7 Best Careers For Melsan Temperament Blends.

Who’s A Melsan?

A melsan is someone who combines or has got a blend of the melancholy and sanguine temperaments, with melancholy being their primary or predominant temperament while sanguine is their secondary. A melsan is rather regarded as an ambivert just like other blends, than being a pure introvert or extrovert, since he’s got some introvert and extrovert qualities in varying proportions. But because his basic or primary temperament is melancholy, he’ll likely more often behave like an introvert, yielding more to influence of his melancholic temperament. Do not forget that if the blend ratio between his primary and secondary temperament is say, 60:40 or 55:45 rather than 70:30 or 65:35, then the personality traits of both melancholy and sanguine will be very glaring in him.

Melsans are the most lively, emotional and talented of all other introverted melancholic blends. They often feel deeper emotions than those. They can not stand the sight of seeing someone in pain or hearing a bad news, even listening to a melancholic music could make them weep profusely. Very little unpalatable situations touches their soul. However, they’re easily as very misunderstood like their melchol counterparts since they’ve got very unstable moods, and which is usually a characteristic of their melancholic aspect, since melancholies operates at different moods, high-ecstatic and low -depressed moods. When their mood is up, they’re very emotional, lively and compassionate people that could feel the pains of others. But when it’s down, anger, aggression, complaining and being overly critical of everything is not uncommon for them, especially when they’re confronted with a very unfavorable situation that’s beyond their ability to bear. It’s for this major reason that they most times get easily misunderstood by so many persons. Because, a once happy, emotional and lively person becomes very depressed, sad and aggressive.

Melsans are likeable people because they easily get along with others. Thus their interpersonal relationship skills ability is better than the other blends of melancholy. Since they are lively persons who also considers others and are moderate in their speech and attitudes, rarely exaggerating them. Although their sanguine aspect has got a tendency towards blustering and giving a false view of issues, but their melancholic aspect is always there to checkmate their excesses. Although, they’re not the kind that easily makes friends or be the first to seek for your friendship unlike a sanmel, but they sure understands what friendship is about and values it more than if they were sanmel. People often likes and admires melsans after relating with them and seeing how deeply they love and genuinely caring they are.

Melsans are very nice, intelligent and competent people who loves job that are people centered, and often desires to impact humanity with their talents and make everyone happy. It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider some of the careers that are best for them, in which they could be able to use their gifts and talents to benefit the world. These lists is in no particular order, but a melsan could excel in any of them if they choose to venture into any one of these careers.

Careers Best Suitable For Melsans:

1. Research:

No other temperament loves to come up with new ideas and innovations more than melancholies. Since they’re solution-oriented persons that loves to solve problems and make everyone happy, they could spend a better part of their time researching for different solutions and better ways to make life easier for people to live. Though their sanguine aspect could make them feel bored if the results are not immediate but since they are also adventurous people, it will enhance their tendency towards coming up with new models through some research. However the melancholy aspect of them, which is their predominant temperament have got more than enough discipline, patience and consistency to make them persist as long as they believe in what they’re doing and are perhaps getting some initial positive results. Thus, as a melsan, you could choose to become a researcher, discovering new ways to get things done efficiently and easily, and submit your results and of course proposals to relevant agencies and organizations.

2. Teaching:

Teaching is another career that’s best suitable for melsans. Melancholies loves to impart knowledge in the most simplest of form. They’re extremely detailed persons, and have got an exceptional analytical minds, thus the teaching profession is definitely one career they’ll no doubt excel in. The tendency towards being too critical of, and unhappy with their pupils or student will be ameliorated because of their sanguine traits and qualities. Rather, because of their sanguine qualities, they’ll be more friendly and relational, rarely being too critical or impatient with them if they cannot learn at their own pace. The pupils no doubt will often relish his class and finds it very interesting, since they will combine a very comprehensive teaching with illustrations and may be, storytelling. However, teaching does not only mean being a classroom teacher, but it entails whatever you do to impart knowledge.

