Phlegmatic Spouse’s Personality Traits In Marriage.

What Are The Behavioral Patterns of A Phlegmatic Personality In Marriage:

A phlegmatic personality is described as water. Just as water is a universal solvent that looks too common, very innocent and harmless, but possesses great potential for good and also for evil. It is the same way that typical phlegmatics appears to be the most quite, calm, gentle and harmless of all the four basic temperaments.

They rarely look inimical, and could easily be taken for granted but has got enormous potential both for goodness and also for profanity. They are kind and outwardly nice persons, rarely offensive. They could allow you have your way without any resistance or forfeit their right just to avoid conflict or whatever that will trouble them.

It is often difficult to connect a typical phlegmatic’s nice dispositions with their inner thoughts. For phlegmatics are opportunists, who often utilizes every opportunity they’ve got to just showcase how nice they are or maybe recompense whosoever that had hurt or offended them in the past.

Don’t assume that they’ll ever forget any wrong you intentionally do to them. Eventhough, they may try to hide or conceal their displeasure and pretend as if they are not pained, may be because they’re incapacitated at the time. But you must know that when they do get the opportunity where they’ve got all it takes, they’ll remind you of all your wrongdoings towards them, and pay you back in your own coin.

The phlegmatic’s quiet, gentle and calm disposition, makes them easily likeable by people. Though, they enjoy the company of people, but they love to get compliments, commendations, praises and admiration from them. For it makes them feel very special and preferred above others.

Although an outwardly meek and unassuming person, but in their mind, they often feel that they’re better off than the next person, and ought to be better treated. And if they’re not noticed or recognized, it often triggers some inner feeling of resentment, animosity or perhaps self-persecution.

They are the least motivated, decisive and self-sufficient of the four category of temperament. A typical phlegmatic lacks the self-will to make decisions for himself or for others, or perhaps confront problems and challenges without getting the support of people.

Although, phlegmatics loves living peaceful, quiet and sedentary lifestyle but they often enjoy having people around them, who always eulogizes and compliments them for their good qualities. Infact, no one enjoys praises and compliments more than typical phlegmatics.

If you want to make a phlegmatic feel bad, just pretend not to notice him or her despite what they do to draw your attention or how nicely they behave to make you look their way. He or she will often put up a very resentful look whenever you are around, and the tendency towards feeling that you’re envious of them or perhaps you detest them will be very palpable.

Next to the phlegmatics when it’s got to do with this particular character, are sanguines. But rather than feel bad or wallow in self-persecution like the phlegmatic, a typical sanguine will ignore you and look for other persons who admires and interests them, and always panders to their flamboyant and exuberant lifestyle.

It’s basically for this reason that a phlegmatic personality easily falls for, and often gets ravaged by a sanguine’s flatteries, and exuberant lifestyle plus their storytelling ability. But before long, they’ll discover that the typical sanguine is a very free and ubiquitous person, and that they’re isn’t just for them alone, but also for everyone.

There is no other temperament that often enjoys subtly taken advantage of phlegmatics more than the sanguines, and no other temperament often likes to dominate and subdue them more than cholerics because of their fearful disposition.

Because of fear, lack of confidence and self-will plus low self-esteem, and maybe the quest to please and pacify everyone. Typical phlegmatics often likes to get the support and approval of everyone particularly friends and admirers, before they will make a decision or proceed in taking any action. It’s pertinent to note that phlegmatics are the most gullible of the four category of temperaments.

Since they trust and wholeheartedly believe so much in what people tells them, especially their supporters or those who often sings their praises. Without realizing that they could actually be sycophants or opportunist who wants to cash in on their natural simplicity. And without doing their due diligence, they act according to what they told them.

Because of a phlegmatic’s calm, quiet and peaceful lifestyle plus simplicity and fearful disposition once again, a lot of persons often trifles and takes them for granted, some even finds it very easy to take advantage of them.

One major weakness that phlegmatics have got which makes this very easy and possible, is that they are rarely decisive about letting go of those that they’ve had a long-time relationship with or they find very interesting to relate with, eventhough they realize that such relationship is more or less a parasitic relationship.

Phlegmatics seems to be the most naive and unsophisticated of the four temperament categories. For them, love and trust could be earned by flattery, praise-singing, and maybe a quick display of care, affection and attention towards them that may after all be subterfuge, rather than some good deeds founded on sound moral principles.

It’s for this reason that they are easily the temperaments that often suffers more in a complicated marriage or relationship or from a broken erotic relationship. Being easily subdued and dominated in a relationship for fear of letting go, or moving away and moving on is their main undoing.

It will not be out of place to say that, phlegmatics, particularly female phlegmatics, had suffered more from an abusive marriage or relationship than any other temperament. For what would one expect from a person who’s too weak-willed, very fearful and indecisive about letting go or moving away from a supposed lover who is extremely domineering and abusive, just for fear of loosing them?

