Best Compatible Temperament In Marriage For A Sanguine-choleric Blend.

Which Temperament Is The Best For A Sanchol In Marriage?

Temperament compatibility in any dating relationship or marriage isn’t just about compatibility of spouses or dates in likes or dislikes, preferences and choices It’s rather more about their compatibility in terms of their natural temperament strengths and weaknesses, and those traits in their heartthrobs that often interests and attracts them to each other.

The four temperament categories has got some natural strengths and also weaknesses that are inherent in them. In marriage, the strengths of each of the four temperaments is supposed to naturally make-up for, or complement the weaknesses in the other if perhaps both spouses are of predominantly different temperaments, in order to have a balance in the union.

But if the spouses are of similar temperaments, which is not really the best, then they will no doubt have to more often contend with their basic natural temperament weaknesses. Which could also make the marriage become so boring and uninteresting after sometime.

This is basically one of the major reasons why so many couples wants to seek for adventure and experience a new lease of life with someone else outside their marriage. Consequently, they get trapped indulging in cheating on their spouse and perhaps, keeping extramarital affairs or relationship.

However, one of the ways that could enable us to make the right choice or decision about the best person to tie the nuptial knot with, whose natural temperament may be somewhat or to an extent compatible with ours, is to consider their temperament blends.

Every human being has got two or more temperaments that are usually combined in them in varying degrees, amounts or proportions. They often controls and influences everyone’s personality traits at different times.

Take for instance, someone could be a sanguine-melancholy or sanmel blend of 60:40 or 55:45. Therefore rather than behave completely like a typical sanguine whose natural weaknesses typifies lack of discipline, stability commitment and also impulsiveness.

But because they’ve got melancholy as their secondary temperament, these weaknesses will be ameliorated and made less visible. Such that they will have a balance in their attitude and lifestyle, perhaps also become more attractive to their heartthrob.

It’s for this reason that in today’s post, and also in subsequent ones, we shall be considering the individual traits of the twelve blends of temperament in marriage, and which temperaments or blends of temperaments are very much compatible with them.

Personality Traits of A Sanchol Spouse In Marriage:

In terms of their sexuality and also emotional psyche, a sanchol is both lively and intentional person. The sanguine aspect of a sanchol brings liveliness in his home, while choleric side is more intentional and resolute about what they want to achieve.

Eventhough both sanguines and cholerics are very impulsive persons by nature. However, a typical sanchol will be much more lively, outgoing and simple than being intentional and resolute, since sanguine is their basic or predominant temperament.

He or she is that spouse that could bring so much fun and fanfare in their marriage. He’s not shy of going out there to do anything to feed his family, even engaging in some jobs that a typical choleric or melancholy may consider as demeaning.

Sanchols are also very simple persons. Just within a few minutes into your relationship or conversation with them, you’d have known all their secrets and also some of their major weaknesses, since they over-talk and exaggerates a lot things.

Unless you’re a very reserved person who is rarely interested in stories, he or she is that spouse that will return from the days work and activities, but rather than remove his or her shoes, undress and perhaps take a cool bath, engaging you immediately with all the stories that happened during the day outside or inside the home is the next easiest thing for them.

As long as they are happy and excited, and everything seems to be falling in place for them, they love to pass on their happy and fun mood to you. But if their emotions is undermined, or maybe things do not seem to be going as they wished, the tendency towards quick and explosive outburst is not uncommon for them and the home could be a little bit boring during that moment.

In terms of fulfilling their marital sexual obligation to their spouse, a sanchol is sexually active but very impulsive about sex. They’ve got no definite time for engaging in sexual activity with their spouse. For as long as its got to do with having some fun and pleasurable moments, sanchols do not hesitate to jump on it. Even in their moody and unexcited moments, engaging in sexual intercourse with their heartthrobs could easily uplift their mood.

Sanchols are sexually very active. Therefore, you must also be active, sexually, to be able to satisfy and meet their sexual desires. Fulfilling your marital sexual obligation to your spouse is a major responsibility in marriage that couples need not to shy away from.

Every healthy and physically active person should have no difficulty whatsoever adequately fulfilling or performing this responsibility. But if you’re having a hard time satisfying your partner as a man, I will like to recommend promescent desensitizing delay spray for men. Order it now for fast improvement in your sex life.

When a sanchol wants or desires to engage in sexual intercourse, it is often written all over them and you could sense it from a million miles. Sometimes, they could be vocal about it, and letting you know they need it. Infact they’re the blend that does not hide their feelings when it comes to their sexual desires.

And during the act, their spirit, soul and body will be fully involved, which also makes them moan uncontrollably without bothering themselves about the next person. When a sanchol is not sexually satisfied, unlike his or her typical phlegmatic and perhaps melancholic counterpart blends, he or she will never hesitate to letting you know. But you must be careful not to undermine or shut them up, else they could start being pretentious about it, which could have a negative impact on your marriage.

Sanchols are rather more loving to their heartthrobs than caring. For their outgoing and people-oriented lifestyle, and perhaps work activities, fun and pleasurable moments with friends outside their homes often makes them easily forget that their partner needs their care and attention beyond all the loving moments they could share when they’re around.

In terms of parenting and raising their kids, sanchols are one of the blends that makes it very easy for their kids to be closer or bonded to them. For their cheerful, easygoing, friendly and carefree lifestyle makes their kids relate freely with them, and also become fond of them. They often creates a very convivial ambience in their homes whenever they’re around which makes the kids often miss their presence.

