18 Lucrative Businesses For Predominantly Melancholic Temperament.

Which Businesses Are Best For A Predominant Melancholy?

In these days of high unemployment rate or non-availability of jobs, where millions of unemployed graduates are scrambling for very few available jobs in different sectors and places. It has become very expedient for everyone to start considering creating jobs for themselves and become their own boss by starting a business.

There are numerous benefits of going into business. Firstly, you will be your own boss. Secondly, it gives you the leverage to attend to other needs and decide on what you want in life. And lastly, financial success and freedom is guaranteed.

But it’s quite unfortunate that a lot of persons are very reluctant to go into business. They prefer to move from one company or business entity to another in search of non-available white collar jobs, and unknowingly confine themselves to a paid job. Thus, placing a limit over the height of success they could have attained in life.

You cannot become an employer with the mentality of an employee. All of the world’s famous billionaires could not have attained that level of success, financially, if they had the mentality of an employee. For you to become a billionaire, you must start thinking like an entrepreneur.

It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider some lucrative businesses that a predominantly melancholic personality could go into and become very successful without so much stress.

These businesses were chosen for the reason that they rank even with a melancholy’s temperament strength, and he’ll not struggle to become very efficient at it, and will also effortlessly succeed in it within a short time.

A melancholy is an introvert, who’s very reserved and often likes to keep to him or herself. Though, a very intelligent, detailed and enterprising personality, but has got the least people-oriented qualities of all the four basic temperament categories.

A typical melancholy man:

Because of their meticulousness, self- respect and extremely disciplined nature, melancholies often finds it very difficult going to people to ask for anything but rather loves them to come to him because of what he’s got to offer.

Basically, melancholies are very much talented, and they’ve got so much to offer, that could add value to people’s lives. It’s for this that we want to list the following lucrative businesses that will make them self-reliant, and they’ll not have to lobby or be at the mercy of anyone to be successful. Rather, people will naturally come to them because of their ingenuity and efficiency in what they do.

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Best Businesses For A Predominant Melancholy Personality:

As a melancholy, one major factor that will enable you to easily succeed in these businesses ahead of other temperament categories who may be found in the same business, is your perfectionist tendencies.

You are a very meticulous person, very careful about the smallest of details, and you also like to present your best to the public. You’re more conscious about the value you add to people’s lives and the eulogy you get from them about your products and services.

These businesses do not really require having a degree to be successful in them. But your natural talents and skills plus experience are the major factors that’ll enable you to advance and overwhelmingly succeed in them.

More importantly, since you’re an introvert who loves privacy, and also enjoys private life. These businesses can be started and run privately with little or no support. It’s your talent, skill, creativity and experience that’ll enable you to be successful in them, and your perfectionist touch will make you exceptional.

Let’s look at these businesses one by one and see if any of them resonates with you.

1. Digital Marketing Agency:

This is one business that is highly in demand in this digital age and time. A lot of businesses needs the services of an efficient digital marketing agency in order to attract online customers and clients to their business.

As a melancholy, you’ve got the analytical and creative writing skills to drive online traffic to businesses. Digital marketing is the process of using all digital platforms to promote or market your client’s business. It incorporates social media marketing, content marketing, pay per click(PPC), email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Starting a digital marketing agency is easy, with little financial investment. The investment you’ll need to make is getting very good and quality laptop, tablet or smartphone that has got long lasting battery. You’d also require an internet connection to enable you stay online 24hours. If you also want your laptop to function as a touchscreen, then you’ll also need an airbar to do that for you.

This business can be started from the comfort of your home, if you don’t have enough money to rent an office space. All you need is to dedicate a section of your house for it, so you’ll have everything you need to do your digital marketing job in one place.

Now, starting a digital marketing agency is one thing, the other very important aspect is getting clients to patronize your business. What’s the purpose of starting digital marketing agency without having clients who are interested in your services?

As a typical melancholy, closing out business deals or going out their to get clients for your services may be huge task for you. But one way you can market your digital marketing skills and promote yourself even without literally going to appeal to anyone, is through blogging.

