwards.

Cholerics needs to deliberately imbibe the culture of learning and relearning if they must fit-in very well in todays’ world and improve their knowledge in any career they find themselves.

Long range planning and being very detailed are so boring to cholerics. For they’re doers, who always believes in going-in there, and getting the job done asap. This is often the reason why cholerics encounters challenges that tends to slow them down or hamper the successful execution of their projects. Cholerics needs to be more detailed, and factor-in all that they’ll require to seamlessly achieve their career goals. If cholerics can work on improving their emotional Intelligence capacity, they’ll advance faster in their career.

Now, let’s consider the introvert category and what they’ll need for their career advancement.

Basic needs of phlegmatics for career development:

Phlegmatics are the first introvert of the temperaments. Their basic needs for career advancement is also not different from their temperament weaknesses. Unless blended with a more active secondary temperament or giving the proper training, a typical phlegmatic is a very docile, indecisive, unmotivated and irresolute person. These weaknesses no doubt impacts negatively on their success, and often hinders them from getting to the success height they’re meant to get to in life. It also makes phlegmatics visionless and they could also become spectators in life.

Lack of determination, and also fear of confronting pressures or challenges also deprives many phlegmatics the opportunity of evolving their career status. No other temperament is more fearful and timid of taking on a new challenge than phlegmatics. They easily backtrack, the moment the encounter some impediments and obstacles that tends to make them feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

For phlegmatics to advance in their career, they’ll need to be deliberate about motivating themself to achieve personal career success and goals. They also need to dogged in pursuing their dreams despite how seemingly daunting those dreams and visions may be. They already have the consistency and meticulous-patience that’s necessary to build a long-term career, but they need to self-motivate and be resolute about pursuing their goals in life.

Basic needs of melancholies for career advancement:

Melancholies are the temperaments with so much potentials to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life. They’ve got enormous potentials and capacity to succeed in any field of career or endeavors they so desire. Besides being very gifted and talented personalities, melancholies are very intelligent, detailed, enterprising, analytical and perfectionist persons. However, melancholies often allows their perfectionism to make them overly become critical of themself and others. An attitude which ingrains or reproduces in their mind a very poor self-image and outlook of themselves.

Because of their perfectionist traits and tendencies, melancholies are rarely satisfied with themselves, regardless of their achievements. They’ve got all that they need for their career pursuits and advancements, and also reaching the summit of their career in life. But they’ll definitely need to work on their mindset, and change some of their negative and wrong thinking patterns about others and themselves. In order to create a very favourable atmosphere for them to fly in their career.


These are my thoughts on the basic needs of different temperaments for career advancement. Hope you enjoyed reading through it? Remember to leave your comment, questions or suggestions on this topic. Thanks.



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