How Sanguines Can Improve Their Parenting & Child Training Ability.

Sanguines are very warm, lively and highly-spirited individuals who often makes everyone relish the moments they’re around, with their blustery and fascinating storytelling ability. This lifestyle of the sanguines is also replicated in their homes. Which no doubt makes their homes lively and fun-filled.

A typical sanguine’s spouse and kids often feels elated and relishes the periods they’re at home because of their cheeriness and charisma. The home of a typical sanguine is easily the most lively and excitable of all the temperaments. And it’s for this reason that some persons easily fall for their ebullient and effervescent lifestyle.

However, inspite of sanguine’s humor and people-oriented qualities, they’ve got numerous “weaknesses that not only negatively affects their marriage and parenting ability, but also affects their successes in life. In this post, we will limit ourselves to one or two of the major weaknesses of a sanguine that negatively impacts their child training and parenting ability and how they can improve on it.

Major weakness of the sanguines that negatively affects their parenting and child training ability.

Topmost among all the weaknesses of the sanguine temperament, the first that comes to mind and easily visible and more pronounced is: lack of self discipline and control.

Typical sanguine couple with their kids.
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Sanguines are the most undisciplined and intemperate of all temperaments. Their exuberance and unbridled love for adventures to always satisfy their curiosity often makes them unable to moderate, control and also discipline themselves in anything they do.

Being overindulgent is also not an uncommon thing for them, and they rarely let any conversation or fun moments pass without getting themselves involved. An attitude some persons could see as busy body or meddlesomeness. Sanguines rarely minds their business, always wants to get involved in every matter even when uninvited.

They could talk until they expose all their weaknesses for everyone to see. They’re highly expressive and very outgoing. You could visit them ten times a day in their home without meeting them once. They’re always in the company of friends where they’ll have the liberty to bluster and display their exuberant lifestyle. They’re very enjoying and happy-go-lucky persons who do not like anything to deprive them of their fun moments.

This lifestyle of the sanguines also holdsway in how they raise and train their kids. You can only give what you got. No one can give what they are destitute of. Since sanguines lacks self discipline and control in themselves, it’s obvious they’ll find it very difficult imparting same in their kids.

A typical sanguine parent will hardly perceive anything wrong in whatever their kid do even when it is so glaring. They’ll rather justify them with the notion that they’re just kids or try to trifle most of their misdemeanors. Since they love to be in a very happy and excited mood always, they’ll often hesitate wielding the big stick or attempt any form of discipline on their kids.

If a sanguine must wield the big stick or attempt any form of punishment on their kids, they must do it without any hesitation or immediately. Else their lack of determination and self- will, plus resoluteness will make them become very lackadaisical about it.

A typical sanguine parent could get upset by the misbehavior of their kids, and perhaps resolve to discipline them. But wasting any minute longer or if they must attend to something first, or perhaps suddenly remembers their next fun moments or something that triggers their happy mood trust me, they’ll backtrack or rescind that decision.

It’s for this reason that kids raised by typical sanguine parents are rarely disciplined and organized, since they were raised by permissive parents. Although, they’ll be very lively, social, charismatic and confident kids. But indiscipline and lack of self control had deprived many sanguines of their personal success in almost all fields of life, and has gotten them into more unnecessary troubles than any other.

Discipline, determination, dedication, and steadfastness are the hallmarks of success in any endeavor in life. But these are the basic things a typical sanguine lacks.

So, how can sanguine parents be able to improve their child training and parenting ability, so they could be able to raise disciplined, determined and organized kids?

How Sanguine Parents Can Improve Their Parenting and Child Training Ability:

There are obviously no hard rules for sanguine parents or any temperament for that matter to avoid raising kids that their temperament weaknesses will be overwhelmingly embedded in them, other than to avoid marrying someone whose basic temperament is similar to theirs.

Read my post on “how to overcome your temperament weaknesses. For sanguines to improve their child training capacity, they must avoid getting married to a person who their primary or basic temperament is also sanguine.

They should rather endeavor to marry persons whose predominant or primary temperament epitomizes discipline and determination. For instance, someone who their primary temperament is either melancholy or choleric, and perhaps phlegmatics. And they should also as a matter of fact allow their spouses with these temperaments to have more influence on the kids.

For this is the only way they can instill some level of control and discipline in their kids. But if you are already married to a similar temperament like yourself. I think you should be more deliberate about instilling some of the qualities that you want in your kids by deliberately letting your secondary temperament strengths to come to bare in the training of your kids, and become more active in your parenting duties.

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