Sanphleg’s Best Temperament Compatibility In Marriage.

Who’s A Sanphleg Compatible with In Marriage?

A sanphleg is someone who has got a blend of sanguine and phlegmatic temperaments. With sanguine being their basic or primary temperament while phlegmatic their secondary. Usually, the primary temperament will have an overwhelming influence on anyone’s personality traits while the secondary temperament will be less influential on them. But if the ratio between their primary and secondary temperaments is almost of equal or substantial amount, then they’ll frequently exhibit the traits of both temperaments.

In today’s post, we want to consider a person who has a blend of sanguine and phlegmatic temperament, other- wise known as sanphleg temperament blends, and the best temperaments that’ll be compatible with them for marriage. This compatibility isn’t just about being compatible in traits, likes or behavioral patterns. It’s also about being sexually compatible with one another, which is a very important aspect of marriage.

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In one of my previously related post on best temperament compatibility for marriage and relationship, we only considered the predominant or basic temperaments of different persons and matched them with others they could be compatible with in marriage. But in this post and subsequent posts, we’ll be considering the twelve blends of temperaments in details and match them with other blends they’ll be compatible with in order to foster a happy and peaceful marriage. First off,

Who’s A Sanphleg?

A sanphleg is someone who combines the lively, expressive, charismatic and highly-spirited nature of the sanguine plus the calm, quiet, gentle, gracious and efficiently-organized nature of the phlegmatics. If this combination is in the ratio of 50:50, but rarely does it come in such equal proportion, since there must always be a predominant one. But let’s say 55:45 or 60:40, this individual will often naturally display the attributes and characteristics of the two temperaments.

Since they’re made up of a highly extroverted temperament like the sanguine, and a highly introverted temperament like the phlegmatic, they’ll behave more like ambiverts, rather than complete extroverts or introverts as proposed by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist. However, because sanguine is their basic temperament, since it’s by a little percentage greater than their phlegmatic aspect, then they’ll often tilt towards behaving more like extroverts as they’re more constantly being influenced by the sanguine temperament.

This individual will be inconsistent in their behaviours. Because you’ll often see them behave sometimes and most times like an extroverts who are very effervescent and full of life, and at other times they’ll act like introverts, being extremely conservative and completely withdrawn. It’s not very uncommon for them to be loud and expressive this minute, and the next minute they’re very quiet and shy or cool.

They could also be sometimes outgoing, and at other times, they’ll decide to just be indoors. They rarely talk excessively, they know when to talk and to refrain themselves from talking. Although, they do moderate their speeches and usually have some form of control over what they say, unlike a pure sanguine of 70:30 or 80:20 ratio. However, sanphlegs more than any of the other sanguine blends often bluster about themselves and even exaggerates most things they say.

Since they combine the two basic temperaments of sanguine and also phlegmatic in varying but substantial amounts, they’ll also carry along the strengths and weaknesses of the two temperaments in varying degrees.

What Are Some of The Strengths And Weaknesses of A Sanphleg:

In order to efficiently analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the sanphleg, we need to first of all, know some of the strengths and weaknesses of both the sanguine and phlegmatic temperaments.

Some of the strengths of a typical sanguine are friendliness, charisma warm, compassionate, enthusiasm, optimism and responsiveness. The sanguine’s major weaknesses are: high indiscipline, lack of self control, dishonesty, lack of determination, procrastination, impulsiveness and unproductivity. These are some of the sanguine’s strengths and weaknesses that makes up their lifestyle.

A typical phlegmatic strengths are: calmness, gentleness, meekness, loyalty, objectiveness, discipline and efficient- organized. Some of their weaknesses will include: indecision, lack of self-motivation, stinginess, fear, procrastination, docility, worry and anxiety. From the individual weaknesses and strengths of both sanguine and phlegmatic respectively listed above, we can infer that a sanphleg will naturally exhibit a number of these weaknesses and strengths depending on the particular temperament that they’re often more under its influence at any particular point in time.

Thus, since sanguine is the primary temperament, the major strength of a sanphleg will include: friendliness, somewhat outgoing, warm, optimism, charismatic, very compassionate and responsiveness. While the some of the sanphleg’s main weaknesses will also include: indecision, procrastination, lack of determination, fear of facing pressures, unproductivity and may be exaggeration or dishonesty.

However, some of the weaknesses in a sanguine will often be offset by some of the strengths of the phlegmatic temperament, while some of the weaknesses of a typical phlegmatic will also be abated by the strengths of a sanguine. It’s obviously for this reason that a typical sanguine can marry a phlegmatic, but they’ll usually have some little challenges in raising their kids and succeeding in some aspects of their lives, since the above listed sanphleg weaknesses will tend to hinder their success. Now, let’s consider which temperament or may be blends of temperament that’ll be best compatible with a sanphleg for marriage.

Which Temperament Blend Is A Sanphleg Compatible with For Marriage?

There’s basically no perfect marriage, as every temperament has got its own innate strengths and weaknesses. Most persons believes marrying a person whose temperament is the same with theirs is the best option for marriage. Well, they may be justified to an extent since marriage is about tolerance, understanding, patience and forgiveness. But what happens when you don’t understand why your spouse behaves the way they do, and also when their weaknesses irritates you that you feel like giving up on the marriage, since you both have the same weaknesses, and no one likes to see their weaknesses in others?

It’s for this reason I always advice people to marry persons of opposite or dissimilar temperaments in order to bring in varieties into the marriage and avoid having the weaknesses of a particular or similar temperaments become overwhelmingly embedded in the marriage. Marrying dissimilar temperaments will make couples to better understand and appreciate themselves, and also manage one another’s temperament weaknesses through influence. Since everyone knows that they’ve got their own weaknesses, thus there’s no need of being overly critical of the other.

However, eventhough there are no perfect temperament combination for marriage, and being very compatible with each other does not guarantee an all round successful marriage either, it could only engender more peaceful and harmonius marital life. There’s no doubt that some temperaments are very much compatible with others in having a very happy and peaceful marriage than others, and which combination will also contribute to raising well-bred, disciplined and also responsible kids.

Having looked at who the sanphleg is, and their major weaknesses and strengths. The best temperament that will be compatible for them in having an all encompassing happy, peaceful and also successful marriage in which they could raise well-bred kids, is a very disciplined, decisive, determined and very productive Phlegchol. When a sanphleg marries a Phlegchol, that is someone with a blend of phlegmatic as their primary temperament and choleric as their secondary, they’ll no doubt relish their marriage and also be able to raise very disciplined and responsible kids.

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For cholerics are naturally attracted to a phlegmatic’s calm, quiet and peaceful nature while the sanguine aspect of a sanphleg will bring fun and flare in the marriage. These two couples will be able to augment one another’s temperament strengths and weaknesses and have a successful marital life. To help you quickly understand the temperament of your spouse and how both of you will be able to maximize your strengths and manage your weaknesses, I want to recommend you order and read the temperament God gave your spouse by Laraine Bennett. Order the bestseller now, so you’ll understand your spouse’s weaknesses and strengths and how both of you can relate perfectly with one another.

In conclusion, it’s better to have a good understanding of the various temperaments and also blends of temperaments, with their innate strengths and weaknesses before going into marriage. This will help us make the right choice in deciding the temperament or blends we’ll be more compatible with in marriage.

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