Personality Traits of A Melancholy Spouse In Marriage.

What Are The Behavioral Patterns of a Typical Melancholy Spouse In Marriage?

In today’s post, we intend to look at some of the traits and behavioral patterns of a typical melancholy spouse in their marriage.

We will be looking at the melancholy spouse with respect to their marital relationship, their sexual responses, how they train their kids, their money or finance management ability and finally, are they better-off as business or career persons.

First off, let’s meet the Mr. and Mrs. melancholy;

Who Is A Melancholy?

According to the theory of humorism as explained by the Greek physician Hippocrates, melancholies generally are described as earth, meaning that they are very accommodating and hospitable personalities, but they can also be revengeful and vindictive when provoked or undermined.

From a distance, they may appear or look unfriendly, but they’re the most friendly and hospitable of all the four basic temperaments categories. But don’t expect that they will be the first to create that convivial atmosphere or become so much desirous of initiating a friendly relationship with you.

They will rather wait for you to come to them first, show them how serious and sincere you are, before they can start taking you seriously.

Melancholies, both male and female, are very critical persons. Thus being extremely circumspect before getting into, and committing themselves to a serious relationship is not uncommon for them.

More often than not, a lot of persons takes their unyielding, sluggish or slow response to friendly advances to mean pride or ego. But that is not really the case, they are only being careful to avoid being deceived or taking undue advantage of.

Two major weaknesses that are easily visible in typical melancholies are selfishness and moodiness. When it comes to being selfish or self-centered melancholies are rarely the giving or free-handed persons, unless they’ve got more than enough to spare. Next to them on being self-centered, are their typical phlegmatic counterparts.

Because of their perfectionist traits and tendencies, melancholies rarely own up to their fault or accept that they are wrong, unless they are very much convinced about it. For they find it easy to always assume the right position even when they may not be aware that they were wrong.

Next to the melancholies when it’s got to do with being very incorrigibly dogmatic, are their typical choleric counterparts. But while cholerics are very blunt and egotistic in defending their position, melancholies are very diplomatic, uses details and analysis to defend their actions unless they’re proved wrong beyond any reasonable doubt.

However, inspite of all their personal oddities and weaknesses melancholies are one of the best persons to have as a friend or acquaintance. For they are faithful and trustworthy persons, who rarely fail or disappoints those who are counting on them.

Melancholies hardly compromise or fail you when you’ve proven to be a nice, sincere and forthright person. They will defend and stick with you to the end. Their conscientious nature and perfectionist traits do not allow them to shirk when you are counting on them to do the right and just thing.

It’s pertinent for you to know that moodiness is also one of the major weakness of melancholies. They easily relapse into a moody state and battles with depression more than any other temperament. Very little things could get a typical melancholy’s mood up, and they will be the best companion anyone could have during that period.

In similar way, very inconsequential and negligible things could also bring their moods down, and they’ll become so depressed. During this period, they are the worst person to relate with.

For hostile behaviours, transferred aggression, verbal attack and negative thinking patterns are not uncommon for them. Books like 10 best-ever depression management technique by Margaret Wehrenberg will go a long way to help you deal with depression.

Let’s quickly look at the personality traits of a typical melancholy wife and husband in marriage:

Traits of a Melancholy Wife In Marriage:

The holy Bible in proverbs 31, spelt out the attributes and qualities of any virtuous woman, which a melancholy wife is not really far from. She’s that woman that knows her marital duties to her husband, and also a responsible mother to her kids, and she diligently and meticulously does her domestic duties at the appropriate times and with all soberness.

A melancholy wife knows how to balance work or career, and attending to her marital and parental duties. The fact that melancholies generally, are forthright persons, who are very passionate about planning before they do anything, is the major reason why a melancholy wife is able to succeed in balancing career, business, marital and her parental responsibilities.

She’s a very loyal, faithful, disciplined and emotionally sensitive person who cares so much about her family more than anyone or anything else. She is often passionate about the well-being of her family. Once her family is fine, nothing else matters to her, and she’ll feel very relaxed and elated.

