How Your Temperament Makes You Vulnerable To Infidelity.

Cases of Infidelity or engaging in illicit love affairs, and perhaps for couples, extramarital affairs has become very common in modern times. It has no doubt ruined so many marriages and of course erotic relationships. A lot of relationships are also experiencing breakups, and couples that were once love birds getting divorced as a result of this social malaise. What could be the cause of Infidelity in marriage or eros relationships?

So many factors could be responsible for it. Some could be as a result of societal influence, peer pressures, social status, trying to catch up with the crazy get-rich quick syndrome. Others could also be incompatibility in temperament which consequently leads to a boring dating relationship or marriage, plus also the quest to marry someone because of their money rather than love. The various reasons may be relative, but the fact is that our temperament plays a major role in how we easily get entangled or indulge in Infidelity especially in a mutually beneficial relationship or marriage.

Our temperaments influences almost everything we do in life, including how we respond to sentimental and emotional appeals. All temperaments has got what makes them get easily attracted to someone and also what rebuffs or repels them in others. More so, different persons cheats on their partner because during their happy and emotional moments, their basic temperament weaknesses is quickly activated to lure them into engaging in illicit love affairs.

It might interest you to know that so many persons indulge in Infidelity or cheating on their ❤️ heartthrobs without really knowing how, why and when they did it. Are you surprised? You don’t need to be. The main simple reason is because the aspect of their temperament that often triggers their sometimes involuntary sentimental reasoning and emotions had been triggered by their illicit lover, thus they’ll have no other choice but to get down with them nor have the gut to resist their sexual allurement and appeals.

In today’s post, we want to look at how the temperament of different persons makes them vulnerable to Infidelity or indulging in extramarital affairs, plus how they can overcome it.

Different Temperaments And Their Vulnerability To Infidelity:

First off, let’s look at the sanguine temperament. Sanguines are usually referred to as air. They’re very free and ubiquitous individuals. These persons are extremely warm, lively, expressive and charismatic in nature. They’re people-oriented personalities who often finds it very easy relating with anyone even if they were total strangers. They’ll rather relish being with people than have real affection for them. This is just so they could be able to fully showcase their exuberant and effervescent lifestyles. They often leave you with an impression that’ll make you always desire to be with them.

Sanguines are rather more artificial than natural. More vague than real, and more superficial than profound. These lifestyle also defines a typical sanguine’s sexual responses and feelings. They rarely feel any deeper emotions since they’re very impulsive and are often enthralled by flashes of beauty.

A male sanguine is a randy person. He finds it very easy communicating with females and often gets along easily with them, eventhough they were total strangers. He’s that guy that’s friends to all the females around, and usually gets their attention through his ability to bluster about himself plus impress them with his youthful exuberance and liveliness. He always has what to tell them. It’s for this reason that he’s got lots of female friends, and they’re often excited being with him since he lifts up their spirits.

Unlike their female counterparts, male sanguines are rarely deliberate about sex. The moment their sudden emotional feelings towards a female friend is triggered, they’ll hardly hold themselves back until their desires or urge is accomplished. Sex for them is for fun and pleasure, thus they do not attach so much importance to it. They oftentimes sees sex as a conquest. Sanguine males often faces the most temptation and pressure to cheat on their partner because of their much closeness to the opposite sex. Female sanguines are more deliberate about having sex. They could be friends with all the males around them, but they sure know who they want, and they’ll do everything to let them know their intentions and perhaps get down with them.

Let’s look at the choleric temperament vulnerability to Infidelity. Cholerics are referred to as 🔥 fire. They’re very quick and hot individuals, who rarely has time for frivolities or what’ll delay them from achieving their goals. They are extremely serious, decisive and determined persons who never gives up or relent untill they achieved their goals. No other temperament can be more certain about what they want, and are very decisive and determined to get it, than cholerics. Cholerics sure knows what they want and are very unwavering in their decisions and opinions. Though, also an extrovert like the sanguines, but the choleric’s extrovertedness is more about going out there to get what they want, and not about telling stories or engaging in chitchats.

Cholerics generally usually have the least developed emotions of all the temperaments. Although they’re also another impulsive personalities like their sanguine counterparts, but their sexual and emotional responses is more deliberate compared to that of the sanguines. If cholerics do not love you, they mean it. And if they’re not attracted to you, don’t bother, they’ll never be. Female cholerics are the most difficult people to get for dating.

They’re the most sexy, sexual and self sufficient people who are rarely emotionally sensitive. Thus, you do not choose them, they choose to date you. If you aren’t what or who they want, it’ll be difficult getting their attention. Cholerics generally are very domineering. But while male choleric often likes to date or marry a more gentle and gracious temperament like phlegmatics who they’ll be able to control, their female counterparts are attracted to a kingly and reserved temperament like the melancholy. To get a female choleric for dating relationship, you must be able to interest rather than impress her, for she’s a naturally sophisticated person who do not like to be taken advantage of.

Since cholerics aren’t easily emotional persons, they’re of course often more deliberate about who they choose to engage in intercourse with. Whenever they cheat on you, they do it willfully. Not because they were deceived by your subtle sounds of love, or were pressured into succumbing. Cholerics are the temperament that rarely falls in love nor gets heartbreak from a dating relationship. For they’ve got more important things to worry themselves about.

