5 Major Personality Traits Of Cholerics In Their Relationship.

Do you wish to date and subsequently marry a choleric? Then, you’ve got to know these facts about them in order to make an informed decision.

Cholerics are described as 🔥fire, very hot and quick personalities. If you’re dating a choleric, or you’ve got any form of dealings or relationship with them, you’re clearly in the know of their rules and principles.

Cholerics are the only temperament that are never pretentious about what or who they are, and also what they want. Their lifestyles, rules and principles is as clear as the biblical sermon on the mount.

If cholerics are with you, they will stand with you to the end. And if they’re against you, they’re very clear about it, and have got nothing and no one to consider or be apologetic to, about their decisions.

It’s for this reason that they do not have too many friends. Infact, cholerics are the only temperament that seems to have more persons who are averse to their lifestyles than those who appreciates them.

But cholerics do not care what you feel or think about them. For them, it’s immaterial your opinions about their attitude or lifestyles. Their courageous, fearless, self- confidence and self-sufficient lifestyle makes them unwavering in their decisions and whatever they’re determined to do.

When it comes to erotic relationships, cholerics are rarely the emotional kind of persons. Thus, they’re not so crazy about love or seeking to get the approval of someone for relationship. Unless raised with so much love ❤️ and care, they’ll hardly fall in love talk more of being desirous of a dating relationship.

For choleric ladies, they are more passionate about living independent and self-sufficient lifestyles. Thus, they’re often more focused on having and running their own business so they’ll be financially independent.

While choleric men are work and activity-prone individuals, who are so passionate about achieving their personal goals than get distracted by less important things that’ll not help them maximize their opportunities.

Among all the temperaments, choleric women are the most feared by men. Particularly, by less courageous men who lacks confidence in themselves. But men who are courageous enough to approach them, often respects their confidence and they’re in turn adored and respected by the choleric woman.

It’s for this reason that many choleric women often gets married in their later years, unless they’re fortunate to meet a man who understands and appreciates their qualities.

However, some choleric women, either by their wilful decision or due to circumstance opts out of marriage, and they’re very comfortable living their lives since they’re already self-sufficient people.

Both choleric men and women do not consider marriage or relationship as a top priority on their list. But while a female choleric will likely and easily accept a marriage proposal or go on a dating relationship immediately she sees someone she’s very attracted to.

Her male counterpart will rather be hesitant about tieing the nuptial nut with their heartthrobs, for the reason that he must first achieve all his goals.

Nevertheless, in their relationship and even in marriage, cholerics are very wonderful and romantic to their partner. Although, they could appear to be very hard and unemotional.

But they’re actually very loving and feels deeper emotions towards their lovers. If you want to know how much they love and appreciates their spouse or partner, just try to criticize or speak ill of them in their presence.

You’ll definitely get their backlash, and you are already a suspect from that day. Apart from a melancholy who comes close, no other temperament is more jealous and protective of their lovers than a choleric.

Cholerics often makes their partners’ feel on top of the world. And they’re not afraid or ashamed to tell anyone that their partner is the best, female cholerics in particular.

They do not give a damn what anyone thinks or feels, they simply believe that they’ve got the best. They’ve got this natural charisma to always make their spouse or date feel like a king or queen more especially in public before anyone.

However, before you go ahead to make up your mind about marrying a choleric because of some of their great qualities, 5 Major Weaknesses Of Cholerics That Negatively Affects Their Marriage here are a few things about their personality traits you need to consider to help you make informed decision.

Personality Traits Of Cholerics In Their Relationship:

1. Being Opinionated:

Apart from melancholies who comes close, no other temperament is more dogmatic and highly opinionated than cholerics. Their narrow-mindedness often makes them feel their opinions and decisions are the best, and must be accepted by anyone.

Cholerics are very egotistical people, who often feel they know it all, thus do not need to learn from anyone or listen to any contrary opinion.

In your relationship with a choleric, you’ll often be confronted with the challenge of being unable to convince them to accept your own opinion. They always want to do things the way it pleases them.

But not until their opinions or decisions hits the rocks, they’ll never consider yours nor listen to you. Thus, if you desire to be married to a typical choleric, be rest assured that you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with a highly opinionated spouse.

2. Inconsiderateness:

What do you expect from a very independent and self-sufficient spouse like a choleric? One major character or trait you should expect from any choleric is being overly inconsiderate and insensitive to anyone’s feelings or emotions.

This attitude also finds its way into a typical cholerics’ erotic dating or relationship. But for the love they’ve got for you, and how attracted they feel towards you, they could somehow minimize it. For their work, career, activities and achieving their goals are more important to cholerics than any other thing.

Cholerics always have cogent reasons for defending their lack of sensitivity and considerateness to the emotional needs or feelings of their heartthrobs, without realizing the fact that their spouses equally needs their attention, affection and commitment. If you’re married to a choleric or your desire is to marry one, don’t always expect them to come down to the level of your emotional desires and feelings.

3. Forthrightness:

Sometimes we expect those who are emotionally drawn and attracted to us to be somewhat sympathetic to us, and perhaps compromise a bit or try to bend the rules to somehow favour us. Especially when it’s obvious that we were wrong in a matter and the verdict could go against us.

Other temperaments could easily bend the rules or compromise because of some sentimental or emotional attachments. But it’s often difficult for a choleric to compromise or work incongruous to laid down rules and standards.

It’s for this reason that cholerics will clearly spell out their rules, and make their principles very clear to you, so you’re aware before time what they expect from you.

Cholerics are very forthright in their judgements and will rarely take side. Thus, expecting them to compromise easily because they’re emotionally connected to you, is usually an uphill task for them.

4. Aggressiveness:

Unless they’ve got a calm and patient secondary temperament, a typical choleric is an extremely aggressive individual. It’s typical of cholerics to easily get into a showdown with any one at the slightest provocation.

No other temperament is more quick in aggression and also canterkerous than a choleric. They’re easily provoked by very negligible things. Something as little as disagreeing with their opinion could provoke them that they could pound the table or walk out on you.

In their relationships, prolonged arguments and unwilling to accept their own ideas or opinions could be a recipe for anger and aggressiveness. And they’ll no doubt show their anger by not talking to you for that moment or walking out of the house. For you to marry a choleric and get along very easily with them, you must be ready to tolerate or manage their aggressive attitude.

5. Being Physically Abusive:

Among all temperaments cholerics are more often guilty of physically abusing their heartthrobs. For what could one expect from a person who’s prone or susceptible to anger? Male cholerics in particular are more guilty of physically assaulting and abusing their partners at the least provocation

This could even be worsened if he combines a secondary melancholy temperament. For the anger-prone nature of a choleric is combined with the moodiness of a melancholy to making him more susceptible to anger and physical abusiveness.

An abusive choleric man and his partner!

Cholerics’ erotic relationships had witnessed more long-term abusive moments than other temperaments. Other temperaments could also be guilty of being physically abusive of their partner or spouse, but it’s not as often and perhaps perpetual like that of cholerics. This is the main reason why many cholerics’ relationships and marriages frequently experiences more breakups and divorces than others.

However, many cholerics’ usually learns to control their temper and often restrain from physically abusing their partner or spouse when they’re beginning to see their value and importance in the marriage or relationship, and since they’re not also willing to loose them.

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If marrying a choleric is your desire, you must know what easily gets them angry and upset and do well to avoid it. You can read my previous post on: How To Live With An Unemotional And Inconsiderate Choleric Spouse.


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