How Phlegmatics Can Self- Motivate, Get More Active And Productive.

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In one of my previous post about how we can manage our temperament weaknesses, I did made it clear that influence is easily the most effective way anyone could either overcome or manage the weaknesses associated with the temperament they’re born with. Interacting and relating with other temperaments whose strengths are different from ours will allow a back and forth influence that’ll no doubt make us increasingly become so much attracted to their strengths, which will subsequently have a very positive impact on us.

If you’re a typical sanguine, relating and interacting more with someone like a melancholy, you’ll be able to become more disciplined, serious and organized. Similarly, a melancholy will also become a happier and less a moody person. For typical phlegmatic, relating and interacting more with a choleric, will help you become more courageous, confident and decisive. While a choleric gets more organized, considerate and sympathetic. This no doubt gives credence to the fact we all influence one another as we interact and relate amongst ourselves.

However, in today’s post, we want to specifically focus on the phlegmatics and how they can self-motivate, get more active and productive.

Though an extremely calm, quiet and organized personality, who loves very serene and sedentary lifestyles, but phlegmatics has so much weaknesses which are not easily noticeable. But the ones that are usually visible are lack of self-motivation, indecision, passivity and perhaps unproductivity. Another challenge phlegmatics often battles with, is fear, which hinders them from taking actions that could lead to their success. It’s basically for this reason that we want to consider how phlegmatics could be able to motivate themselves, get more active, in order to become more productive.

Eventhough, influence could be well enough exchanged amongst ourselves as we interact and relate with each other. But no one will be able to motivate the other beyond the level you could motivate yourself. And it will be almost impossible for anyone to push you to being all the time more active and productive beyond your natural limits. Influence will no doubt positively impact our physical traits and attitudes, or help us to be able to better manage some of our physical temperament weaknesses, but it will rarely help us to overcome some of our natural oddities, which are more or completely dependent on our own effort and decisions.

Sometimes, you do not need anyone to motivate or influence you to be a better person or to develop yourself. It’s a matter of being deliberate about doing it yourself. It’s for this reason that in today’s post, I want to reveal ways phlegmatics can self-motivate, become more active and productive.

Asides being fearful, one major traits or should I say, characteristics of all phlegmatics, is inertia. Phlegmatics do not move or take action until they’re pushed or forced to. This apparently impacts negatively on their success and achievements in life. In order for phlegmatics to be more active and productive, they definitely need to be more deliberate and decisive about getting what they desire, rather than wait to be pushed. Phlegmatics needs to motivate themselves to start doing things that’s within their powers to do, and avoid being reluctant about taking the first step.

Procrastination is also another thing that makes phlegmatics inactive and unproductive. Phlegmatics ignorantly often delays their success and perhaps have it elude them, because of always procrastinating things they ought to do now. Fear of taking action or doing things for themselves without getting the support and approval of others, makes them become very docile. You practically need to sometimes carry phlegmatics by the hand or push them before they can embark on any action or activity. For phlegmatics to become active and productive, they must stop all forms of procrastination. Be more courageous in doing what they ought to do now, despite how difficult it may seem.

Another area phlegmatics needs to deal with, if they want to be more active and productive, is to be a little bit more confident of themselves in taking certain actions, especially when that responsibility is placed on their shoulders. Trying to get the opinion and support of everyone before making a personal decision or taking actions that affects you directly makes you appear incompetent and naive. You need to be more decisive, confident and courageous about your personal success. Else, you’ll always be at the mercy of getting everyone’s approval to live your life.

In conclusion, although some of the phlegmatics physical temperament weaknesses could be managed by interacting and relating with other temperaments. But if they want to be more active and productive, they first need to learn to motivate themselves in taking certain actions. Phlegmatics must also avoid postponing things they ought to do immediately. And lastly, they should be more confident about taking some personal decisions, without always having to get the support and approval of everyone around them.

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