6 Ways To Develop Your Imaginative Ability And Improve Your Sixth-Sense.

Humans are higher animals because they’re blessed and endowed million times in many aspects more than the other lower animals. We’re talented and gifted differently in diverse areas to fulfill a purpose, make life more more sublime to live, and relationship more seamless. But it’s regrettable that some persons are yet to take full advantage of their potentials in fastracking their full development and making them come to bare in their daily existence.

One way you can fastrack building your potentials is by developing your imaginative ability, and consequently improving your sixth-sense. Apart from our general five senses of smell, taste, hearing, feeling, and also seeing. Everyone has got a sixth sense which has got to do with their intuition. This is how you’re able to perceive things before they occur.

Intuition or intuitive ability could be naturally given in some individuals, especially those of the melancholic or phlegmatic temperaments which they may be ignorant of, consequently yet to develop it. However, eventhough intuition or you may call it sixth sense may be natural in some persons. It does not exclude others from having it. After all some persons are talented footballers while some acquired the skill by dint of hardwork, discipline and practice.

Everyone could have a sixth sense, but it all depends on how willing you are to develop it through these ways I want to reveal to you. It’s akin to one of my recent post about “developing your emotional capacity and also improving your intelligence. When you’re able to build your emotional capacity it obviously has a trickling effect on your human Intelligence. In today’s post, we’ll be looking at six ways to developing your imaginative ability in order to improve your sixth sense.

Six Ways Of Developing Your Imaginative Ability And Improving Your Sixth-Sence

1. Read More Imagination Books:

Reading is a culture or habit that if addicted to, could set anyone on the pinnacle of knowledge success in life. Have you heard the saying, “readers are leaders”? They’re leaders not just because they read too much, but it’s clearly because they’re encyclopedia of knowledge. Reading is sure a way of building your knowledge bank. But if you want to be an effective reader, and be so good in what you do or be exceptional in a particular endeavor, then you definitely must narrow your reading to a specific area of interest.

General books will give you general knowledge. Educational and how-to books will help you to learn and get more education, while imagination books will also enable you build your Imaginative skills and abilities. If you want to become an epitome of success in a particular field of endeavor in life rather than be the regular jack of trades and master of none, you must be specific and deliberate about what you read.

Imagination books are very essential to developing your Imaginative ability thus, improving your sixth-sense. When you read these types of books, it opens up and broadens your ability to conceptualize and imagine things from abstract to concrete or reality. Such that rather than always want to work by what you see, you’re more precise and accurate in quickly getting things deciphered by your sixth-sense or intuition. Books such as: “Lateral Thinking” by Edward de B. And “The ocean at the end of the lane” by Neil Gaiman will no doubt help to improve your Imaginative skills and ability.

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2. Be More Prone To Hear Than See:

This personally works for me as an individual. I’m overly more addicted to hearing than seeing. It helps me to quickly analyze a situation and also predict exactly what could happen next. I love listening to the audio of a movie than watching the movie itself. It broadens my Imaginative ability and being able to analyze the next scene or action. When you’re often or frequently close to your television set and always wants to see every action displayed. At some point, your eyes becomes so active and addicted to seeing, and it gradually makes your mind become lazy at conceiving and also imagining things.

Being more prone to hearing than seeing is one way of developing your imaginative ability and improving your sixth-sense. Seeing things have the tendency of making your mind become too lazy to conceive, imagine and conceptualize things. But being more addicted to hearing enables your mind to be able to quickly get your brain working in analyzing a situation and preempting correctly what would happen next. It also helps to improve your intelligence and also your cognitive ability.

3. Conceptualize Ideas Before Seeing:

Every architect and design engineers will no doubt attest to the fact that conceptualization is the hallmark of bringing a project design or complex process equipment into reality. So all architects and design engineers are very creative and imaginative people. Because no complex building or a processing equipment can be brought into reality without first conceiving and imagining it.

Conceptualization is the process of imagining and conceiving abstract things that could be ethereal with the mindset of bringing them to reality. For you to be able to develop your Imaginative ability and also improve your sixth-sense, you must be able to always conceptualize ideas or things, positive things though, before seeing them. You need to think like a real architect or a design engineer. Get your mind and brain to work very optimally in order to have a fully built imaginative ability and a very well developed sixth sense.

4. See Things differently:

Everybody could see but not everyone could perceive. Do you just see things or you perceive. Like I stated earlier, seeing things have a way of not only making your mind and brain lazy, but also weakens your ability to conceive and imagine things. Perception gives you an edge. It makes you think, and gets your mind and brain working.

What do you see when you look at things? Do you see what every other person is seeing or you allow your subconscious to see things differently from how others sees them? In order for you to develop your Imaginative ability and also improve your sixth sense, you must be more connected to your subconscious, so you can always perceive and see things differently.

5. Have A Quiet And Thinking Moment:

The world is such a very noisy and deafening place to live in. No wonder humans no longer pay attention to their subconscious, but are always after the daily hussling and buzzling. Too much noise and cares of this of life had deprived a lot of persons from fully harnessing their potentials and achieve personal success. But having a quiet and thinking time for yourself is one sure way of developing your imaginative skills and ability, and also improve your sixth sense.

You’ve got to make time to introspect and decide your next move. A quiet time enables you to think deeply and often gets your subconscious to talk to you. This will no doubt increase your ability to imagine and conceptualize ideas, plus build your reasonability and sixth sense.

6. Read With A Relational Mindset:

Do you know why some persons finds it difficult to improve their knowledge or self-improve and develop themself regardless of the amount of books they had read? It’s because they rarely read with a mindset of relating what they read with what goes on in reality. This poor reading habit makes their reading ineffective to everyone’s chagrin.

Reading with a relational mindset is an effective way of reading that often enables you to relate whatever you’re reading to everyday occurrence. It’s a very efficient way of developing your imaginative ability to have a positive impact on your lifestyle through what you read. While reading, you’re also concurrently relating it to what goes on around you. It sure broadens your ability to imagine and analyze things, and consequently improves your sixth sense.

Thanks for reading through my post. Endeavor to leave your comments, questions & suggestions on this topic.


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