However, despite a typical sanchol parent’s very free and easy to relate with lifestyle, which makes their kids to be passionate about them, sanchol parents inadvertently raises the most undisciplined and the least organized kids, who takes after majority of their natural temperament weaknesses.

Unless they had married their direct opposite temperament, which has more control and influence on their kids, their kids will be undisciplined and poorly organized at home. But since they’ve got choleric as their secondary temperament, it could help them to instill some level of discipline and organization in the kids.

When it comes to management of money or finance in the home, a sanchol has got the least finance or 💰 money management ability. Since he’s an impulsive personality who cares less about planning and budgeting before expending money. Thus, being extremely extravagant and wasteful is not uncommon for him.

When typical sanchols desires or wants something, they must spend even their last penny to get it, even if it’s not expedient or necessary at that moment. One very important fact you must know about sanchols is that, they often misplaces their priorities, and rarely do they have a priority list. This no doubt makes them expend so much money on things that are less important in their homes.

Considering a sanchol’s domestic savviness, a typical sanchol is rarely a domestically savvy or inclined person. For when do they have the time to notice that the house is dirty and will need to be cleaned? Since they often spend a better part of their time outside their homes. However, since they’re very impulsive persons who are rarely thorough or detail-oriented, it also affects everything they do.

A sanchol will rarely plan and also strategize before embarking on anything he wants to do, things are often done on impulse. Cleaning his or her home or doing some domestic chores is always sudden and not out of a careful thought-out plan.

Thus, the tendency towards doing it haphazardly and inadvertently is very palpable. And if sanchols decides to do their domestic chores, just within a few minutes, they are done with it, to quickly move on to other things. Whether they do it adequately or not is totally immaterial to them. You can read sanchol’s temperament blend strengths and weaknesses.

Now, let’s get right back to answering which temperament or temperament blends is easily best compatible with sanchols for marriage.

Best Compatible Temperament For Sanchols In Marriage:

Having had a background knowledge of the personality traits of sanchols in marriage, which temperament blends do you think will be best compatible with them for marriage?

Straight off, since a typical sanchol is an extremely extroverted personality, infact the strongest extrovert of the twelve blends. Then, first off, it’s very wise and logical for them to marry someone who’s more introverted, and not another extrovert like themselve, in order to balance the marriage.

Now, the two major introverts of the four basic temperaments categories are melancholy and phlegmatic. Let’s briefly analyze or give a little insight into the traits of typical melancholy and phlegmatic.

Eventhough these two categories of persons have got their own natural weaknesses which also affects their relationship with others, especially a typical melancholy. But they’re both the direct opposite of a typical sanchol or sanguine-choleric blends.

A melancholy especially, is a highly disciplined, detailed, thorough and resolute person. He is so passionate about, and committed to his or her family. He’s often an indoor person, believes in his or her abilities, and rarely are they interested in others. So, they’re proper reserved persons.

However, their mood swings, which easily makes them relapse frequently into a moody state and also their perfectionist traits or mentality are some of their main weaknesses that often makes them easily irascible, which consequently, and more than not creates conflicts and tension in their homes.

A phlegmatic on the other hand, is the most patient, gentle, quiet, calm and collected plus organized of the four basic temperament categories. They are also indoor persons who’s also close and committed to their families like their melancholic counterparts, and could remain confined to their comfort zone as long as they feel very comfortable in that zone.

However, they are more receptive to people and also people-oriented than their melancholic counterparts. They love and enjoy people being around them, but are too uncharismatic or very shy to go to them unless they come to him. He’s not easily tensed or perturbed under pressure but could easily bend or bow to pressures.

Docility, fear, indecisiveness and lack of motivation and determination are some of the major weaknesses of typical phlegmatics which mainly affects them in life, especially in achieving personal successes and could also negatively impact their parenting and child training ability. But beyond all their weaknesses, both melancholies and phlegmatics are domestically savvy and makes very good spouses and parents.

From this brief analysis of the two introverted temperament categories, and also considering the personality traits of a sanchol, the three blends of temperament that will be very much and best compatible for marriage with a typical sanchol are persons of: phlegmatic-melancholy or phlegmel, phlegmatic-choleric or phlegchol and finally phlegmatic-sanguine or rather phlegsan temperament blends.

Persons who their predominant or primary temperament is phlegmatic and their secondary is either any of melancholy, choleric and perhaps with some little sanguine traits will be the temperament that’ll complement a typical sanguine-choleric or sanchol spouse in marriage.

You may wonder why in all the three compatible blends a melancholy was not recognized as a predominant temperament. This was deliberate because, eventhough both sanguines and melancholies often admires the strengths and qualities of each other but they are more often than not irritated by their weaknesses.

A sanguine is often attracted to, and respects the intelligence, loyalty, forthrightness, self-sacrificing traits and commitment of a melancholy. While a melancholy often admires and appreciates the charismatic, easygoing and selfless lifestyle of a typical sanguine.

However, both of them, more than any other category of temperament will often have more conflicts when they are together. Because they’re both easily irascible and irritated by their temperament weaknesses.

When a sanchol marries any of the blends of phlegmel, phlegchol or phlegsan, there will be a balance in their marriage. And they’ll also have kids who combine both the introvert and extrovert strengths and qualities.

Conclusively, sanchol spouses must learn to balance fun, pleasure or work activities outside their homes and attending to their domestic chores, marital and parenting responsibilities in order to avoid frequent nagging or conflicts in the marriage.

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