Generally speaking, phlegmatics are nice, warm and kind-hearted persons. Their natural calm, gentle and very peaceful lifestyle plus their simple, meek and gracious disposition are some of their basic strengths which often endears people to them. But they definitely need to overcome their weaknesses and get more motivated to act, in order to balance things and achieve personal success.

In today’s post, we want to consider a typical phlegmatic spouse’s traits and behavioral pattern in marriage. This will be considered with respect to their marital relationship with their spouse, their sexual and emotional responses, parenting and also child training responsibility, management of finances, and finally, if they are better off as a career or business persons.

A Typical Phlegmatic Wife:

A predominant phlegmatic wife that has got, say a 70 to 80 percent natural phlegmatic traits is a very quiet, calm, peaceful and organized personality, who often loves to keep her home very peaceful and organized, so she can relish her marriage. Like her typical melancholy counterpart, she loves her family and very committed to it than to any other to person if only she’s happy and comfortable.

She’ll never allow anyone to interfere or intrude in her family business for as long as she’s very comfortable and happy. But if she’s not comfortable or feels bored and lonely, she will be the first to cry out to everyone in order to attract sympathy.

And anyone who could be able to comfort and console her and shows her so much attention and care in that moment of her grief, has become her confidant, and such a person will often have the privilege of knowing the goings on in her family.

It’s pertinent to state that majority of the problems typical phlegmatics often encounters in their marriage with their spouse are due to following the advice they often get from their friends and admirers, since they do not have the will and courage to make decisions for themselves. Thus, they often panders to the opinions of others without knowing how such opinions will impact their marriage.

Next to the phlegmatics in this kind of traits and behaviours are their typical sanguine counterpart. Since sanguine is a more people-oriented person who often loves to be in the company of friends and admirers and even spends more time with them than their own family.

The tendency towards pleasing them by listening to suggestions and ideas giving by those friends and admirers, and acting accordingly, is very likely and common for them. This is often more typical of male sanguines, and it’s also the root cause of majority of marital crisis between a predominant sanguine and phlegmatic spouses.

Phlegmatic and sanguine spouses must learn and endeavor to keep some of their marital problems and challenges private, and learn to take decisions and responsibilities for themselves. Or they should at most, seek the advice and opinions of a marriage counselor if they think that they need to consult a third party, rather than listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry about issues bothering on their marriage.

Typical phlegmatic wives like their melancholic counterparts are very selfish and self-centered. But while the melancholy’s self-centeredness is to protect themselves from any blame, a phlegmatic wife or husband wants everything for him or herself first before anyone else.

A melancholic wife may be very comfortable and contented with the fact that their spouse is more loving to their kids and often gives them more attention than themselve.

But a typical phlegmatic wife wants all the love and attention for herself first, before even their kids. And they’ll rarely be comfortable with the fact that more attention is being given to the kids by their spouse more than themselve.

However, if you need a very loving, caring, quiet, gentle, loyal, peaceful and very organized spouse, who is also dutiful and domestically savvy, then a predominant phlegmatic wife is who you’re probably looking for, she perfectly fits into that description.

A Typical Phlegmatic Husband:

A typical phlegmatic husband and his sanguine wife:

A predominant phlegmatic husband like their female counterpart is a very caring, compassionate, emotional and sentimental personality, who loves to keep members of their immediate family together and bonded to one another, and live cordially in warm peace.

They feel very happy and elated seen all their kids around, living peacefully together and bonded in unity. There’s no other temperament that feels more proud of showcasing their children to everyone than phlegmatic fathers. For they deliberately love people to see their achievements, so they will get some accolades from them.

He’s a very romantic individual to his wife or heartthrob, and also loves to make her feel very happy and excited all the time. Whatever that tends to engender conflict between him and his spouse is often avoided. Since he cannot bear pressure or withstand engaging in marital conflicts with the closest person to him.

Because of his gentle, calm and quiet nature, plus his free and easygoing lifestyle, rarely a harsh person. His kids particularly his female kids, are very much closer to him than to any other person in the home. He’s that father that’ll often come to the rescue of his kids when they’re being scolded or disciplined, if perhaps he married a disciplinarian like a melancholic or choleric spouse.

However, despite all his personable qualities in his marriage and family, he’s the most docile and indecisive of the four temperament categories. Generally speaking, phlegmatics are very sluggish and docile, rarely takes decisions when it matters or takes responsibilities in a very critical time without seeking for the opinions of their spouse or other persons.

There is nothing a predominant phlegmatic husband does without seeking for the opinion of his spouse, even when it’s his sole responsibility to decide and take responsibility. Unless he’s got a second temperament of almost equal proportion to his phlegmatic temperament, and is more active and decisive, he’ll easily be subdued and dominated, and will often lead from the back rather than from the front.

