How To Live With A Typical Sanguine Spouse In Marriage.

Living With A Sanguine Spouse:

Sanguines are highly extroverted individuals, and are also easily the most outgoing of all the four basic temperaments. They’re often more focused and interested in others and also what goes on in their lives than themselves. Hardly will you meet a typical sanguine in his home.

For his people-oriented, flamboyant and also exuberant lifestyle do not allow him spend some quality time in his home. Infact, he easily gets bored staying in his house for too long, without being in company of friends and admirers. Nothing else could satisfy a sanguine or make him feel very excited other than meeting different persons and being in a mood of conviviality.

A sanguine is easily the most friendly of all the temperaments. He’s a very charismatic person that’ll definitely be the first to initiate communication or relationship. However, he’s rarely a true friend who’ll stick with you till the end. He’s easily bored by routines, or relating with the same persons for a longtime except those who shares his philosophy of life.

A sanguine’s philosophy of life, or his concept about what life ought to be is, fun, merriment and always being in a fun and happy mood. He’s rarely a sad or moody person. No wonder he often finds it difficult getting along very well with a melancholic personality. For a sanguine, there’s never a dull moment. He’s a very happy, ebullient and easily excitable personality. Very lively, hilarious, highly-spirited and fun to be with.

It’s for this reason that a lot of persons are easily drawn to him and often gets enthralled by his fun and effervescent lifestyle. However, some persons may be at first averse to a typical sanguine lifestyle especially those of choleric and melancholy temperaments, but they’ll later begin to condone him and accept him for who he is.

However, so many persons do not take sanguines seriously because they consider them as jokers or unserious persons. Yes, typical sanguines, in course of their relationship with people more often than not displays some very unserious attitudes and behaviours, which often makes people takes them less serious.

Every temperament has got different strengths and weaknesses that often influences their personality traits. The sanguine’s temperament weaknesses affects almost all areas of his life. And this more often than not, negatively affects his success in life. Though a very lively, sociable and interesting person to be with, but a sanguine sure needs more than all these personable and people-oriented qualities to build a better relationship and also succeed in other areas of his life. Let’s come back to our topic for today.

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How To Live With A Typical Sanguine Spouse:

A sanguine is rarely a longterm friend or partner, for he hates routines that do not give him the privilege to live his free life, explore and enjoy life to the fullest, and also express his typical flamboyant and exuberant lifestyle the way he wants to. No wonder they are described as air. If not combined or blended with another secondary temperament which must be in equal or almost equal proportion or degree to his basic sanguine temperament, he’s easily the least temperament to consider tying the nuptial knot with.

So many sanguine’s marriages and eros relationships had hit the rocks or about to, because of suspicions and accusations of Infidelity, lack of trust and commitment to their heartthrobs, spouses and family. For what could one expect from a marriage and eros relationship, where one partner often spends more time with others outside their home, rarely showing enough commitment to their partner, spouses and kids? Therefore, making the other partner feeling very lonely and bored. It’s basically in the marriage or eros relationship of a typical sanguine spouse or partner that suspicions of extramarital affair or infidelity, which often threatens the existence of their marriage or dating relationship is common and often encountered. If this has been your reality, of having to live with a cheating spouse, it hurts. I’ll recommend you order and read sexual betrayal sucks but you got this, by Becky. Order the bestseller now, it will help you to overcome the trauma of being sexually betrayed by your heartthrob.

What Do You Do If You’re Married To A Typical Sanguine?

You cannot change a typical sanguine personality traits, neither any other temperament for that matter. You can only help them to somehow adjust or better manage their weaknesses. The first thing you’ve got to do, in order to live happily with a sanguine without feeling bored is that, you must ensure that your sanguine spouse loves you so deeply that they do not want to loose you. Ensure that he or she is so much interested and passionate about you because of some basic qualities you possess. When a sanguine does not love you enough or finds someone more interesting than you outside, be rest assured that you can’t get their loyalty and commitment to you. And you’ll find it extremely difficult trying to make them adjust their lifestyle to what you want. Other temperaments could be disciplined enough to stick to you, having married you already, but definitely not a sanguine. For they’ll behave in way that’ll often make you suspect or even realize that you’re not what or who they desire.

But if you’re already experiencing loneliness or boredom in marriage, having being married to a typical sanguine or choleric, you may want to read my post on how to overcome loneliness and boredom in marriage.

The second thing you need to do in order to live happily with a sanguine spouse after you’re sure that they’re passionate about you is to, begin to influence them with those qualities you’ve got that often interests them. Every temperament has got what keeps others interested in them. You must discover those qualities and traits you’ve got that always gets your sanguine spouse enthralled and keeps them interested in you. You need to frequently and consistently display these qualities and natural strengths to keep them even more attracted to you.

Thirdly, always speak up against some of their attitudes, behaviors and also lifestyle that you’re not comfortable with. You must vehemently condemn whatever actions they take that you’re not comfortable with, and give them good reasons why you do not like it. But make sure that your reasons are for the benefit of your family, so you don’t appear selfish. Don’t nag. No one likes nagging. Quickly expressing your displeasure over their attitude and showing how damn serious you are, sinks more than nagging about it. It could also require giving them some mild conditions that will make them weigh their options. When a sanguine is being positively influenced, it often shows in their character, and it’s very glaring to everyone.

In conclusion, sanguines are the most extroverted of all the temperaments, who finds their meaning in life being with, and meeting different persons. This people-oriented qualities may be good enough for human interpersonal relationship, but definitely not the best for marriage. Especially if you’re someone who likes your spouse to be more committed to you than anyone else. This is just a typical sanguine’s weaknesses, which more often than not, negatively impact their marriage. However, other temperaments do also have their own weaknesses. But when you adopt the strategy listed in this post, you’ll be able to live happily in marriage with your sanguine spouse.

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