Creating a digital marketing blog and writing detailed contents about digital marketing is one of the fastest way to promote your business. When most persons want to hire the best digital marketing agency to market their business and drive online traffic, they simply search for it online.

Thus, if you’ve done your SEO well enough, your blog will popup in search results like Google, and you could have a good chance of being hired. Blogging about your digital marketing skills is one of the surest way you could land your first job as a melancholy. When you’re able to do a good job that satisfies your first client, then you’re likely to get more recommendations.

2. Blogging:

Blogging is another business you could venture into as a melancholy. Gone are the days when people use to think that blogging is for some jobless or idle dudes. Today blogging is big business, and a career that so many persons are going into.

A lot of professional bloggers makes huge money from blogging, and they live their lives off blogging. Neil Patel and Ryan Robinson makes an average of $50,000/month from blogging and some even makes up to six figures. But they didn’t hit this figure in a day or two. Blogging requires consistent effort and patience before you can start making reasonable amount of money from it.

As a melancholy, you are very detailed and creative. These qualities enables you to write or create contents in a very detailed and analytical way that people loves to read. Thus, you can create a blog perhaps with wordpress, which is one of the best platforms that powers up 40 percent of blogs in the world, and use it to share your ideas and knowledge with the world or solve problems for people.

When your blog has started getting enough daily views and good number of subscribers or followers, then you can start monetizing it. Some of the best ways you can monetize your blog are: Google AdSense, sponsored posts, advert placement, affiliate marketing, membership posts, selling digital products etc.

Some of the best blogging niches that makes the most money are: lifestyle, personal finance, health and beauty, education, tech blog, personal fitness, business/financial investment ideas, and personal development. These blog niches has got very huge following that’ll help you to start monetizing your blog in a short time.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a career you can transform into a business that also ranks even with your creative and analytical writing skills, and makes you independent. Then blogging is the best way to go.

3. Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO):

Have you ever wondered how people, particularly bloggers, content creators or even big business organizations manage to get their posts, contents or businesses to pop-up in search results, and be seen by users? The secret is basically search engine optimization or simply written as SEO.

Search engine optimization is simply the process of using search engine friendly keywords to create contents that easily gets indexed by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When people type a question on their search bar, they’re basically looking forward to getting a response that could lead to solving their problems or to simply satisfy their curiosity. Your job as a proficient search engine optimization expert, is to stand in the gap or be the middleman between them and the search engines.

It’s essentially targeting the keywords users are typing on their search bar and use those keywords to create very useful contents that satisfies their queries or solves their problems.

Whenever you create any useful or valuable contents and blog posts, crawlers from search engines, Google in particular, frequently crawls your site and get it indexed. And when anyone in any part of the world makes a query on search engines about something related to your content, your blog post or web content immediately pops up in search results.

Search engine optimization is the way a lot of blogs and websites generates huge traffic. This type of traffic is also known as organic traffic. It’s the best form of traffic, in the sense that it can easily be monetized, and the revenue from it, is also sustainable. Lasting for a very long time.

Therefore, as a melancholy, search engine optimization business is one of the best and lucrative business you can easily start, since you’ve got a creative writing skills, the intelligence to know what people may be looking for, plus your problem-solving ability.

You can be a private SEO consultant to private business owners or even large business corporations. Or you could just establish your own search engine optimization company, and get companies, business owners and even website owners to hire your company to carry out SEO services for them.

When people start seeing how timely and successful you are in getting your own business blog or websites visible on the first page of search results, then they will start to trust your competence, and possibly hire you.

This business is so lucrative because a lot of people have businesses, blogs or website that are not visible in search results, much more ranking on search engine results page. And the very high competition among business owners in attracting more customers and clients to their business, is the major reason why this business will remain evergreen and lucrative.

4. Copywriting Services:

Do you know how to coin words that will compel people to bring out their money to pay for a product or service even when they don’t feel like? If your answer is YES; then, you may be on your way to becoming an efficient copywriter.

Copywriting has got to do with the art of coining words to create compelling contents that compels people to want to patronize a product or service from their wallet. It could be in the form of advertisement copies, sales copies or even on websites, known as website copywriting.

You could create copies for private business owners, small and also large businesses who wants to increase sales. It can be done on flyers, print and also in radio and television jingles and adverts.

