Best Profitable Blogging Niche For The Four Basic Temperament Categories.

Which Niche Blog Is Best For Your Personality?

Blogging is no doubt one of the most profitable career in this digital age. More persons across the globe are obviously finding a career in blogging very attractive. While some blog part time, as part time bloggers, others had completely devoted all of their time to blogging full-time. Some of these full time bloggers had also quit their jobs to focus on their blogging career. And they never regretted it, since they’re making more money from their blog and have also become their own boss through blogging.

The blogosphere is free for everyone. And so many persons are leveraging on it to earn enough to quit their job. However, there are still some persons who had struggled to make it in the blogging career but were unsuccessful and eventually they quit. Others have also been struggling with it for years, and are probably, presently struggling with trying to establish themselves as successful bloggers, and perhaps start to earn from their blog, but it seems there’s clearly no success in cite. What could be the reason? There are many factors that could be attributable to their failure in making it in blogging.

But it isn’t my intention to bore you with all the nitty-gritty about blogging or begin to list the factors responsible for the failure of so many persons in blogging, as this isn’t the purpose of this post. However, I’ll only pick just one out of many of these factors, that seems to concern us in today’s post.

One of the major reason why so many persons fall flat to their face in their proposed blogging career, and which they also quit eventually, is content droughtiness. A lot of persons thinks that blogging is all about creating or starting a free blog with either Google blogger or wordpress, and publishing few contents, then they expect all the cash to begin to roll-in. Blogging does not work that way. Being consistent for a long time is the key to success in blogging. After some persons might have written and published some few contents in one particular niche, they run out of ideas of the next topic to write about. Consequently, they could either give up if they can’t seem to find something new to write about or they begin to write on other things that’s completely different from their blog’s topic and previous posts they had written, thus making a complete mess of their blog.

Blog topic idea and content dryness had no doubt made a lot of persons to quit blogging, since they could not cope with the creativity it takes to consistently come up with new and interesting topics to write on. When i search online, I often see a lot of blogs whose most recent topics is like a decade ago, and I begin to ask myself why? It then dawned on me that most persons actually started a blog that they do not have passion for the title or they have basically run-out of the blog’s topic ideas. One thing is to have or create a blog, another thing is to be consistent in always coming up with new topical ideas for that blog’s posts more especially, if it’s a niche blog. It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider the best profitable blogging niche for the four categories of temperaments.

These niches were chosen based on the areas of strengths of each of the four temperaments. I’ve come to realize that there’s a nexus between blogging and our temperament. More often than not, blogging does not require that you have a degree in a particular field or even a prior experience. I think most successful bloggers can agree with me on this. However, this does not mean that you should just jump into the blogging career without taking into account some basic factors that’ll position you well enough for success.

Your basic temperament strength is one factor you must consider before deciding on which blogging niche you want to focus on. A lot of pro bloggers will tell you that a vast knowledge and experience in a particular niche will suffice to start a blog. They may be right and justified in their assertion. But what then happens when you’ve not garnered any prior experience? This is basically where using your temperament strength to discover the best blogging niche for you, had to come in. Blogging also requires being passionate about the niche you’ve chosen to focus on. But sometimes, you may not know exactly where your passion lies until you’re consistently doing something that you’re always happy and excited about. Therefore, anything you consistently do very well without getting bored is basically where your strength lies. And your natural strength is also synonymous with the basic temperament you’re born with

Thus, when you choose a blogging niche or category that’s tied to your primary temperament strengths, then you can’t get bored, neither run out of topical blogging ideas for that niche. Let’s consider some of the profitable blogging niche for all temperaments.

1. Best Profitable Blogging Niche For Sanguines:

Typical sanguines are fun loving, very happy, charismatic an people-oriented personalities. They’ve got the capacity to lift the spirit of anyone they come in contact with, with their ebullience and also high spirits. For a sanguine, there’s never a dull moment. He’s a fascinating storyteller, who’ll make you relish every minute spent with them through their effervescent and blustery lifestyle. Some persons may not appreciate him at first, but they’ll later tend to condone their exuberant lifestyle, and just accept them for who they are. Many sanguines often finds more meaning in life when they’re able to entertain and make others to be very happy and excited. I believe the best blogging niche all sanguine temperament category should focus on, will be in, arts and entertainment.

