Best Motivational Books On Temperament & Marriage: That’ll Enhance Your Marital Life.

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3 Best Books On Temperament And Marriage:

Today, I want to recommend some of the best selling motivational books that explicitly dealt on temperament and marriage. There are quite a good number of books on marriage out there, but rarely do they talk about why different spouses behaves or acts the way they do.

Which is basically because of the temperament they’re born with. So, if you’re looking for the best books on temperament and marriage, so that you’ll better understand your spouse, and why they behave the way they do. Here are the best 3 books you can find on Amazon, below $20, and they’ll no doubt satisfy your query.

The temperament God gave your spouse by Laraine Bennett is simply one the best books on marriage and temperament that’ll help you understand your spouse’s temperament, so you both can build on your strengths without dwelling so much on your weaknesses.
Temperament and marriage by Roger Alliman is one of the bestseller for better understanding of the one you love, and why they’re unique in their own way.
Know yourself through the four temperament by Fr. Conrad Hock is also another bestseller that’ll help to know your own temperament as well as understand your spouse’s temperament.

These books are simply the best books on temperament and marriage. Click on each of them to see reviews by other Amazon online customers who had bought and read them.

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Like you already know, temperament influences everything we do in life. Infact it’s responsible for everyone’s personality traits. No one can do anything outside the primary temperament they’re born with, that they obviously inherited from their parents and grandparents, and even perhaps their great grandparents.

Our temperament influences and controls everything anyone does in life. It does not change. It follows us all through our existence. Although, education, parental upbringing and societal influences may try to tweak or modify it but they rarely do not change it. As you’ll often be seen yielding to its influence unknowingly.

Everything you do in life owes its root or origin to the temperament you’re born with. How you work, read, clean, drive, talk, cook, act, react, relate with people. Virtually everything you do in life is influenced by your inherited temperament, as a result of the genes that were transferred to you during your conception. If you’re conversant with the four basic temperaments of: sanguine, choleric, melancholy and phlegmatic. You can almost precisely guess a person’s temperament just by watching at how they do things and relates with others.

Not only does your temperament affects or influences how you do things, it also to a very large extent controls and Influences both your erotic and interpersonal relationship. For instance, a typical sanguine is a very lively, happy and fun loving person. This lifestyle no doubt reflects in their relationship with people.

They’ll often be seen with friends and admirers where they could display their exuberant lifestyle. Cholerics are also extroverts like their sanguine counterpart. Although not as much as extroverted like sanguines. However, cholerics are very serious, disciplined, deliberate and determined activity- prone individuals, who do not have time for horseplaying, other than achieving their goals.

Melancholies and phlegmatics on the other hand, are introverts, though phlegmatics are more introverted than Melancholies. Melancholies are very intelligent, detailed, perfectionist and self-sacrificing individuals who often lapses into different moods. They love deeply, but desires to be loved sincerely as well.

However they rarely bring themselves forward for friendship unless you go for them. For typical phlegmatics, they’re the most gentle, calm, gracious and organized of the temperaments. They love people, but more often than not, keeps to themselves. They’re very timid and more often concerned about their safety and security.

The different lifestyle and personality traits of all temperaments also reflects in their marriages and how they live and relates with their spouses and kids. It’s for this reason that you need to know your spouse’s temperament and the weaknesses associated with their temperament, in order to be able to live peacefully with one another.

It’s for this reason i deem it necessary to recommend the above bestselling motivational books on marriage and temperament compatibility.

This book has helped and still helping so many spouses around the world to better understand one another’s basic and secondary temperaments plus their individual weaknesses that’s rooted in those temperament. And consequently learn how to live in peace and harmony with each other in marriage regardless of those inherent weaknesses.

If you’re looking for books about marriage and temperament, so that you’ll understand your spouse’s temperament and be able to have a happy and peaceful marriage, then these books are sure the best bet for you. You can get them online on any Amazon online store, in any country you are, by following the links attached to each of them.

Also share your thoughts and opinions on the book. Endeavor to leave your comments, questions and suggestions in the comment section. Thanks.

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