How Spouses of Different Temperaments Can Maintain A Healthy And Active Sexual Lifestyle.

In temperament compatibility for marriage, it’s expected that couples should not only be compatible in just traits, likes and behavioral patterns. It is equally important that they’re also compatible in terms of their sexual and emotional lifestyle. For sexual and emotional compatibility is a very important aspect of marriage that ought not to be taken for granted. But it’s quite unfortunate that most couples are quite very compatible in almost other areas, but often finds it very difficult connecting with each other sexually. The reason is not far- fetched. You need to understand the sexual and emotional responses of different temperaments, especially of your spouse, so you’ll know their most active moments.

Barring any other factor, every normal human being, regardless of their temperament, is expected to have an active sex life, and also be able to maintain a healthy sexual relationship. But should in case this seems to be a major challenge for you in your marriage, such that you often find it difficult fulfilling your marital sexual obligation to your spouse. Rather than deprive yourself the benefit of enjoying a very peaceful and happy marital life with your temperamentally compatible spouse, there are some sexual enhancement products you could use to boost your sex life and enjoy your marriage. The Promescent delay spray for men is one of such products. Order it now in order to Improve your performance. You can also see some reviews by other Amazon customers who had bought and used the product when you click on it. You need to hurry up because stocks are limited. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of today’s post.

One of the many challenges couples of different temperaments often face in marriage, and which I’m privy to, in cause of my counselin or consultancy services, is the challenge of fulfilling their marital sexual obligations to one another. Most couples often complain of not enjoying their spouses sexually, and hardly gets the best from them on 🛏️ bed. Like I stated at the beginning of this post, barring every other factor that could affect one’s reproductive or sex life, every normal person should have no problem with being sexually active and fulfilling that marital responsibility to their spouse.

However, one major factor that could affect someone’s sexual life, is the particular temperament they’re born with. And you need to understand the fact that everyone often yields to the influence of their temperament on them. It determines their individual traits, and also how they respond during their emotional moments. To get the best from your spouse, you definitely need to understand their temperament, and the best time they could respond positively to your feelings or that they’re sensitive to touch. Not every time is the best time to make love for some temperaments in marriage, despite the love, urge or sexual feelings that may exists. It’s basically for this reason that we want to consider how couples of different temperaments can maintain a healthy and active sex life and make their marriage fun. Read on to discover how:

How To Remain Sexually Active And Healthy In Your Marriage:

Every temperament has got different sexual responses and the best time they’re sexually active. For a typical sanguine, especially male sanguine. They’re sexually active, but rarely lives a healthy sexual lifestyle. This is because their sex life is rather more impulsive and spontaneous than deliberate. And it’s for this reason that they do encounter challenges in their marriage when married to typical choleric or melancholy, who are often more deliberate about having sex. For a sanguine could suddenly develop some sexual urge or feeling that you wonder if they actually planned for it. And this could be perhaps, during the time that their choleric or melancholy partner isn’t in the best mood. This consequently more often than not, results in conflicts, which could make them indulge in extramarital affairs.

Male sanguines are easily the most promiscuous and unfaithful of all the temperaments in marriage. For what could one expect from someone who cherishes spending more time with friends and admirers, even with the opposite gender outside his home than with his spouse? His ability to bluster about himself, overly express and sensationalize his flamboyant lifestyle exposes him easily to the temptation of engaging in illicit love affairs, which he more often than not, yields to. Sex for a typical sanguine is usually for fun and pleasure. When he cheats on his partner and gets away with it, he considers it as being smart. And for the female partner that he had succeeded in having a carnal knowledge of, he sees it as a conquest, and a display of his masculine nature.

In a sanguine spouse’s marriage, his partner will often lament about their lack of commitment and spending more time with her, or further accuse him of having extramarital affairs, but trust sanguines, they often have a way of wriggling themselves out, denying and changing the topic through their ability to patronize you with words and also their fascinating storytelling skills. Sanguines are sexually active, but if they could commit to living a more healthy sexual lifestyle, then they’ll be more sexually active in their marriage.

For cholerics, cholerics are very much deliberate about sex. Infact, getting a choleric whether male or female, to engage in sexual intercourse is always very difficult, unless they’re first sexually or emotionally attracted to you. They’re rarely emotional people, and they’ve got the least emotional responses of all the temperaments. Cholerics values work, activities and achieving their goals much more than any other thing. And it’s only when they’re able to accomplish their goal or meet their target, that their emotional feelings could be triggered. In their marriage, their spouse will often lament about their insensitivity to their feelings and being more committed to their jobs. But cholerics will vociferously lashout with the fact that they provide all their needs, and what more do they want. Without realizing that their spouses equally needs their commitments, attention and sensitivity to their feelings.

For cholerics to maintain a healthy and active sex life with their spouse, they definitely need to balance work, activities and achieving their goals, and fulfilling their marital obligations to their spouses. However, if you’re married to a typical choleric, you ought to know the best time that they’re sexually active, and it’s often when they’ve been able to achieve their goals or target since they’re goal-oriented personalities, and making them feel like your Queen or King, easily triggers their sexual urge.

Let’s consider the melancholies. Melancholies are also deliberate about sex, like their typical choleric counterparts. Their introverted qualities often makes their marriage an enjoyable one, since they’re often committed to their family more than anything else. Infact, there’s no other temperament that’s more committed to their families more than a typical melancholy, next to them are the phlegmatics. Melancholies are one of the most loyal temperaments in their marriage. They’re very emotional people, who loves deeply and also desires to be loved sincerely as well. They usually have a healthy and active sex life under very normal circumstances. However, their very inconsistent moods often affects their sexual lifestyle in their marriage.

Melancholies have two mood swings, the high-ecstatic mood, and also their low-depressed moods. During their ecstatic moods, they’re very enjoyable personalities whose emotion and sexual feelings could easily be turned on, and during this moment, they want to make everyone around them happy and feel excited. Thus, sexually satisfying their spouse is also not uncommon for them. But during their low-depressed moods, melancholies are totally different human beings. They’re not an enjoyable persons.

For everyone around them must sincerely feel their pain and show concern before they can be easily pacified. During this period, aggression, antagonism and withdrawal is not uncommon for them. Thus, getting them to be sexually active during this period is very unlikely, until their mood is completely lifted again. For you to get the best of your melancholy spouse on 🛏️ bed, you must endeavour to understand their mood swings and get them to that point where they’re in their highest emotional ecstasy. It’s basically for this reason that typical melancholies are adviced to marry those who perfectly understands and appreciates their qualities, in order for them to have a happy home, and successful marital life.

Finally, let’s consider the phlegmatics. Next to the melancholies, are typical phlegmatics, in terms of their sexual responses. However, melancholies are more deliberate, down-to-earth and picky when it comes to engaging in intercourse than phlegmatics. The phlegmatics emotional responses could easily be turned on or triggered by those who often makes them happy gives them so much attention and are often committed to them. It’s for this reason that phlegmatics could easily engage in extramarital affairs with those who understands and can also decipher their emotional responses.

Both male and female phlegmatics are sexually active and also lives healthy sex life. But that’s only when they’re shown enormous care and attention by their spouse. Always not being there when they need you,or hardly gets enough of your attention and compliments could make them easily fall for those who has got a dose of this to give them. And this why a phlegmatic could easily fall for a typical sanguine, but often later realizes that he’s not just for her alone. In order to get best of your phlegmatic spouse on 🛏️ bed, you must endeavor to show them care, give them enough attention, and also compliment and appreciate them when it matters. This is how you’ll get the best out of typical phlegmatics in a sexual relationship.

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