Phlegmatic Spouse’s Sexual Response In Marriage:

The sexual responses of phlegmatic spouses to one another or perhaps to their heartthrobs, is rarely deliberate or planned. Though a very loving, romantic and sensual person when it comes love making, but their sexual activity is rarely borne out of planned desire to engage in sexual intercourse like their melancholic counterparts. But it’s rather determined by how nice their spouses made them feel on the day.

If you can make a phlegmatic feel happy and excited, compliment and eulogize them for their nice qualities and also give them reasons why they deserve to be better treated, then getting her to succumb to your sexual advances isn’t a difficult task. He or she will easily fall for your antics. For phlegmatics lacks will and courage to resist those who shows them affection and attention.

It’s basically for this reason that phlegmatics especially phlegmatic women often gets the most sexual advances from men, and are more easily hoodwinked into having sexual intercourse, and they’ve also had the most sexual experiences growing up. For it’s either they give in by subtle coercion or enticement or by use of force and intimidation.

Don’t expect that your phlegmatic spouse will be the first to create or initiate that romantic scenario for intercourse to happen. Eventhough they need it, they’ll often wait for you to start the process and put them right in the mood, before that can take place.

Although they live a very active and healthy sexual lifestyle, since they will rarely cheat on you except when they feel very lonely and bored with you in the relationship. But they are more sexually active on 🛏️ bed when you’re always the driver that often brings in innovations and creativity into your sexual relationship.

Phlegmatic’s Parenting and Child Training Responsibility:

A phlegmatic father and his kids:

Phlegmatic parents are one of the best parents. They always wants the best for their kids, so they’ll be happy and comfortable. Their kids are much more closer to them than any other parent of the four temperament categories. For their easygoing and free lifestyle, rarely harsh or hard on their kids actually draws the kids very much closer to them.

However, phlegmatic parents are permissive parents, who finds it very difficult to curtail the excesses of their kids by wielding the stick or applying any form of disciplinary action, just for the fear of getting themselves emotionally troubled.

Though very loving and caring parents to their kids, but they need to improve on their parenting and child training responsibility. Because their docility, indecisiveness, and also lack of courage often makes them unable to discipline their kids when it is necessary, so they will grow up to be very disciplined and responsible kids.

If not combined with another more disciplined and also courageous secondary temperament, or married to a more courageous, disciplined and firm person, that will not hesitate to correct or take action on any form of misbehaviors by kids, they’ll for sure raise the most disrespectful, unruly and uncultured kids, who will later disrespect and dishonor them, since they were too familiar and fond of their permissive lifestyle.

Phlegmatic’s Finance Management Ability:

Phlegmatics are one of the best managers of money and finance. Like their melancholic counterparts, they often wants to plan and prepare their budget before any money they are expecting comes in. But sometimes they could be overly selfish until they miss investing in some valuable and important opportunities that may result in financial benefits for them in the future.

In most cases, because of phlegmatic’s gullibility and easily to be convinced to buy a particular thing, they often become inadvertently inconsistent in managing their personal finances, thus tweaking their budget to suit them or totally going against it, is not uncommon for them.

It’s unlike their typical melancholic counterparts, who often sticks to their budget, very consistent in managing their finances, and cannot be easily convinced to alter their budget or buy something they haven’t budgeted for. If peradventure they find that thing needful and important, they’ll have to include it in their next budget.

Notwithstanding, phlegmatics are good finance managers, particularly when it comes to financial expenses in their homes. But they’ve got to be more decisive and deliberate about sticking to their budget, and investing in very good and profitable financial investment opportunities that could result in huge financial gain for them in future, rather than in material things, if they want to be successful financially.

Finally, let’s consider whether typical phlegmatics are better off at being a career or business persons.

Are phlegmatics Better-off Career or Business Persons?

A predominant phlegmatic’s quiet and sedentary lifestyle, plus his desire to remain comfortable in his comfort zone and fear of venturing into some unfamiliar territories, makes him unable or unwilling to go into or start a business venture.

It’s rare to see a phlegmatic who is an entrepreneur or a CEO unless he’s got another more active and self-sufficien secondary temperament like choleric or melancholy of almost equal ratio. For the motivation, determination and doggedness to initiate a business idea and execute it, is almost lacking. However, they often do better in running and managing the business.

From the above description, it can be inferred that phlegmatics are rarely business inclined persons. Thus, their love for routines, dedication and also commitment to their routine duties enables them to succeed in their jobs and careers and even rise to executive levels. And they often carry out their duties calmly and efficiently without noise and colour.

But if phlegmatics wants to go into business, they must think of a service or retail business that ranks even with their temperament strengths, and must have people who are very much interested in what they offer. Read 16 best lucrative businesses for predominant phlegmatic personalities and see if they resonate with you.

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