16 Lucrative Businesses For Predominantly Phlegmatic Temperaments.

Which Businesses Are The Best For Phlegmatics?

Typical Phlegmatic Man:

Today, we want to consider some of the best business that ranks even with a typical phlegmatic’s temperament strengths. It’s expected that at the end of reading this post, you’ll be able to figure out which businesses best suits you as a predominant phlegmatic.

Being the strongest introverts of the four basic temperaments. You love serene and sedentary lifestyle, rarely interested in what others do, and also likes taking the easiest route rather than excessively stressing your brain.

However, you’ve got some people- oriented qualities unlike your typical melancholy counterpart. You love people, and you often like them to be with you, and be somehow interesting to be with.

Breaking new grounds and going into unknown territories is one of the hardest task for you, since you fear getting into unknown or unfamiliar spaces. And also because the passion, self-motivation and determination to take on new challenges is almost lacking. Therefore, starting a new business is usually not a thing for you.

As a predominant phlegmatic, you find it easier to do very well in your paid job or career or in any venture that is well known to you. In your job, your can even rise to executive levels because of your diligence, hardwork and dedication.

However, in these days of very high unemployment rate or high level of competition in the few available jobs, it may be a little bit more or perhaps, extremely difficult nowadays getting your dream job.

It’s basically for this reason that you need to start considering going into business, work for yourself, and also become your own boss.

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In today’s post, I want to list some 16 lucrative businesses that matches your primary temperament strength. As someone who is predominantly phlegmatic by temperament, you will never struggle to succeed in these businesses, because your strengths and qualities will help you to navigate through some of the basic challenges you may encounter.

Like dealing with difficult clients and customers, delivering your work on time, attracting new customers and clients to your business, also being meticulously patient and organized in your business and your relationship with people, and finally, in closing out business deals.

Some of these businesses are very specialized. Thus, you’d need to learn or acquire the skills. Or if perhaps you have prior experience working for someone or an organization. Then such experience will suffice to enable you succeed in them.

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Best Lucrative Businesses For Predominant Phlegmatics:

1. Private Home Teacher:

There’s no other temperament that loves and enjoys the teaching career or profession more than phlegmatics. Typical phlegmatics who has got up to 70 or 80 percent of this temperament in them, are easily the best when it comes to the teaching career. Next to them are the sanguines.

Asides their competency in a subject or discipline, their calm, gentle and organized disposition, plus their very patient and convivial qualities are some of the important virtues that often endears their pupils or student to them, and also enables them to succeed in the profession ahead of others.

Therefore as a phlegmatic, a private lesson or home teaching is one of the easiest business you can start today. This business is lucrative in the sense that, eventhough some parents sends their wards to school, but they’re still looking for the best for their wards. Especially when they aren’t doing so well in school, or they want them to do better in certain subjects.

You can stand in the gap and offer yourself for this service if you’re well grounded in a particular subject. A lot of people started from being private home teachers before owning their own school and finally became school administrators.

You can start this business from your neighborhood. Inform every parent about your competency in preferred subjects. Print your business card, list the subjects you can efficiently handle in the card, your qualifications, phone number, contact and email address should also be listed.

Then, you can start distributing your card. Do not forget to negotiate your price very well, and also whether you will like to be paid immediately after teaching, weekly or monthly payment, depending on the terms of your agreement with your client.

2. Retail and Wholesale Business:

As a phlegmatic, you’re an efficiently- organized personality. Consistently keeping daily records and reports is not a big deal for you. Thus, starting a retail or wholesale business is one of the best decision you can make today.

Having a retail or wholesale shop in a very busy location for trading is one of the lucrative business you can start today if you’ve got your capital. Prior to starting this business, you’d have to look within your locality to figure out which products will be the best, that’ll give you high turnover. It could be a particular product that’s lacking or business that is non-existing in the area.

Once you’re able to identify the need for a particular product in the area where you live or somewhere else, then it’s another business opportunity you could take advantage of. Do not hesitate further. Pay for a shop space, and stock it up with that product.

Attracting new and loyal customers to patronize your business wouldn’t be a difficult thing. Because your natural calm, organized, meek and friendly qualities naturally attracts people to you, which could later become your loyal customers.

3. Skills or Craft Based Business:

Phlegmatics likes practical skills and craftsmanship and they often do very well in crafts or skills gained through practice, as long as there are no twist to what they know already. Their natural mental as well as mechanical aptitude enables them to be adept and efficient in any skill they took time to acquire.

Therefore as a phlegmatic, turning your hard skills or craft you acquired overtime into a business venture is one of the best decision you can make today. Someone somewhere might be in need of your skill. And if you can use it to solve their problem, then you will earn money for yourself.

Skills and crafts like: fashion design, automobile mechanic, automobile electrician, electrical installation, wiring and maintenance, carpentry, phone repair, plumbing, tiling, air- condition and refrigerator repair and maintenance, POP installation in buildings etc. These and many other practical skills or crafts that requires high accuracy, are those you ought to focus on, and convert into business.

