6 Things To Consider Before Contemplating Career Change.

It’s absolutely possible that we may find ourselves in career that does not define our personality, thus we often struggle to cope with its specifications and descriptions, plus we become so clumsy and unproductive in it. Such careers may also be time and energy draining and consuming since the motivation to effortlessly and efficiently take on it is obviously lacking.

I’ve discovered that the worst careers are those that we struggle to become productive in, thus they needlessly takes all our time and do not give us the leverage to explore other options. We struggle to meet deadlines, keep track of improvements and we are totally dissatisfied in such careers. These are simply not the “best careers that describes your personality. It may be for this reason that you may want to consider a career change.

However, different persons have got different reasons why they want to change their career and explore other options and opportunities. But for whatever reason that you may want to contemplate changing your career, do not forget to factor in these six things. Because they’ll not only help you to excel in your new career, they will also make you become self-reliant and independent even after you retire and become a private citizen.

Six Things To Consider Before Contemplating Career Change:

1. Temperament Compatibility:

One of the extraneous and germain thing to consider, for anyone who wants efficiency and productiveness in their chosen career is, how such career is inconformity or compatible with the basic temperament they’re born with. Every temperament has got different personality traits that makes everyone unique in their own right. We may all be able to succeed in different fields of endeavor through hardwork and discipline. But not all of us can effortlessly and creatively do the same things the same way when it becomes so tough and challenging. It’s for this reason that some persons will stumble and fall along the way, and will definitely not reach the zenith of their chosen career. However, the same person that could not continue, and get to highest level in a particular endeavor, is able to do so or achieve that in another.

This obviously gives credence to the fact that we’re distinct human beings in nature, differently talented and gifted in specific areas of endeavors in life. Therefore, if you’re dissatisfied in your present career and perhaps, contemplating a career change. The first thing you’d want to consider is, how your new career is compatible with your temperament. To what extent is your personality traits agreeable with your intended or proposed career path. This is absolutely invaluable, in order to avoid becoming a square peg in a round hole, and you become worst off, in your present career.

2. Prospects In The New Career:

Career prospects is another important factor to consider when considering a change in career. Every career has got various prospects and opportunities that needs to be explored and taken advantage of. And these available opportunities are the incentives and motivating factors that will compel you to aspire for greater heights in the career, and become exceptional.

If a particular career does not have good enough available opportunities and prospects, then there’s no point trying to expend your energy and resources on improving yourself in it. Thus, to avoid making a mistake in choosing or changing your career, you need to consider the prospects and opportunities available in such career. So you don’t find yourself in a dungeon or desert where you could have something to offer that no one needs.

3. Competitiveness:

In this digital and information age, there’s a high level of competitions in different careers. Highly competitive careers often limits your chances of being found or noticed by different organizations or prospective clients and customers. It’s for this reason that you’ll need to consider to what extent is your intended career competitive. Is it highly-competitive, low or even non-competitive? Careers that have low or non-competitiveness but with high prospects are easily the most rewarding, and in high demand.

Competitiveness is what you’ll need to consider when you’re contemplating a change in your career. If it’s a highly competitive one, how are you going to navigate through, and become the go- to-person in that career? What is the strategy you’ve got to outshine and outsmart those who are already there before you? These are some of the salient questions you need to answer before considering a career change.

4. Career Advancement:

Any career that will not give you the leverage to improve yourself and further advance in it, is not worth considering. A good and decent career is expected to give you the ample time and opportunity to advance yourself in it and reach the highest level in your organization. If you find it hard to advance in a particular career, and grow from one level to another while maintaining a balance between it and your private life, then you’ve got to reconsider remaining in such career.

However, how you’ll advance in your new and intended career is another important factor you should put into consideration when contemplating a career change. Because, this will help you to make the right career choice, plus deepen yourself in it, and also reach the highest career cadre in your organization or as a private person.

5. Leverage of Time:

Twenty-four hours a day may not suffice for anyone aspiring to beat the deadline or pursue a particular goal, either organizational or personal goal and objectives. Sometimes, we need more time to achieve more or do other things, but more often than not, time is not really enough because it’s of essence. If you’re in any career or job that makes you work more than the normal eight hours a day, then you’ll obviously need more time to do other things, and achieve personal success.

I’ve discovered that the worst and sometimes less rewarding careers are those that often drains our energy and also consumes all our time, that we do not have time for ourselves or for other things. If you’re in a career that makes you work tirelessly rather than effortlessly to achieve a particular goal, and does not also give you the time leverage to perhaps embark on other profitable ventures, then you shouldn’t be in that career and you need to start considering a career change. Any career that’ll allow you the time to explore other options and probably have a side business or run any other profitable activity is what you should consider in these days and age.

6. Sustainability & Self Sufficiency:

A lot of persons becomes very useless to themselves and their families after years of active service and retirement. This is obviously because: firstly, they did not choose a career that they can turn to their private business. And secondly, probably they never see the business opportunities in that career. Some persons retires and decides to turn their career or jobs they’ve put in many years of service, into their personal or private business ventures. This enables them to remain relevant in society while still making some cool money for themselves.

Career sustainability, and one that’ll make you become self-sufficient after you retire from active years of service is what you’ll need to consider when contemplating a change in career. This is necessary to enable you scale through and overcome the boredom and and inactiveness, plus perhaps the insolvency that comes with retirement. Therefore, before you go ahead to decide on any career, you ought to ask yourself, how sustainable is that career. And will it make me to be self-sufficient when I retire from service?


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