There are different sub-niches in the art and entertainment category you could blog on. You could focus on: Tourism, Gaming, Sports, Film & Videos, Radio and TV shows, Reality TV shows, Music, Culture, Outdoor recreational activities, Photo, Fashion, YouTube, and any other niche that’s people-oriented is best for you.

2. Best Profitable Blogging Niche For Cholerics:

Cholerics are highly courageous, self- sufficient and also extremely stylish personalities. They love to do things their own way without minding what anyone thinks or feels about them. Cholerics are already celebrities even before becoming popular because of their lifestyle and their way of doing things. A lot of persons often secretly admires them from a distance, and some who seems to be averse to their lifestyles or cannot match up with their highly sophisticated lifestyles, decides to keep their distance from them. Typical cholerics loves to be exceptional in anything they do, and often likes to be looked up to. It’s for this reason that I believe starting a lifestyle blog will be the best option for cholerics.

There are also other sub-niches you could decide to focus on, and establish yourself as a successful blogger. You could decide write about Fashion, Beauty, Fitness & Body build, Weight loss, Travel, Dieting & Nutrition, Makeup & Hair styles, Skin/body care, and any other niche that showcases your style, creativity and also your exceptionality.

3. Profitable Blogging Niche For Melancholies:

Melancholies are very intelligent, detailed, analytical and perfectionist individuals. They’re the most detailed and strategic of all the temperaments. Melancholies never embark on any venture or activity without first a detailed and strategic plan of how they’ll achieve their goals. Sometimes, they overthink their actions before embarking on it. And if for any reason they’re not able to accomplish their goal or target, one hundred percent, it often makes them feel underachieved, because they’re perfectionist persons. Planning and setting goals often goes together, for typical melancholies. Accuracy, exactness and hitting their target are melancholies hallmarks. Thus, the most profitable blogging niche they’ll do well in, is finance and money management.

No other temperament has got the capacity to plan their finance, manage money and prepare workable budget more than melancholies. And they’ve also got the discipline to stick to their budget, without spending outside of it. When a melancholy had already prepared his budget, it’ll be difficult getting him to spend a dime outside of it. This attitude often makes so many people think that they’re stingy, not really. It’s because they love to work with their budget. So, the sub-niches you could perhaps, decide to focus on as a typical melancholy are: Personal finance, Budgeting, Finance planning, Saving, Money management and also Raising startup capitals for business.

4. Profitable Blogging Niche For Phlegmatics:

Phlegmatics are the most quiet, calm, gentle, patient and efficient organized of all the temperament categories. They’re addicted to routines, calmly and patiently working towards getting what they want in a career field that they’re already used to. Just like the sanguines, phlegmatics also loves people but their introverted nature, which also typifies shyness, do not allow them to be the first to meet people, they’ll rather have you come to them. Phlegmatics loves people and desires they be with them. They love being recognized and appreciated, especially when they feel that they’re deserving of it. One career that often seems to attract many phlegmatics is, teaching. They love to impart their knowledge to others, and also being appreciated for it.

Thus, the most profitable blogging niche phlegmatics could decide to venture into, is an educational niche blog. It’s in this niche, they’ll leverage on their knowledge in certain subjects or courses to create an educational blog, and teach students and pupils about that subject. In this digital age, and also because of health challenges facing the world, no thanks to covid. Blogs on education are undoubtedly becoming increasingly in-demand. Therefore, you’ll not regret venturing into this blog niche as a typical phlegmatic.

Conclusively, blogging is a very nice and Profitable career anyone could decide to go into, but you must do it the right way in order to be successful in it. One thing you must do for you to become a successful blogger, is to choose the right niche that conforms to your temperament strength if you do not have a vast knowledge and experience in any field. There are also other blogging niche you could choose and still be successful, depending on your passion for it, and how vast you are in that niche. But these four are the most profitable ones for each of the temperament categories, if you’re thinking about going into a niche that typifies your temperament category.

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