You can start by advertising yourself and letting everyone within your neighborhood know that you’ve got these skills. Having a shop space where people can contact you, and also see other works you have done, will also be advantageous. The path to success in this business, is to be very efficient in what you do, and also have a track record of successes you have accomplished.

4. Laundry and Dry-cleaning Services:

The rat-race in many localities and the quest by lots of people to make more money has inadvertently created so many business opportunities which any unemployed person could take advantage of, and become their own boss.

A lot of business opportunities exist, that were created by the 8am to 5pm daily working class people, who work from Monday to Friday, sometimes including weekends. Thus they rarely have the time to attend to other needs especially their private and domestic needs.

One of such business opportunities is Laundry and Dry-cleaning services business. Do you live in cosmopolitan city where almost everyone goes to work every morning and often comes back in the evening? This business will be a very lucrative one for you.

Since these categories do not have the time to attend to their domestic chores like washing and ironing their clothes or cleaning their homes, you can help to take the burden off them. And they will no doubt be your most valuable clients when you start a laundry and dry-cleaning business.

As a phlegmatic, this business ranks even with your temperament strength because you’ve got the organization, meticulous-patience, meekness and the conviviality to succeed in it.

Things you’ll need to start a laundry and dry-cleaning business are: a shop or business space, a good washing machine, drying machine or drier electric iron, ironing table, show glass for displaying packaged clothes, wall hanger for hanging clothes that are yet to be ironed, and maybe suits.

Other materials which costs are recurring are: soap and detergent, starch, packaging nylon, bleach or stain remover chemicals and maybe disinfectant. Remember, you’d need a constant source of water supply and also electricity.

5. Hairdressing and Barbing Saloon:

The desire by human beings to always look good has thrown up barbing and hairdressing saloon business. And as a phlegmatic who’s very down-to-earth and adept at what you do, plus you’ve got the desire to satisfy everyone and make them feel very comfortable.

Starting a hairdressing or barbing saloon business will be a very good venture if you’ve got hairdressing and barbing skills. You will need a shop, power supply when you want to work on a clients hair. Then, you can buy your hairdressing and barbing kits to immediately start off this business.

6. Healthcare Business:

Health is very important to all human beings regardless of their financial status. Thus, healthcare is something no human being can do without since it’s at the fulcrum of all our endeavors and activities in life.

As a phlegmatic, one major sector you are so much passionate about, and you often do very well in, is the health care sector. It’s for this reason that so many phlegmatics are doctors, nurses, pharmacist or any type of healthcare practitioner.

Therefore, going into the healthcare business if you’ve got the requisite training is one of the best decision you could make today, and use your skills plus your natural temperament strengths and caring qualities to help people overcome their health issues. You can be a registered private nurse, midwife or open a pharmaceutical or medicine dispensing store in your locality.

7. IT Support & Computer Repair:

Support giving and rendering services or assistance is one of the major traits of phlegmatics, which also qualifies as their basic strength. But when trained in the ICT sector, and how to install, maintain, repair and connect all kinds of computers, then he will be a very competent IT Support personality.

Your job as an IT support specialist is to monitor and maintain computer systems, install and also configure computer hardwares and softwares, connect, and ensure that computer networks are maintained, provide technical support to make sure that companies or organization runs very smoothly without hitches, and solve all kinds of technical issues as they arise.

IT support specialist are in very high demand these days. Companies and organizations needs them to carry out the above functions. Thus, starting an IT support business as a phlegmatic if you’ve got some ICT skills will be very profitable for you. Start by acquiring the skill, then learn to market or sell yourself to different companies and organizations.

As a phlegmatic, this is one of the best skill in the ICT world you could easily aquire, because you are passionate about practical skills, and you become very adept at it as you consistently practice it, to develop the technical know-how.

8. Accounting and Book Keeping:

Do you know that so many small businesses finds it very difficult to balance their accounts, file invoices, organize and properly manage their finances and transactions? Hence they need the services or assistance of an accounting and Book keeping expert to do these for them, while they focus on building their business.

Even some big organizations because of the volume of work they often have to deal with, are forced to outsource their Accounting and Book Keeping jobs to other companies to help them manage and organize their finances, including categorizing and detailing all their transactions.

Thus, starting an accounting and book keeping business, and get contracted by these business organizations is very profitable. As a phlegmatic you already have natural organizational skills, dedication to your job, and also ensuring that every document is well kept and preserved. So this business is definitely for you.

Just add a little business skills through training to your natural temperament strength, and you’re good to go in this business. Some of these accounting and book keeping softwares will help to keep you afloat in this business.

9. Virtual Assistant Services:

Virtual assistant experts are always sought after by small, medium and large business organizations. The task of scheduling and organizing meeting for online clients, undertaking some administrative responsibilities, filing of documents, invoicing or any other function of an organization that needs to be done online in order to retain their clients or customers, is a very huge one for so many businesses.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in, to bridge the gap between or connect business organizations and their clients or customers, with the aim of promoting quality customer and clients service relationship. As a typical phlegmatic, this business is for you because you know how to relate with clients and customers. You are also very efficiently-organized and dedicated to your routine duties. Thus there will rarely be any complain of delay or working behind schedule.