Can we consider the melancholies? Aha, this is the temperament with the deepest emotions. There’s no other temperament that’s more emotional than the melancholies. They’re often described as the earth. Meaning that they’re very accommodating, friendly and hospitable individuals. They’re categorized as introverts since they’re more concerned about themselves, and often minds their business. But they’ve got two mood swings, high- ecstatic mood, that could sometimes make them behave like extroverts and low-depressed moods, that usually makes them completely withdrawn. Thus melancholies are sometimes classified as ambiverts.

Though, a very nice, loving and good- natured individual, who’s got nice qualities and attributes, plus many untapped potentials. Melancholies are the most gifted, talented, intelligent, detailed, enterprising, self-sacrificing and perfectionist individuals. But inspite of these, they still battle with low self-esteem and poor self-image. Despite a melancholy’s very good and pleasant qualities, they’re still easily the most misunderstood of all the temperaments. They’ve got a very complicated character that only their heartthrobs or spouses, and perhaps their kids understands more than anyone else.

To get a typical melancholy for dating or to get them to commit themselves to a dating relationship will no doubt take a while. Because they’re rarely expressive persons who are not easily open to talking with strangers. You could get them impressed at first, but since they’ve got high standards and are more emotionally sensitive, you’ve got to go beyond impressing them, but make them feel comfortable and interested in you. Melancholies loves deeply and they also desires to be loved sincerely as well. When you’re very honest and committed to them and often makes them feel that they’re the best, then you’ve earned their undying love. For melancholies, because of their conscientious nature rarely disappoints those who are honest with, and are counting on them.

Melancholies loves, appreciates and are so much attracted to nice and sincere people, no wonder they’re often more drawn or attracted to a similar melancholy temperament like themselves. But because of some of their temperament weaknesses and personal oddities, they’re not likely to relish their marriage or relationship should they get married or date each other.

Let’s consider the phlegmatics. Wow, the most gentle, quiet, subtle, stylish, sometimes gracious and seemingly organized personalities. I regard them as pretentious introverts because the attitude you see them display outward isn’t really how or what they feel on the inside. They’re usually intentional about it, especially if they’ve got an ulterior motive they want to achieve. Though very quiet and gentle persons who do not like being in conflict with anyone or have anything trouble or make them feel uneasy. Phlegmatics could even abandon their rights for you, just so you see them as very nice people. But they certainly do bear inner anger and resentment against those who had hurt them, and will not hesitate to revenge when they’ve got the opportunity.

Though very loving, quiet, gentle and peaceful people but phlegmatics could also be very stubborn, recalcitrant and mindless if they can dominate you or completely become subdued, fearful are perpetually under your control, if overwhelmed. Phlegmatics more often keeps to themselves, but they love people and always wants them around, plus be in their good books. They love being entertained, and are more attracted to those who are very lively and makes them feel happy and excited. No wonder typical phlegmatics easily fall for a sanguine’s blustery and flattery.

Phlegmatics likes tender love, care and attention plus being made to feel very special. They’re easily excitable individuals. The phlegmatic’s sexual and emotional responses is usually more spontaneous than deliberate and easily triggered by a little show of care and attention, which could also make them succumb to pressures of sexual advances from those who had made them feel happy and elated.

How To Overcome Your Vulnerability To Infidelity:

From the description of the lifestyle of different temperaments, we can see that cholerics will be least vulnerable to indulging in illicit love affairs, except and only when they’re less busy and perhaps had allowed their emotions to be overwhelmed by their lusts and sentiments. They’re very deliberate and wilful about engaging in sexual intercourse. No matter how nice and interesting you’re towards them, if they are not emotionally attracted to you, they’ll never give in to any sexual advances.

Melancholies will be vulnerable to having illicit love affairs when they’re often and consistently shown sincere and enormous niceness, attention and care. And they’ll often be thrilled if they observe you’re a very reserved person who keeps to themselves, and not so much interested in anyone. In order for melancholies to overcome the urge or temptation of cheating on their partner, they must be careful or totally keep away from those who’s got the capacity of demystifying their deep emotions through consistently being nice to them.

Phlegmatics like their melancholy counterparts, also loves attention, care and being made to feel very elated and special. But phlegmatics are less detailed and down to earth compared to melancholies. A typical phlegmatic could easily give attention to anyone or even a stranger who’s so hilarious and conversational. And they could also be easily influenced or carried away by very little and initial flashes of love, care and attention. Whereas a typical melancholy wants to see more seriousness, consistency and commitment. Phlegmatics must realize that all that glitters isn’t gold. And they should be more detailed and thorough with those who displays some very pleasant and nice attitudes towards them.

Among all the temperaments, male sanguines are more likely to indulge in Infidelity or illicit love affairs. For what could one expect from a person who loves to spend more time with others, especially male and female friends and admirers? Unless they’re controlled or influenced by a more disciplined secondary temperament, sanguines do not have the discipline to refrain from, or avoid yielding to sexual allurements and temptations. The moment they feel emotionally attracted towards their female friends their sexual urge is ignited, and they must do everything to satisfy that urge. Sanguines must as matter of fact avoid exposing themselves so much to persons of the opposite sex, if they want to overcome their tendency to cheat on their partner.

However, all humans irrespective of their temperament category which often controls their actions and reactions has got the vulnerability and tendency to engage in illicit love affairs but some temperaments are more vulnerable to it than others. While some may have the discipline to resist and remain unspotted, others may helplessly yield, if they’re often exposed to those attitudes that makes them becomes defenseless or exposes their weaknesses.


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