But the moment she is bothered about something, perhaps things refuses to fall in place for her, the tendency towards wallowing or be consumed in negative thoughts, moodiness and depression is very palpable. This is not peculiar to female melancholies alone, but it is the same with their male counterparts.

Regardless of their disciplinarian nature, melancholic wives are very much attached, passionate and also protective of their kids, even much more they’ll do for their spouses. She’s a very nice person, also loving and caring when treated rightly.

Since melancholies are perfectionism prone individuals, they often demand perfection, an hundred percent from everyone they relate with, including their kids. If this can’t be achieved, it could trigger their moody as well as nagging attitudes.

A melancholy wife is a very respectful and loyal spouse to her husband, but hell could let loose in the home if her loyalty and respect is perhaps, taken for granted. Never betray her trust or try to hoodwink her else, you’ll hardly get it back. She is very decisive, and will rather prefer to remain lonely than be with someone who she can’t trust.

Don’t even try to outsmart her or play on her intelligence. She’s got high IQ, and also very down-to-earth. Like her male counterpart, she’s got a natural instinct and intuition that can predict you correctly or forsee something from a million miles.

Barring any other weaknesses or personal oddities melancholies may have, typical melancholy wives are easily one of the best anyone could have. Because they’ve got some very good qualities that are necessary to make a marriage succeed.

It also very interesting to know that none other temperament values their marriage and family, and are also very much scared of divorce because of what people will say more than melancholies. It is basically for this reason that they could do their best, and everything rightly possible to protect their marriage.

Traits of a Melancholy Husband ln Marriage:

Melancholies generally, both female and male, possess similar traits and behavioral patterns. Thus personality traits of a melancholy wife are not so much different from those of a typical melancholic husband. The only little difference may be, in ego, which is closely linked to the masculine and feminine concept.

A melancholy husband is an egotistic person, eventhough he may not look it from a distance or appear that way. But he sure demands one hundred percent loyalty and submission plus respect.

Although melancholies are the basic temperament that often battles with low self-esteem, but it’s even worse in a melancholic man than in a woman.

For being someone who is extremely conscious of himself, values respect so much, and being treated nicely, any little act of disrespect or disdainful behaviours could make him feel little and less important.

Melancholy men likes to be pampered and treated like Kings. Treat them like your King, and you’re sure to get their undying love. Melancholies generally, are extremely jealous persons, but I honestly believe that a melancholic man has got an overdose of jealousy in him. Jealousy and insecurity is the bane of their eros relationship.

Never make him feel he’s not enough for you, or that he’s got a competitor. Perhaps there’s someone you admire and appreciate a particular quality they’ve got.

It often puts him in a very unsecured situations, that’ll make him develop some negative thoughts and feelings. He needs an hundred percent loyalty and commitment for their love to be sustained, and also make the union an enjoyable one.

Beyond all his weaknesses, he is an honest and sincere partner as long as you’ve proven to be nice and worthy. His conscientious nature does not allow him to fail or disappoint you even in the most critical and difficult times. Thus, if he’s standing with you, he stands to the end. If he gives you his word he’ll do everything to keep it.

There’s no other temperament that loves, and closer to their families more than melancholic men. Even a calm and quiet phlegmatic does not come close to a melancholy’s level of love and attachment to their families. Nothing else gives him joy and inner peace, and is more important to him than realizing that his family is fine.

He’s an administrator in his home. Often likes to regulate all activities in the home and ensures that everything is done decently and in order, and at the right time also. Follow his dictates and rules, and you can be sure you’ll encounter less problems or challenges For he knows how to steer his family to go in the right direction, and also navigate through stormy waters.

Conclusively, both male and female melancholies shares common traits, and similarities in different areas of their behavioral patterns. But what could make the difference between them is ego, and perhaps the degree of control or influence of their inherited traits in their approach to issues.

Sexual Responses of Melancholic Spouses In Marriage:

Briefly, melancholies are extremely sensitive and emotional persons. Thus their sexual responses and lifestyle often tilts towards sensitivity and emotions. Therefore, making them sexually balanced and healthy.

