Personality Traits of A Choleric Spouse In Marriage.

Behavioral Patterns of a Typical Choleric Spouse In Marriage:

In the theory of humorism as well explained by the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. Cholerics are described as 🔥 fire, very quick and hot personalities. They’re the second most extroverted temperament after the sanguines.

But unlike the sanguines who are very lively, playful and people-oriented, cholerics are serious-minded persons who do not have time for frivolities or horseplaying. They are workaholics and activity-prone individuals, whose interest is mainly about achieving their goals regardless of whatever it takes.

These firebrand personalities are very blunt, daring and audacious. Infact, they’ve almost erased the word “fear” from their dictionary. They are at best mobilizers and motivators, who likes making decisions for themselves and for others.

Although not as impulsive as their sanguine counterpart, but they’re also not so much as detailed and analytical like their melancholic and phlegmatic counterparts. Little wonder some of their decisions sometimes don’t favor them.

Cholerics have got the least human interpersonal relationships. Rarely will they condescend to the ideas and opinions of others, nor tolerate any act of usurpation or insurbodination from their subjects.

When they make decisions, they detests any form of objections to it, and they will not hesitate to ride roughshod over anyone who tries to disagree with them.

Cholerics demands one hundred percent loyalty and submission to their will and decision from their subjects. Notwithstanding, they could pander to reasonable and intelligent contributions in private.

A lot of persons sees cholerics as the most difficult people to relate with or talk to, because of their hard to please attitudes. But they’re actually one of the easiest persons to deal with if you know how to approach them or what they pander to.

Cholerics are the most self-sufficient personalities of all the temperament category. Their self-sufficient nature often makes them believe that they can do without anyone and still be able to achieve their goals.

And yes, they actually can, since they are workaholics, result-oriented persons, who are very resolute and dogged about getting whatever they want, regardless of any prevailing circumstances.

This is just a brief description of who cholerics are generally. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of our topic for today.

In today’s post, we’ll be looking at who a choleric spouse, wife or husband is, their behavioural pattern in their marriage, their parenting and child training responsibilities, their sexual or emotional responses, their money management ability, plus also if they will be better as business or career persons.

Who’s A Choleric Wife?

Choleric women are easily the most feared or perhaps misunderstood by men when it comes to trying to woo them for a relationship that may lead to marriage. This is because a choleric woman carries herself like a queen, and also expects her man to possess some kingly attitudes.

Cholerics generally possesses strong character. They are very influential and domineering. They know what they want, and they’re very firm and purposeful about it. She’s blunt, and she’ll not hesitate to turn you down if you’re not who she wants.

This attitude makes most men keep their distance from her for fear of being despised. She’s self-sufficient. Like her male counterpart has got an alpha male mentality, so also she’s got an alpha female mentality. Only very courageous, confident and principled men tickles her fancy.

Eventhough cholerics generally often appears to be unemotional, but they are very loving and caring. Extremely passionate about their loved ones and also protective of them. There is no one that’s more important to a typical choleric woman who’s in love other than her king and kids.

She adores and respects her king, and also expects everyone to do same. She is that woman that’s not shy or scared of showcasing her man to the whole world, and letting everyone know that she’s got the best man in the world.

Choleric women are very proud of their husbands or heartthrobs and they’re not apologetic about letting everyone know that he’s the best.

Just like her sanguine counterpart. A choleric woman is that woman that’s always ready to express her love to her man in public without giving a damn about what anyone thinks or feels.

A typical choleric wife:

She may not exactly show you that same love and passion, or give you one hundred percent attention in the home, which is usually one of the similarities between sanguines and cholerics. But be rest assured that she is very loud about her love, and also expressive of it in public places, to the extent that you cannot hold back your admiration for her as a man.

Choleric Husband:

The choleric husband is a workaholic and an activity-prone person. He cares so much about achieving his goals, getting the job done and also providing for all the needs of his family. He’s rarely a lively or playful person but a very serious-minded individual.

He’s that man who honestly believes that, what more does his family and household want or expects from him other than to meet their basic needs. Without realizing that his family equally needs his attention. For him, time is money. No need wasting time on pleasure or horseplay when you can actually make more money.

Typical choleric men rarely spends enough time with their family just like their sanguine counterparts. But unlike the sanguines whose exuberant and flamboyant lifestyle, and being in a state of camaraderie with friends and admirers could keep them away from their families. For cholerics on the other hand, work and activities are what often takes better part of their time.

Nevertheless, choleric men are very loving, but rarely do they express it. They’re also very jealous, extremely passionate and protective of their families and heartthrobs, just like their melancholic counterparts.

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Choleric Spouses Emotional and Sexual Responses:

The sexual responses of cholerics generally, could be both Intentional as well as impulsive. Depending on their mood or how they feel towards their partner at any particular time.

If work and activities does not totally overwhelm a choleric husband, he’s usually a very good person in bed and also one of the temperaments that has got a healthy and an active sex life.

He’s usually the driver on 🛏️ bed. He often likes to dictate and control all aspects of sexual activity. Though he may be a bit selfish, since he often loves to get sexual satisfaction his own way, thus caring less about his partner’s satisfaction.