You can start this from the comfort of your home with a good fax machine, desktop or laptop computer, printer and an internet access. Softwares like customer relationship management CRM and project management will enable you to be more efficient in this business.

10. Daycare center:

Daycare business is one business that is thriving these days, because parents and guardians needs someone who is very trustworthy, good in teaching and taking care of kids. Most parents do not really have the time to keep an eye on their kids because of their job or business activities.

And as a typical phlegmatic, no other temperament is better qualified than you to run a daycare center. Because of your love and passion for kids, and your calm, gentle and patience traits and qualities plus also competence in teaching. Starting this business will be a profitable venture for you.

You can start from your home if you have a large space with convenience, or rent a place with two or more large rooms depending on number of kids you want to accommodate. But ensure you register your business with the appropriate authorities in your state of residence or country.

11. Online Academic Courses:

Have you got a good knowledge or background and competence in a particular subjects or academic courses? Then, these knowledge and informations can be taught online through packaging them in digital products.

One company that’s overwhelmingly successful in producing, packaging and also marketing of digital products especially online courses, in the world is Udemy. Makes between $1000 to $1000000 from selling digital products such as online academic courses.

As a phlegmatic who is naturally an academician or educationist, and very competent in certain courses. You also need to up and improve your digital skills in order to know how to create, package and sell your digital products online.

Starting an online academic course business is a very lucrative because people needs more information, and also wants to be trained in some skills or courses. And there’s no place they could get this training, or some just prefer to sit in the comfort of their homes and order and download this courses that are packaged in digital forms as ebooks, PDF file or videos.

12. Social Media Management:

If you are very active on social media, and also competent in using various social media platforms to promote yourself or your business. Perhaps you know how to use Facebook for advertising, Twitter for tweeting updates and information about a business and also connecting with your likes. How to use LinkedIn to
land a professional job, uploading photos to Instagram and posting videos on YouTube, then you can start a social media management business.

A lot persons, business owners do not know how to use the social media to promote themselves. Even some large scale businesses and also high profile individuals are not active on social media because they rarely have time to update it. This no doubt has created this business opportunity for you as a phlegmatic to take advantage of. You can make a search of some of these businesses online, and approach them to be their social media manager.

13. Graphic Design:

Graphic design is one of the most lucrative business in the world today, because a lot business organizations needs pictures and images to enable them effectively advertise and market their products to potential customers and clients.

A graphic designer uses the computer, graphic design tools and softwares to produce images and pictures that are relevant to their client’s business for advert and marketing purposes. And as a phlegmatic who’s very adept and somewhat creative in practical skills, this business is sure one of the best you can venture into.

Before starting your graphic design business, you need to learn the skill and also get yourself acquainted with some of the basic tools and softwares in order to become successful in the business.

14. Cleaning Services:

Home and industrial cleaning busines has become one of the most lucrative businesses in recent years. So many persons often needs the services of professional home cleaners to take over their home cleaning duties, since they do not have the time to do it or lack the passion to thoroughly clean their homes.

Apart from home cleaning, industrial cleaning is one of most thriving and profitable busines in the world today, and professional industrial cleaners are often sought after by so many big industries to carry out their routine cleaning activities.

As a typical phlegmatic, this is one business opportunity you can take advantage of and become your own boss. You are a naturally organized person, who’s very efficient in, and also passionate about domestic chores like cleaning and washing, and you do it without noise and colour. Thus, this business is definitely one of the best you can start.

Starting a cleaning business does not require so much start up cost. If you are interested in industrial cleaning, the major equipment that could cost you a little fortune are: industrial vacuum cleaner and high pressure cleaners. But you’d have to learn the skill before going into this business.

15. Health and Wellness Coach:

Starting a health and wellness coach business as a phlegmatic is for sure a very good idea, because this business ranks even with your temperament strength. You’re a very caring person, very passionate about the well-being of people around you, and you often sacrifice to ensure that they’re fine.

These are the basic qualities you need to succeed in this business. Thus, you could become a personal health and wellness coach, and work one-on-one with individuals who are passionate about improving their well-being and health.

You’d have to leverage on your ideas in human psychology, behavioral change and life coaching experiences to help your clients stay mentally and physically healthy, and also overcome obstacles to maintain healthy habits.

16. Agro-based Business:

Starting a business in the agricultural sector is very lucrative. One thing that is interesting about investing in an agro-based business is that, it assures of high return on investment if well managed. Almost all the food that we consume comes from agriculture. Thus, agric products are in very high demand in any part of the world.

The two main sector in the agro-based business that’s very common and has got high ROI, is quail bird farming or poultry, and 🐟 fish farming. Starting or investing in either of them is very profitable, because people eat chicken daily, that are bought from grocery and frozen food stores, and fish is also a good source of protein that a lot of people cannot do without.

Therefore as a typical phlegmatic, your love for routines and dedication to your daily activity will enable you to effortlessly start and nurture this business until it grows. Taking proper care of the birds, and ensuring that the fishes lives in a type of water that they’re comfortable in, on daily basis isn’t a huge task for you. You will also not struggle to sell your produces because the market for this business is very large.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you 😊


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