Copywriting is a lucrative business, and copywriters are sought after all over the world. Starting a copywriting service business is a good idea, and it also requires low startup investment.

You’d need an office space either in your home or you rent a space for the business outside your house. Other things you’ll need are: table and chair, a high quality laptop or desktop with long-lasting 🔋battery, 🖨️ printer, quality camera for taking pictures but a good mobile smartphone with clean clear camera will be enough, and finally an internet connection.

Having a natural skill in coining very compelling words could be promising in making your copywriting business a success. But you still need to update and improve your copywriting skills through undertaking some courses in the art before launching out on your copywriting business.

As a melancholy, this is one business that ranks even with your natural temperament strength. Since you’re a very creative, detailed, analytical and intelligent person. You’ll for sure not struggle to succeed in this business and will often get hired by businesses to create ad copies for their products or services.

If you have decided to launch your copywriting business, the first thing you’d want to do, is to identify a niche you’re comfortable with, and focus on it in order to be seen as an expert in that area.

5. Website Development:

Have you ever visited some websites and you find it difficult navigating different posts and pages in the site? Perhaps the page loading time is very slow, clicking on various outbound links in the site is absolutely nothing close to being average.

And this makes your experience with the site a very boring and frustrating one. This is just the reality with so many websites on the internet. And it’s basically for this reason that web developers are sought after all over the world.

Web development is the process of developing or building a user friendly website so that visitors to the site will have a good user experience on the site. Thus, a website developer is someone who is skillful in designing and developing this kind of website.

As a predominant melancholy who is naturally creative, analytical and also detail-oriented, this is one lucrative business that matches your primary melancholic temperament strengths.

Therefore, you should consider going into this business, because a lot of site owners, small and large businesses are often passionate about making their sites more user-friendly in order to attract more visitors to their site and also get better ranking on major search engines like Google.

Foundational books like HTML & CSS: Design and build websites by a very prolific website designer Jon Duckett will help you to further develop your web design and development skills.

6. Small Scale Manufacturing:

Manufacturing or perhaps production business is easily one of the lucrative venture anyone, particularly you as a melancholy is best suited to get into. It is a money spinner business that has the capacity to triple your profit.

In these days of multiple recession and economic crunch ravaging most countries of the world, which has also contributed largely to their high unemployment rate. They’re left with no other choice but to look the way of manufacturers.

A lot of consuming countries are the worst hit by this economic crunch, since they’re less producing nations. Thus starting a small scale production or manufacturing business in these countries will be the best decision you will have to make. Especially if you decide to go into the production of fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs).

Your creativity, detail-orientedness, perfectionism and enterprising ability as a typical melancholy are the major strengths that’ll enable you to succeed in any manufacturing business ahead of other categories of temperaments. Books like manufacturing mastery by Rebecca Morgan will enable you to easily advance in your manufacturing business.

7. Handcrafted Homemade Goods:

Apart from starting a manufacturing business which may require some reasonable amount of financial investments, business registration and certifications. A handcrafted homemade product is another type of production business you should consider going into.

There are so many homemade goods in the market these days, and they only require your skillfulness in arts, crafts or basic science to make them. Some of these products may require approval from your local standard authority, and with good packaging, what seems to be a hobby could turn out to become a business.

Some of these products like detergent and 🧼 soaps, candles, sanitizers, liquid soaps, bleach and deodorants that has got daily consumption rate can be produced at home and well- packaged.

Bleaches, soap and detergents can be packaged in nylons and pouches with a good sealing machine and branded with your brand-name. If your home- made products are quality enough and well packaged, you’ll definitely not struggle to market it.

Other items you’d need to start a small scale soap making business are your: soap mould, soap cutter, lye or caustic soda, your base oil and finally, a quality nice smelling fragrance or essential oils. All of these items are required if you’re making soap from scratch.

As a melancholy, homemade goods business is one lucrative business you could venture into. It requires low startup cost, and you’ll also have the freedom to manipulate your materials or ingredients and come up with the best formula that gives you the best quality product.