However, choleric men are good in bed. Because of their love and passion for hardwork and activity, and their self-discipline or control, all these actually impacts positively on their sexual lifestyle by making them fit.

A choleric woman is the queen in bed. She often likes to please her king and also satisfy his sexual desires. She is easily sexually turned on by a partner she respects and adores so much, and perhaps whose personality traits also interests her and very complimentary to hers.

She knows what her man wants, and also what triggers his emotional and sexual feelings. Thus, she will do all it takes to get him to that emotional or sexual ecstasy.

When a typical choleric woman wants something, especially from her man or someone she’s interested in, she knows how to work her way through to get it. She’s an aphrodisiac, very hard to resist. She’s got some natural sensual aura that appeals to your emotional psyche that could make you pander to her sentiments.

In a nutshell, choleric women are very loving and romantic persons. They’re also sexually active. Infact, you must be very fit in order to satisfy their sexual desires. She’ll not hesitate to express her dissatisfaction if she feels sexually disssatisfied. She’s the least person to pretend about what she’s not comfortable with.

Barring every other weaknesses or shortcomings, she’s one of the most loyal and faithful wife. And also very committed to her heartthrob and family, provided you’ve proven to her to be a responsible and responsive husband.

Choleric Spouse’s Parenting and Child Training Responsibilities:

Choleric parents are very active and pragmatic parents. They make the rules in their homes, gives directives and guidelines for everyone to follow and also leads by example.

Kids under the parenting and training of choleric parents often knows what is expected of them ahead of time. For choleric parents are very explicit in their demands from their kids, and they’ll not hesitate in wielding the big stick or quickly activate some form of disciplinary measures should they fall short of such expectations.

Choleric parents are domineering and high-handed. They often demand one hundred percent loyalty and respect from their kids at all times. Obedience before complain is usually their main slogan.

A typical choleric parent does not get tired of spanking his or her kid for as long as they misbehave. They often spank too many times too often, and very hard also. They believe sparing the rod will definitely spoil the child, hence their disciplinarian and no non-sense disposition towards their kids.

It’s basically for this reason that kids under the parenting and training of choleric parents often lives in fear of them, and perhaps grow up to become very stubborn kids, and also bullies to other kids. Since they were raised by no nonsense parents who rarely pampers or corrects them in love, asides providing for all their needs.

A choleric mother may be somewhat empathic and a little bit more lenient when it comes to disciplining their kids. But rarely will a choleric father pander to any kind of sentiment when it comes to wielding the sticks.

Notwithstanding, kids that are raised by choleric parents are hardworking, disciplined and self-confident. But they will be rarely emotional and considerate of the feelings of others.

Choleric’s Finance Management Ability:

Cholerics are not the best money or finance managers. They are rarely savings and budgeting conscious like their sanguine counterparts. However unlike the sanguines who are very spontaneous in spending, cholerics are often deliberate about what they want to spend money on.

They are big and fearless spenders. They are not scared of spending very big on whatever they want or desire. They do not need long details or so much education about the product they want to purchase, because they already know what they want.

A choleric spouse does not deem it necessary to consult anyone or even engage in long-term planning of some financial expenses of the family with you before going ahead to expend their money. This trait is particularly typical of choleric men or husbands.

Like their sanguine counterparts, they could decide to branch-off the mall on their way home to shop for the family after receiving their monthly wage, even before planning the family needs with their spouse.

But unlike the sanguines who are less intentional about what they want to buy, thus they could spend on what’s not necessary for them or for the entire family, provided it looks flashy and also satisfies their emotions or ego.

But cholerics on the other hand, are very intentional about what they want, that meets the basic needs of their families, and does not pander to emotions or sentiments when it has to do with purchasing any product or service.

However, both sanguines and choleric are rarely conscious of money saving, finance planning and budgeting. No wonder they easily and frequently get financially broke or bankrupt.

Therefore, for them to be financially successful, they should endeavor to marry other temperaments like the melancholies and phlegmatics, who have got better money management skills and ability.

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Are Cholerics Better-off As Career or Business Persons:

Cholerics succeeds in starting or setting up a business more than any other temperament. Most cholerics are Chief executives or business founders. They could start so many businesses or projects but rarely nurtures or completes any to fruition unless they hire a phlegmatic or melancholy to see it through.

Cholerics likes to be bosses or leaders, therefore careers that could make them work with less supervision, that does not require so much attention to details or long range planning, but going in there and getting the job done, and perhaps less of theory but more of practical, are the type of careers they often pander to.

Because of their self-sufficiency and self-reliance, cholerics are better off going into business and becoming their own boss, unless they’ve got a career or job that makes them work independently without having to be bossed around.

In conclusion, we have considered the personality traits of a choleric spouse in marriage, like we did for sanguines in our previous post. It is important we understand the personality traits of different temperaments before going ahead to tie the nuptial knot. This will enable us to make the right decision about the temperament whose traits complements ours in marriage.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you 😊


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