3. Advertising practitioners:

Although not a very efficient sales and marketing personnel like his sanphleg or sanmel counterpart. But crafting advert and sales copies that could get the attention of anyone and turn them into buying customers or patronizing clients is sure one career that melsans are best suited for. For melancholies are very intelligent people, who can think into the minds of their potential clients and customers to craft ads and sales copies that could make anyone become very willing and interested in what they’ve got to offer. And since they’ve got a secondary sanguine temperament that’s very lively and charismatic, thus talking people into bringing out their money and get the product or service will not be much an uphill task.

4. Book writing & Publishing:

Most melsans grows to become very renowned authors and publishers of international repute. I strongly hold the opinion that most of the world’s best known authors are melancholies, or must at least have melancholy as their secondary temperament. For a melancholy is a very creative, detailed and analytical individual who always desires to use any means he can to educate people and impact positively on their lives. Thus, going into book writing and publishing or becoming an author is not uncommon for him. As a melancholy who has got some sanguine temperament, you’ve got all it takes to become an author of high repute, and also talk about your book or present speeches in very succinct manner that will catch the attention of your readers and audience.

5. Entertainment:

Under the entertainment sector, do you know that one career that seems to attract so many melancholies, is acting? This is because melancholies are so creative and intelligent to act any role they’re given, and they’ll act it like it’s real without leaving any trace of superficiality. Though they’re introverts, but soon after leaving the stage, they’ll immediately revert to their introverted and conservative lifestyle. Their sanguine aspect that’s more people-oriented, will bring in more fun and flare into their acting, and get you extremely emotional while watching them on stage. Thus, melsans makes very good actors of any standard.

Another aspect of entertainment that melsans are also very efficient in, and will also makes you relish their talent is in music. They make very efficient and exceptional musicians whose delivery does not come without passion and flare in their voice that could bring out goosebumps on your skin. Apart from singing, they’re also good orchestra, song writer and music composer. This is the aspect of arts and entertainment that most melsans often finds very attractive and they do extremely well in it.

6. Production and Manufacturing:

Because of the perfectionism of the melancholies plus their high accuracy in arts and crafts, combined with the charismatic and people-oriented traits of the sanguine, a melsan can go into arts and crafts, which also involves any production, manufacturing and packaging of goods career. Typical melancholies loves to add value. They love to see their products being used by people, especially if they’ve got a secondary choleric temperament, that is extremely productive. Infact, next to melchols are melsans when it’s got to do with basic manufacturing and production, plus packaging careers. Thus, if you’re a melsan, aside jobs that are people centered in nature, bringing you face to face with people, you could choose to find a career in producing and manufacturing your own products and packaging same for public consumption. Many melsans and melchols are Ceo’s of their own companies having found a career in production and manufacturing.

7. Service Business:

If you desire to venture into any business, as a melsan, I believe the best type of business you should consider venturing into is a, service rather than a retail business. Service business, because you’ve got the basic qualities to make sure your customers or clients are satisfied, cause you give them the best value for their money. And the sanguine aspect of you has the capability to attract anyone and make them believe in what you’ve got to offer. It’s for this reason you need to consider a service business above a retail business. Because for a retail business, you may get bored or loose track of keeping proper sales records, since you’re not drawn to maintaining routines like the phlegmatics unless it gives you new things to think about. It’s in a service business that your strength lies, and your potentials will no doubt be unleashed.

Other formal or professional careers that melsans usually succeeds in, and which describes their personalities are: doctor, because of their detailed and analytical minds, plus their meticulousness combined with their lively and highly-spirited sanguine nature. Lawyer, still because of their detailed analysis, reasonability and love for justice, also combined with the sanguine’s ability to freely express themselves. Any career that’s very humanitarian in nature and which also requires detailed analysis, self- sacrifice, reasoning, people centered and also adds value to people’s lives.

Conclusively, a melsan is a very gifted and talented personality. He finds any career that seems to be centered on adding value to people’s lives and making them very comfortable and happy very interesting. Because of their intelligence, and detailed and analytical melancholic minds, they could venture into any career or be hired for any job that requires both accuracy and making use of their brains to think out solutions to any problems, and also effectively communicating with people.

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