Your creative and analytical skills plus your perfectionist tendencies will always enable you to produce and package quality products that people will find very appealing, and you’ll for sure succeed in marketing them.

8. Consultancy Services:

Consultancy services business is one of the lucrative business nowadays. This is because a lot of persons needs the services of an expert in various fields to help them get an expertise solution to their problems and also overcome their challenges.

Expertise comes after many years of practice, dedication and commitment to a particular field or career. Thus, if you’ve got many years of experience in any field of work, either working as a private person or working for an organization, then you can decide to venture into the consultancy business and become a private consultant.

Because of your intelligence and also your problem-solving skills, you could be a consultant in different areas. You can be a business, marketing, medical, engineering, financial investment, tech and education consultant.

Also in the informal sectors. You could be a music, photography, video production consultant or in any other area in the entertainment industry. Consultants are often sought after in different fields by big businesses, both in the formal and informal sectors.

And there’s no other person that’s better qualified to be a consultant after many years of practice more than a melancholy. It’s for this reason that you need to consider starting a consultancy services business, if you have years of experience in any field.

9. Book Printing and Publishing:

This is one of the best service business you could start as a melancholy. Apart from writing your own book, and being an author. You can decide to own a book printing and publishing company, and help others print and publish their books.

This business is so lucrative because book writing and publishing is still a big business in the world. Writers and authors who wants to get their books out there, are springing up.

Apart from printing and publishing for writers and authors, there are so many persons, companies and also business organizations who’re looking for very reputable printing companies to do some of their printing jobs especially, 3D printing. To start a 3d printing business, you’d need a good 3D construction printer to make your work easier.

As a predominant melancholy, it is in a service business that your strength lies. Starting printing and publishing business will be very profitable for you, since you are a perfectionist and creative personality, who’s passionate about ensuring your clients gets value for their money and also feel satisfied.

10. Writing & Selling E-books:

The digital age has created enough opportunities for business minded persons to take advantage of, and make enough money to quit their jobs and perhaps become entrepreneurs.

Apart from the business opportunities it has created, it has also created a platform for getting information, it’s thus known as the information age because millions of information are sourced daily on the internet. And you could take advantage of this to start a very lucrative business in e-book writing and selling.

E-books are downloadable digital products that contains valuable and detailed informations. These days, a lot of persons finds it easier to just download information on the internet than buy a physical book. Majority of these informations are packaged in ebooks and are made downloadable when paid for.

As a melancholy who’s talented and gifted in so many ways, and has got a creative writing and problem-solving skills. You can package your ideas and knowledge in an ebook, and make it easily downloadable when people pay for it.

Writing and selling ebooks is a very lucrative business in this information age, and a lot of people are making so much money from it. You can decide to sell your ebooks directly or sell it through a third-party platform like Amazon Kindle publishing, and you get paid by Amazon when anybody downloads it.

11. Event Planning & Decorations:

Event planning and decoration is one of the best business you can start as a melancholy. This business is also one of the lucrative business today in the world, because it’s almost impossible for a day to pass without people having one form of event, occasion or another.

As someone who’s creative, analytical and detailed, loves to plan before embarking on any task, starting this business will be one of the best choice for you. Your perfectionism will also ensure you give your clients the best for their occasion, thus, promoting your business.

If you’re passionate about starting this business, you’ll first of all need to learn or improve your event planning and decoration skills and also build on your existing strengths.

Other businesses that you could start as a melancholy because they match your temperament strengths are:

12. Interior & exterior designs.

13. Car detailing.

14. Laundry & dry cleaning.

15. Phone repair.

16. Humanitarian services.

17. Book review/proofreading.

18. Non-profit business organization.

Conclusion, the list of businesses that melancholies could go into are not limited to these ones in this post. A melancholy will do better in a service business than a product business.

Thus, any business that requires creativity, being analytical, detailed, innovative skills, problem-solving and satisfying clients and customers is best for a melancholy.

A product marketing business is rarely the best for them. Because consistently keeping up with sales records and wooing people to patronize them will be a difficult task.

A business that requires skillfulness and adeptness, tasking their brains, challenging themselves and beyond all, satisfying their customers and clients is the best for a predominant melancholy.

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Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you 😊

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