8 Keys To Improving Your Personality And Earn Respect.

Have you ever wondered why some persons struggles to make themselves appealing to others and subsequently wants to get their respect? And others never had to struggle, they effortlessly and quietly attract the respect of everyone. Every human being often desires to be respected and dignified by others. But not many knows what it takes to attract such respect.

Thus, they either often acts cruelly and callously just so they could be feared or acts too nicely, and may be sometimes pretentiously, just so they could get the approval of others. No one ever respects or reverences you because you’re callous and cruel. And not many will take you too seriously for being excessively nice. You don’t need to prove to anyone that you’re a nice person, you only need to always do what’s right and needs to be done. Whether they see it or not, is totally immaterial.

Respect is earned, and not forced. People will naturally respect you when you’ve given them reasons to accord you it. However, there are some temperaments that naturally embodies the basic qualities that often makes people accord them the needed respect without them asking for it. Nevertheless, all temperaments needs to consistently improve their lifestyle to attract and earn respect. However, some persons often misconstrues respect and being feared.

Cholerics will easily be feared or perhaps command and force the respect of others because of their ruthlessness, high-handedness and boldness. While melancholies easily earns respect after a while for their intelligence, conscientiousness and self-discipline. Sanguines needs a lot more to earn respect, while typical phlegmatics needs to up their game in order to get the respect of others.

For sanguines are extremely social people whose lifestyle exposes all their weaknesses too early, that they become very predictable. While phlegmatics belongs to the categories of extremely nice people who often loves to get everyone’s approval, thus making them appear too weak.

In today’s post, we want to consider 8 keys to improving your personality and earn the respect of others.

8 Keys To Improving Your Personality And Earn Respect:

1. Build Trust:

Trust is basically the engine room of all human interpersonal relationship and cooperation. It’s for sure what’ll make anyone repose their confidence in you after a few successful or may be loyal encounters and dealings with you. Without trust, people will rarely believe in you or what you’ve got to offer. Trust is very important in every human relationship because without it, everyone will be suspicious of the other. But it’s quite unfortunate that most persons often takes this basic essentiality for granted. And it’s often evidently visible in reneging on their promises, not keeping to agreements and being inconsistent with what they say or do.

If you want to earn the respect of others, then you must be deliberate about building trust, and have people repose their confidence in you. You must ensure that you always keep to your word, to your promises and perhaps to any mutually beneficial agreement you had entered with anyone. These are some of the ways you can build trust and consequently earn the respect of others.

2. Be Emotionally Intelligent:

Being emotionally Intelligent basically means being sensitive to the needs and perhaps the weaknesses of others and trying to relate with them at their level, while not also allowing your emotions to interfere in your sense of judgement and reasonability. People who are emotionally cerebral have got the best interpersonal skills. They know how to relate with everyone without frequently getting into any sort of conflicts with them. Naturally intelligent and brilliant people could be respected by anyone, but those who are emotionally intelligent not only earns the respect of others but they’re also often recommended and are well-spoken of, by them. A lot of persons also loves to associate with them.

Typical melancholies and perhaps to an extent phlegmatics are naturally emotionally intelligent persons but they’ll need to overcome their fears and lack of courage in order to be more resolute and unwavering in their decisions to doing what’s right. Developing your emotional capacity will improve your intelligence and earn you the respect of everyone.

3. Talk Less, Do More:

It’s a no brainier that those who walks their talk and those who talks little but achieves more are usually an admiration to lots of people. People who works silently tends to cover more grounds than those who would had used their mouths to talk things into reality even before they started working. People with basic Sanguine temperament often have a problem with this. They would’ve blustered with their mouth before they could realize that everything they’ve said are not easily feasible. But if you want to earn the respect of others, you must often ensure you do the things you say or talk less, so you can use a better part of your time to figure out how to accomplish what you’ve said.

4. Speak Intelligently:

It’s not enough to talk or speak less, but it’s more fashionable to speak or talk Intelligently. There’s really not much difference between you that taciturns and the loquacious person if you do not speak Intelligently. People could perhaps be waiting to hear from you because they’re expecting to feel the wisdom and Intelligence in your voice. But everyone will be like aw! and feel very disappointed the moment you decide to open your mouth.

Your words must always be wrapped in Intelligence and everyone must feel the Intelligence in what you say everytime you speak. Doing this will make everyone always wants to seek your opinion and input concerning any issue, and you’ll consequently earn their respect.

5. Be Unassuming:

People who are naturally likeable and often attracts respect are unassuming. They’re very polite, moderate and do not like to bluster about themselves or their achievements, regardless of who they are. An unassuming person is a very modest and polite individual who rarely talks about him or herself but will rather you hear about them from others or you take cognizance of who they are yourself. They do not ask for your respect, but you’ll have no choice other than respecting and dignifying them for their meekness and candour after you’ve got to know them better.

6. Exude Confidence and Courage:

Self-confidence and courage is one of the qualities respectable and very revered people possess. People often respects those who always exudes and expresses confidence and courage in every situation or circumstances they find themselves. Courage is not the total absence of fear. But the ability to be undaunting even in a challenging situation. Courageous and confident people never allows any problem or challenge to demoralize them, or get them to a state of despondency. And since not many persons possess this quality, they’ll effortlessly command the respect of others.

7. Decisiveness and Self-discipline:

A decisive person does not delay what ought to be or wait for things to get bastardized before they could take a decision. They simply make tomorrow come today, or proactively forestalling and ameliorating any unfavorable or undesirable situation. Self-discipline or self-control makes you temperate in subjecting your inordinate human desires to rules and principles. A combo of these two basic qualities will make anyone successful in their visions and goals, and consequently attracts the respect and admiration of others.

8. Avoid Talking ill of Others In Their Absence or Before Meeting Them:

One of the things that makes some persons loose their respect if they’ve got one, and often makes people get disinterested in them, is their myopic and thoughtless disposition towards others. Most persons consciously or unconsciously find themselves in a group or gathering where others are scandalously talked about. And some persons often takes at face value what anyone tells them about others, without realizing that they could be doing it just to get favour.

Never join anyone to either criticize, condemn or speak-ill of others even before knowing them or getting to hear from them. Doing this, will make you discriminatory and you could loose the respect of others. If someone could brazenly speak ill of others in your presence, they could also speak ill of you in your absence. You need to be more dispassionate in looking at issues, and treat everyone equally if you want to attract and earn the respect and admiration of others.

Conclusively, respect is not given or forced, it’s earned. You must give people a reason to respect and admire you. And respect must never be confused with fear and trepidation. For the latter is borne out of cruelty, callousness and high-handedness, while the former is out of admirable qualities and attributes.


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