7 Best Careers That Suits Sanphleg Temperaments.

A sanphleg is one amongst the twelve temperament combinations or blends. This is someone who has got a blend of sanguine as their primary or basic temperament and phlegmatic as their secondary. This individual could be described as an ambivert, that is an intermediary between an introvert and an extrovert. But they could be more of an extrovert since they’ve got sanguine, which is a very hugely and highly extroverted temperament as their primary or basic temperament. If the ratio of combination of these blends is say, 60:40 or 55:45, then the secondary temperament which is phlegmatic will also be a bit more impactful on their personality traits than if it were 70:30 or 65:35.

A combination and blend of a lively, expressive, happy, fun loving, highly spirited, and charismatic sanguine traits with a very calm, quiet, gentle, gracious, peaceful and also efficiently- organized phlegmatic traits no doubt make a sanphleg both people-oriented and a very conservatively-organized personality.

A sanphleg is a lively, happy, warm and humorous individual and since he’s got a phlegmatic side, he’ll also be somewhat meek, gracious, organized, modest and not easily prone to anger and hostility. He’ll easily be a fine and ebullient personality, but who still has lack of self-discipline, decisiveness and determination as their major weaknesses.

In today’s post, we want to take a look at a sanphlegs’ career and the careers they’re best suited for. Sanphlegs could succeed in many careers, even in a career that requires some level of patience, routines and organization because of the phlegmatic aspect of them. But there are some basic careers that they’re best suited for, which ultimately defines their temperament blends, and which they’ll also no doubt derive enormous amount of excitement and fulfilment while doing their job.

Best Careers Suitable For Sanphlegs:

1. Sales/Marketing Representative and Executive:

The liveliness, expressiveness and charismatic disposition of a sanguine in combination with the meekness, gentleness and calmness of a typical phlegmatic will make a sanphleg succeed in any sales and marketing job description he’s given. It’s clearly because a sanguine has got enormous amount of charisma to burn, and to convince anyone about a product or service. Even a person who’s not crippled could be convinced by a typical sanguine’s word-of-mouth to buy a wheelchair. Only for the person to go back home and realize that they do not even need it.

Sanguines are so convincing and very sweeping with their word-of-mouth when trying to market a particular product or service, to the extent that you’ll almost bring out your money to just buy into it, eventhough you had no any initial intentions of buying it. And because they’ve got a secondary phlegmatic temperament, which makes them also to be able to calm any storm, swallow their pride and use some gracious words should in case you become very hostile in the course of their marketing to you, is not uncommon for them. It’s for this basic reason that a sanphleg will not just succeed as a sales and marketing representative, but will also reach the level of sales and marketing manager or executive in their career.

2. Customer Service Representative:

Like you’re already aware, any career that’s people or public oriented is very open to a sanguine. Sanguines enjoys interacting and relating with different persons more than any other temperament. Infact, they often finds their passion and meaning in life when always interacting with various categories of persons. It’s for this reason that a career in customer or client services is one of the best for a sanphleg.

Apart from their sanguine aspect that knows how to talk and converse with anyone, regardless of who they are. Their phlegmatic side knows how to be modest, organized and meek when interacting and conversing with you. This absolutely makes a sanphleg best suited for this career. Their customers or clients will often relish the service they got from them and will also wish to come back for more deals, since they feel very entertained or satisfied.

3. Public Relations Officers or Personnels:

No other temperament can efficiently market an organization more than a sanphleg. Next to them are melsans, because of their analytical and very detailed nature. However, sanphlegs makes excellent public relations officers and personnels because of their ability to mobilize everyone with their word-of-mouth to support or buy into a particular course and become somewhat sympathetic to it.

Since they’ve got phlegmatic as their secondary temperament, they’ll be organized, composed and also very moderate, without exaggerating when reeling out some good things about an organization. And people could also relate to their encomiums about any brand, product or organization they promote.

4. Nursing:

Nursing is one career that sanphlegs will definitely do very well in. They’ll also feel very satisfied and fulfilled if they embark on this career. This is because a nurse is expected to be very caring, compassionate and patient. Phlegmatics naturally embodies these qualities, and they easily display them knowingly or unknowingly whenever they’re close to anyone who needs to be shown those attributes.

Sanguines on the other hand are very lively, happy, hilarious and highly spirited individuals who also uses their attributes and warmly natural people-oriented qualities to lift the spirit and mood of anyone who could be downtrodden. Many patients often responds positively to a sanguines’ questions of “how are you today”? Or “are u getting better”? Because they know the sanguine nurse has got the temperament that could give them courage and lift their spirits. This is why nursing is a very good career for sanphlegs. However, Phlegsans will be more excellent in the job than their sanphleg counterparts except if the blend ratio is 50:50 or 55:45 for typical sanphlegs.

5. Receptionist:

Sanphlegs will also make very good and efficient receptionists who their warm and welcoming attitudes easily endears their visitors to them. As long as sanguines meets different persons everyday where they could showcase their liveliness, and conversational skills and abilities, they’ll rarely get bored doing their jobs as receptionist.

And since they also have a blend of phlegmatic temperament, that’s very calm, gentle, gracious and efficiently- organized. Sanphlegs working as receptionists in any organization or department will no doubt make their clients, customers or visitors feel very relaxed and comfortable going into business or any other deals with such an organization. They’ll obviously relate very well with everyone and be a very good link between everyone and their organization.

6. Entertainment Artist:

Sanphlegs will also make very good and efficient entertainers, especially in comedy or comic acting. For the sanguine has got a natural humour and comic traits that’ll certainly keep anyone excited and entertained when they’re bored and lonely. While their phlegmatic aspect that loves to be with people, and see them happy and entertained will be triggered to make them feel comfortable and relaxed, and also relish the time they spent watching or listening to them.

Sanphlegs must do everything it takes to make anyone relish every moment they’re with them, entertaining their guests and audiences through any means they’re most comfortable with. It’s basically for this reason that most sanphlegs finds their passion and a career in the entertainment industry. This is obviously another career every sanphleg could flourish in, if they so desire to go into the entertainment sector.

7. Politics:

Politics is also another career that sanphlegs will find very interesting and attractive. For the sanguine is a people-oriented individual, who has got the capacity to mobilize and build bridges across different divides, thus rallying the support of everyone with their oratory, liveliness and very high spirit. While the gentle, calm, quiet and efficient-organized phlegmatic will make them endearable to a lot of people who’ll buy into their ideology and philosophy of politics without any violence and mudslinging.

A blend or combination of sanguine and phlegmatic temperament will no doubt make the sanphleg appear to be a very credible candidate that people will entrust their vote and also repose their confidence in. But whether they will eventually succeed or deliver on their mandate is a different kettle of fish all together.

Conclusively, sanphlegs have got both people-oriented and very nice, plus humane qualities that could make them succeed in any people-oriented and meticulously patient careers that requires routines and organization. But they need to explore more and discover a good number of these careers that defines their personality traits. The above 7 careers I’ve listed are some of the best I believe they’re best suited for when considering a career change.


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