The melancholy’s sexual urge and desires is often triggered by how they feel about you, and not by what they see. If their mood is down, or they’ve got some unfavorable feelings, it will be very difficult to get them respond positively to your sexual advances. But when their mood is up, and they feel better and comfortable with you, then they’re one of the best on ๐Ÿ›๏ธ bed.

Barring frequent moodiness and some self-induced depression related issues, melancholies have got a healthy and active sexual lifestyle. Because they’re reserved, and are often committed to their heartthrobs. Rarely indulges in infidelity or having some extramarital affairs, unless if they would have to take their pound of flesh.

Melancholies are the temperament that feels long-term depression from acts of sexual betrayal by those they love and trust. But when they after all get over it, it’s extremely difficult to get back their love and trust.

If you’ve been sexually betrayed or you’re may be going through sexual betrayal by your heartthrob, I want to recommend you read sexual betrayal sucks, but you got this by Becky Jones. Order the bestseller now to learn how to come out of the depression that comes with sexual betrayal.

Melancholic Spouses Parenting and Child Training Responsibilities:

Melancholy parents actually raises the most disciplined and intelligent kids. For what more do you expect from a kid whose parents are perfectionist and demands one hundred percent from them in whatever they do?

It’s a typical melancholy parent that could condemn their kids for not getting one hundred percent score, rather than first commending them for getting 99percent, and urge them to do better next time.

This attitude has its pros and cons. Yes, it’s obvious that it could make the kids grow to become very disciplined, responsible and impeccable in their crafts, career or anything they do.

On the other hand, it could also lower their self-esteem, and they could grow with fear and insecurity, especially when always being compared to other kids who may be doing better.

Melancholic parents must endeavor to improve their parenting and child training ability by understanding the fact that kids need to be allowed to develop at their own pace. Some of your weaknesses will no doubt be also visible in your kids, thus expecting them to be like others, will be very irrational.

Finally, you should also realize that imperfection is often associated with humans. Therefore, no human being is perfect including your kids, so you ought to culture them with some sense of consideration and sympathy in order to raise very confident and self-sufficient kids.

Melancholic Spouse’s Finance Handling and Management Ability:

Melancholies are the best when it comes to finance management and saving money. This is because they’re often conscious of finance planning and budgeting before expending ๐Ÿ’ฐ money on anything. They rarely spend beyond their means, and will rather spend on needs rather than wants.

They must have tangible reasons for paying for something or expending money on anything. Answer all their honest questions about a product or service, satisfy their curiosity, give them some discounts, and be detailed enough in outlining the benefits they will get if they patronize you. If you can satisfy their yearnings, then you have won yourself a very loyal client or customer.

Financial discipline and integrity is a core strength of persons whose basic temperament is primarily melancholy and this basic qualities and strengths often enables them become successful financially, and rarely gets bankrupt. You can entrust them with saving and keeping money for a period of time, then come back to meet it complete and intact.

Don’t get so much pissed when they query you or express some sort of displeasure when you spend on things that they consider less important or buy something at an exorbitant price. That’s their nature. They detest waste and extravagant lifestyle. Just allow them do the shopping, only then will they be satisfied or appreciate how expensive the prices of things are.

Are Melancholies Better-off As Career or Business Persons?

Predominant melancholies and also their phlegmatic counterparts, both of the introvert category of the four basic temperament types are more of career than business persons.

Unless they’ve got sanguine or maybe choleric as their second temperament, which must be about the same ratio or percentage as their predominant melancholic or phlegmatic type. Else, they’ll do better as career persons.

If a predominant melancholy or blend of melancholy temperament must go into business, then it should be a very lucrative service business. For it’s in a service business that they could use their skills, knowledge and creativity to solve problems for people, and also meet their needs.

Their perfectionism will also enable them to give their clients the best service. And they will in return get fulfilment and satisfaction, knowing that their effort is being appreciated by people.


Melancholies are the most talented and gifted of all the four categories of temperaments. They’ve got very high IQ, self-sacrificing and enterprising personalities. However, just like every other temperaments, they’ve also got their own weaknesses which often impacts them negatively in life. Thus, it’s very important you’re aware of the personality traits of all the four basic temperaments before making that lifelong marital decision.

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